It’s the changing of the guards,
Are you ready for the grand finale to begin,
Will you let it in,
Are you ready for the mystery,
Of which timeline will be chosen,
Will it be destruction,
Or will we rise above it,
Finding our own heaven,

Taking on a new form,
Are you ready for anything,
Prepared for it all,
Are you ready for change,
A complete transformation,
Because nothing will be the same again,
When the event comes it will come without announcement,
It will come as a shock to the system,
And it needs to be that way,
Shaking us all awake,
In gentle loving force,
A soundwave pulsing through our cells,
Transforming us,
Showing us what is really real,
Who we truly are,

How incredibly beautiful this reality is,
And all we have missed from being within a system that kept us in suspended animation,
Kept us frozen,
Will dissolve,
We are releasing the hold, giving you space to breathe,
To remember who you really are,
There are miracles far too monumental to even conceive of right now,
But they are coming, I feel it as a force,
All is being restored to its former glory,
From the inside out,
From the galaxies down to the microcosm,
Every aspect of creation will never be the same again,
All will evolve, elevate into a new state,
Never seen before,
There is no going back, all the preparation has been carried out,
And now all that is left is the sense of anticipation,
Letting go of trying to figure out what will happen,
Are you ready to let go, to really surrender,

With breath that is bated,
We know something big is coming, we have waited what feels like a thousand years for it,
We knew it was always the plan,
Awaiting something life changing that will overtake everything we thought we knew,
This world is so much more than we believed it to be,
So much treasure is contained within it,
We have barely scratched the surface of what our potential is,
In relationship to this home we call earth,
There is so much more we could do with it,
So much more we could be,
We have all the resources,
All the wisdom and knowledge,
All the motivation and love,
The determination and faith to create what hasn’t been created before,

When the time comes,
When the wave comes,
The pulse,
All that held us down will be released,
There will be no more playing the victim,
No more rules and regulations,
For all will remember that they are a sovereign being,
That they are a powerful creation,
When that day comes the new age will begin,
A complete reinvention of everything we thought we were,
In flashes of future memories I see glimpses of what will be,
The beauty and the freedom,
I feel the energetic force that will overtake us,
Move us, pulsing through us,
Disintegrating all that is no longer needed,
Finally we will have the freedom that we have craved so long,
When that day comes there will be no more wavering faith,
For the truth will be undeniable,

My heart is calling me to be ready,
For when that day comes I know I will be ready to jump,
We were all born ready,
I will not have a second thought,
I will simply dive,
Knowing where to go, what it is I am to do,
There will be no more confusion or releasing,
When that day comes we will remember that we have all been chosen,
Entrusted with a gift so beautiful,
A mission, a love, a connection, a destiny, a fate,
We will finally remember our purpose,
And in celebration we will remember that it is not to run ourselves into the ground,
But our purpose was always joyful, living and basking in the freedom that we are,
We only need accept it,

When the day comes will you be there,
Will you feel it with every part of your soul,
Will you be set in motion too,
Do you hear the call,
Do you feel that it is close,
That we are coming home,
We have worked so hard to get to where we are,
Carrying humanity on our back,
Trying to elevate the suffering,
Diving into the depths of darkness to come back stronger,
We came here because we believed so deeply in redemption,
In the beauty of this creation,
The infinite power of a loving force that creates miracles,
We were not afraid to dive into the density,
For we knew that whatever the circumstances, the experiences,
It is in our destiny to rise,
That we could only move back to the light,
To the brightness like a moth to a flame,
For it is the reality of who we are,

I look forward to joining you my dear brothers and sisters,
With our faces to the sun,
Hand in hand celebrating,
Knowing that a new day has begun,
I have seen us in our freedom and it is truly beautiful,
We are but a breath away,
Breathe in and align with where we are going,
And you will feel it for yourself,
If it happens today, tomorrow or a year from now,
It matters not for miracles are created beyond time,
And time is only a linear pattern to see all in greater clarity,
Move beyond what you see in front of you,
What your vision tells you,
What you read,
Let only your heart guide the way from this day on,
What you feel is coming,
What we are creating,
This is how to come into alignment,
Let your heart awaken,
Smile, for the show is about to really start,
Are you ready dear ones, open up your hearts.