About moi :)

I am a Psychology graduate, working in healthcare, writing, travelling and spiritually exploring :) I am inspired by how we can awaken this world, each other, step into our power and see this world for the beauty it is and treat each other with compassion.

Instead of my life story here’s just a random collection of words and likes that pretty much describe me really hehe…….art, music, Audrey Hepburn, spirituality, meditation, sleeping, dreaming, blue, green…most colours really, candles, oil burners, nature, walks, fluffy things, vegan food, chocolate, inflatable elephants, space hoppers, glow sticks, balloons, twister, dancing, reading, movies, Reiki, Buddhism, community spirit, singing, writing, being warm, tea, tea and lots of tea, my flask so tea may go everywhere with me, my bed,shiny glittery things, rain sun and snow, trees, orchids, candles, guitar, friends…………………


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  1. zoedizzle says:

    Hi lovely, nice blog started reading the first couple very honest beautiful and I also had a beautiful day today connecting outside with the grounding energies of nature and the insects :). I just came to say hi and to connect. I am updating and changing platforms so won’t be using WordPress blog site anymore but the new one with my Centeral America travels will be uploaded soon onto http://www.zoedavenport.co.uk it’s till being sorted for the minute but wanted to say hi and send love x

    1. I_am_love says:

      thankyou lovely for your kind comments :) That sounds beautiful being in nature and connecting deeply, it really is beautiful :) Ooh sounds amazing, would like to read about your adventures when your sites ready, I’m feeling very drawn to america at the moment and the many beautiful national parks and high vibrational places like sedona, keep me posted! lots of love xyx

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