The caterpillar, the cocoon, the butterfly


Hello beautiful people,

During this awakening there have been many phases of expansion and contraction, flowing through phases of emanating our light to fearlessly going within to work on anything inside that dulls us, that is long outdated. Of course we want to be the butterflies NOW, centre of the limelight in all of our multicoloured glory, weightless, rising above it all, flying free. But what would the butterfly be without the metamorphosis, the transformation. We give credit to the end creation and how beautiful it is, but what about the little caterpillar eating more than its own body weight preparing for something monumental to come. It knows through its DNA that it is to change, to evolve and yet it lives only in the now, doing what it needs to sustain itself. Without the need to ponder, to worry, to second guess itself, without responsibility it enters into the phases knowing that they are a natural part of its growth and expansion. It cannot stay in its little form forever, it is destined for something greater.

We have a lot to learn from nature if we take the presence to see. I was walking today and saw a gorgeous huge fluffy black and orange caterpillar. A weird thing to see in late october in england, but I’m more than used to weird and wonderful by now. This life gives me no surprises, I see all as a symbol to teach me, to guide me on my journey.

I’m feeling that as we enter into autumn, with the leaves falling from the trees we are going into a period of deep reflection, letting go of any last density, past memories, fear and insecurities. As I was walking I thought to myself why try to take shortcuts any longer, try to bypass what feels uncomfortable with distraction or labelling it as pain when we can face it head on. If we turn away it will only come back to find us and reflect what needs to be healed back onto us some other way, for this is the way of the universe, so why don’t we embody the brave warriors that we are and just settle down, do the work, prepare and then when it is time to cocoon, like the caterpillar we will know it is time to surrender.

If someone told you that you would go through the entire process of a butterfly it might sound a little scary and brutal even. You will go into a cocoon where you will completely turn into goo, into soup, every part of you will be broken down into something that doesn’t even resemble you, but if you just let go and trust it will completely reassemble you, transform you into a creation so incredibly beautiful, strong, powerful, radiant and graceful. Undoubtably you would be a little concerned and intrigued at the same time. What if your mind was out of the equation, there was no thinking, there was just the process. It would undoubtably be easier but I think there is something a bit magical about being able to self-reflect through the entire process, to keep calm, to soothe yourself, to give yourself the time and space for transformation and just be. Do what you need to do to let go, to heal, to allow the natural process of ascension to take place. It is encoded within you, your body and your soul know what to do. And just to be clear so no one completely freaks out lol…..this is a metaphor, we’re not LITERALLY going to turn into goo and then grow wings, I think, I hope, who knows ;)

And so this is the transformation that we are facing, beautifully represented by nature to guide us through.

The last few nights in my cocoon (luckily as humans we get to take pen and paper with us into hibernation hehe) I downloaded a few messages that seemed apt to share today after seeing my little fluffy caterpillar friend. We are remembering how to be fearless and courageous in letting go, in releasing, in forgiving ourselves and all so that we may embody the sovereign beings we are underneath it all. We know that we certainly don’t want to take any of it with us when the time comes, like suitcases of junk that we carry around, we suddenly feel all this heaviness in the new energy and laugh at ourselves finally realising why am I holding onto all this, what’s the point, there really is none, none at all. So let go ;)

Much love to you all xyx



It is ok to have an off day, it is ok to feel uncomfortable, it is ok to be restless. You are like a caterpillar in a cocoon, it feels constricting, dark and uncertain. You cannot always see yourself clearly when you do not see your reflection. But if you feel your heart you will feel it within you.

The DNA that is evolving within you is creating you into a brand new blueprint, an entire reconfiguration of everything you thought you were. Sometimes a painful process, sometimes tiring for the energy you are using, your wings are forming, you are expanding, the colours of your soul are brightening and as they do there is a brief transition in which you exist between two worlds. You do not quite feel as if you belong to either, for you have not yet come into completion and it is not a race to the finish line but a synchronised event.

