Illuminate, Activate, Create

Hello beautiful beings,

So here we are at a brand new year filled with new possibilities. I always love the energy of the new year. The collective motivation to create new beginnings, let go of the old and move forwards in the direction of our dreams.

I loved the featured image of the doorway, to me it seemed to represent the transition from 2018 to 2019. 2018 was very difficult for some. As the old reality crumbled, all of our baggage felt especially heavy. For some, the ruins of our old lives in crumbles urging us to step forwards into a new chapter. The words, step through the portal, never look back came to me as I looked at that image. The beautiful palace awaiting just beyond the disintegration. Don’t give up just yet, we have only just begun ;)

The last year most definitely was a rollercoaster for me, but incredibly powerful in the lessons it taught me about myself. It was a year that broke me down again and again. Anything that was not fully in alignment with my soul crumbled around me or felt stagnant. It was incredibly painful at times, but also very liberating because what remained and was in my souls alignment was incredibly beautiful, vibrant and pure.

After being in relationships for 12 years I was alone and made the promise to myself to go at least 6 months single. I lasted over 8 months and it taught me some really valuable lessons. Partly that I really didn’t know who I was or what I was capable of. Coming back into my own wholeness I started to blossom, to have the strength to take incredible journeys I didn’t know I had the courage to take such as backpacking solo across Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia, as well as creating a new life for myself. I felt my connection with nature more strongly and saw the sacredness in myself and the earth as I slowly healed. It was a beautiful summer filled with lots of little adventures, pilgrimages and long walks.

I then went into a period of testing again, of dissolving my life once again and as I tried to restart, to start a new relationship and find a new home and everything fell apart again, before it had even begun. Until I had to FULLY surrender and give up everything. To give it all to God in a flood of tears in loving trust that the wholeness I touched on in 2018 was the biggest gift I could have been given. Realising that anything that makes me feel less than that is not what I’ve come here to be.


Illuminate, Activate, Create

And so the phrase for 2019 came to me for the year ahead. It gave me shivers when I heard it in my head. I immediately went oooooh I like that, that sounds like fun. A bringing together of all I’ve learned, finally allowing myself to fully unapologetically be my authentic self and share it with the world. Ok, its not like I’m hiding in my closet afraid to be seen like I would have years ago, but nows the time to explore more of what I can create if really allow myself to.

Because now is the time for us all to come back to who we truly are, to activate our souls essence within us, to shine our light brightly. To step out and be witnessed, to come alive again. Celebrate the miracle of being in embodiment!

We have been letting go of so much not just to be tortured but so that we can be free! So that we can showcase the greatest beauty of humanity. Us! Our authentic bbbbbbbbbbbeautiful selves. Sharing in what lights us up and inspires us. For me that is the beautiful vibrancy of nature, art, architecture, music and community. My first phrase for 2019 was unify, which I’m so excited to see building around the world, however I chose the above phrase because of the powerful unifying power of creating.

Creativity brings people together, it inspires us, uplifts us and helps us see solutions over problems. Creative movements in the world are far more powerful, positive and revolutionary than just fighting against. I believe that the shifting consciousness on the planet will be reflected in the coming years with a renaissance of culture and art, reflecting our glowing inner worlds.

And so my first step of 2019 is to solo trip to Budapest to celebrate my 30th birthday. Immersing myself with the most gorgeous art and architecture that inspires me and lights me up. When I asked my heart what it really wanted to experience, after the initial I should be doing this or that, the answer was to celebrate turning 30 and finally feeling like I’m becoming the person I really want to be and am…by eating many pasteries as I explore castles, museums and then soak in the beautiful hot springs like a happy little japanese monkey. The heart wants what it wants.


I’m also planning to share my poetry more this year, reading in public and looking at getting it published. It’s been such a beautiful gift that I’m proud to share and I’d like to honour it by sharing it more as I believe the messages are powerful.

I have a number of creative projects to do with writing, dance and workshops that I’d love to share in the coming year. Goals I write but never quite follow into action, so now is the time for me to showcase them into the world.

I’m sure more ideas and goals will keep coming to me but the main goal is to be present in gratitude for each day and the gifts it brings me. To take the steps that are presented to me that feel totally aligned and beautiful, as well as share it with my beautiful soul tribe, finding like-minded beings to share that joy with. After all we are so much more powerful, amplifying our souls essence when we are together.


So for 2019 how are you going to shine? What lights you up? How are you going to follow those inner impulses that excite you?

How will you activate your souls essence? How will you share it with the world?

What creative ideas are coming to you? What brings you into a state of flow? What is beautiful to you? What creative projects do you want to start? What have you always wanted to try?

Happy shining, aligning and brightening beautiful beings,

I look forward to seeing how you are shining your light this year and being your gorgeous magical selves,

Much love xyx


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