Liberated and Emerging


Hello beautiful beings.

What a strange year 2017 has been. I feel as if it has flown by, as well as been a long journey for many of us. Packed full of life experiences, present moments, important life lessons and revelations.

Many have been tested. Their belief systems broken down again and again. There have been incredible times of high energy, flowing synchronicity, as well as some painful moments where life circumstances did not fulfill what we thought we wanted.

2017 has been a time of us learning to swim as the waters felt more and more chaotic. We have been on a crash course to teach us how to be the stillness in the storm. Many of us have floundered, have become tired at times, have broken the surface only to feel like we are being dragged back under again. But do you know what, we made it. It has all been for a reason.

To bring us back to the deepest depths of who we are. To remind us that nothing can ever be taken from us. We are whole within. To put us back in touch with our souls essence. With what lights us up. Inspires us. Brings us home to ourselves. Sometimes to do that we have to enter into this topsy turvy confusing house of mirrors game. Trying to find our way over and over, until we finally stop and in our stillness we find our clarity more deeply. And in this state of being we are able to see more clearly what is illusion, a reflection and what is the true path of freedom.

This year has been a year of contrast for me. Of flowing between different states. Highs and lows. Entering into partnerships and being on my own. Being in freedom travelling and being close to nature and working and having a full schedule, surrounded by people. It has been about juggling different me’s and finding how I can come into balance with the different sides of myself.


What I have learned this year about liberation is that it is a change of perspective, not necessarily based on your circumstances. You can be living a lifestyle that appears to the outside world as a free spirited spiritual journey but feel limited, lost and not have solid foundations. You can live a life of travelling the world trusting in the universe and living in incredible abundance. You can be grounded in one place and feel trapped, even if it is what you thought was your fantasy, your paradise. You can live in the same lifestyle, settled with a family and feel like you are the luckiest being on earth for the beauty around you. It comes back to you, how you are feeling. Often we focus on the outside circumstances, thinking that a certain path or lifestyle will fulfill us. But it is motivated from within, gently emerging. Moving you forwards one step at a time in the joyfulness it brings you.

This year has definitely liberated me to be able to throw away some of my old beliefs and to do that I had to dissolve my old life and create a new chapter. Moving to a new part of the country. Starting a new job. Entering into new partnerships. Dissolving partnerships and starting new journeys. I have done things that have pushed my limits to challenge myself. I have jumped into the icy waters of glastonbury white spring naked (choosing liberation I knew I would have to get naked in public at least once hehe). Climbed Snowdonia on a last minute whim. Attended Hay house writers workshop, knowing that it is my biggest life dream that I have always been too scared to fully pursue. I have wild camped in the wilderness by myself. It has also shown me where I am playing safe, where I am holding back. Where I am not following my highest excitement. Where I am trying to adapt to being less than I am to please others.

And so at this time of year as we are getting ready to press reset and jump to a new year I am fully ready to let 2017 go, knowing that it has made me stronger, more determined, more present and humbled. It has brought me moments of incredible pain and beauty. And for that I am grateful. I am thankful for the lessons and I am ready to now move on into a more balanced place, knowing that I am more ready to put my dreams into action. To emerge and be more of who I am. To let go of my fears and insecurities. To trust myself, that I can follow my own souls callings.


And so I choose in 2018 to Emerge. My new word to guide me forwards. Motivating me to blossom, to flourish. To share more of who I am with the world. After much breaking down, shedding old beliefs. I am ready to explore what brings me joy, what I have to share with the world. How I can create. How I can use my souls deepest essence that I have been brought back to, to unfold my life in a more gentle flowing direction.

After many years of coccooning, of needing to do our inner work I am starting to see the first glimspes of those around me, as we poke our heads out of the cave, out from our hiding places to see if springs arrived yet. If it is time for us to emerge, to gather together. I feel that this is what 2018 will bring us. Togetherness. Community. Soul tribes are finding each other. And we are ready to celebrate each other’s beautiful uniqueness as well as our shared essence. The light that flows through us all. We are remembering our oneness and the joy of co-creation.

When we are in flux, in breakdown, in chaos the people around us can reflect what we do not wish to see. It can be painful. However when we pull away, do our inner work, find our balance and then come into relationship with others we bring an energy into the connection that is magnified rather than the push pull dynamics of yearning attention from the other to fill an emptiness. It is such a subtle shift of perception and yet transformational in helping us to dissolve the false barriers of separation and bringing us into real deep connection and understanding. What many of us are really yearning for.

And so from my little blanket nest by the fire I wish you a beautiful end to this year, whatever it has brought you and a magical connected illuminated 2018.


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