Your mind prays hurry up for it still feels time, but as you let go and release you remember a state beyond time and it will simply be done when its done. Not a minute sooner or later for this is so much bigger than us and we are all flowing through it together.

Just as seeds rest in the dark until spring, completing an alchemical process of transformation you too will need to be patient for the grand unveiling, for perfection cannot be rushed. It is a masterpiece that we are creating and so there are no shortcuts, only going with the grand design, with the flow, the momentum. Just have a little faith, is nature not a master at what it creates. Then let yourself surrender to it, let it transform you.

Just as birds migrate together through the winter, nature serves a grand design. We are all individuals but we all receive the same messages, are moved by the same energies, it is beautiful not to feel alone even if you are physically. For you hear the familiar calls of home, pulsing through the ground, connecting all hearts, beating in synchrony.

For we are like a spider web of souls and as you evolve I blossom, as you heal my wounds are soothed, as you love you give me the courage to open my heart, as you create you motivate me to dedicate myself to this cause that inspires me, never doubt how powerful you are, you are integrated into the whole, you complete the puzzle and it would be unfinished without you.

Your journey is unique to you and yet it is an integral part of the bigger picture. Your evolution is the spark within an entire universe of darkness, that is all it takes to light up the dark, just one tiny flicker of hope, of love for it to be transformed. Your light cannot be extinguished, for it is the very essence of you and your souls presence is everlasting as your name suggests, you will continue to blossom forevermore, continue to surprise, to learn, to bless, to expand, for it is in your nature to explore.

You are an adventurer and you never stretch yourself too thin for you simply know that you are infinite and your currency, your energy, your forever flowing love will never run out.

Soothe your aching body and know that your soul is burning ever more brightly. Burning through all illusions within you. Lovingly forgive and let them go. Where you are going you will not need to feel burdened by the density. When you doubt, want assurance that it is worth the wait, come back and remember that you have access to infinite faith within you. And don’t you think it is a little more fun if it is a mystery, haven’t you been praying for a miracle, will you allow yourself to receive it.

You are breaking through, piercing the veil. Soon there will be no separation and the adventures will be beyond what you are even dreaming of. Expect miracles for they are your natural state. Be the love that you are in this moment and the next until the grand unveiling just relax, allow yourself to rest, to heal, the cells rejuvenating within you, it takes time and stillness, just be present and know that you are the very miracle we speak of. Let the energies of peace and serenity soothe you.

You are loved dearly, now, always and forevermore.



I will be alone until I know that I am not alone.

I will feel uncomfortable until I learn to swim in all waters.

I will be in circumstances that make me feel imprisoned until I remember I have choice,

I will not feel beautiful until I find self-love within,

I will not feel supported until I stand at my own side,

I will not feel powerful if I try to hide my light,

I will not feel successful if I am not dedicated,

I will feel a victim if I don’t re-evaluate my thinking,

Look a little closer and see all with new eyes, a fresh perspective, see the abundance, the opportunities, what you can do with what you have been given. There is nothing holding you back but yourself and that is the reality of being a sovereign being, of taking self-responsibility. It can be uncomfortable at times to see how you are perceiving all around you if it is less than beautiful, but if you come into forgiveness and love every part of your reflection you can transcend any limitations, you can rise above anything, become stronger than you have ever been, more radiant than you thought was possible.

It is time once and for all to shake off all the limitations and density, you cannot take them with you and why would you want to. Shed them off like old skin, there is no need to look back at what you left behind with disgust, for it will be decomposed back to the earth and made into something new and beautiful.

Leave your insecurities at the door and stand naked and radiant in all your glory. A new creation never seen before. You are history in the making. If it ever feels uncomfortable just focus on what you are becoming, where you are going and soothe yourself with love in the Now.

You have done this a million times before, you know the way, it is within you. Come back to what gives you peace and acceptance.

You are a master in the making and those that are masters of anything have had to fail at times to become successful. Be patient with yourself and remember that all of heaven is behind you, supporting you, You are never alone. Settle back into the Now, breathe and remember that you are home.


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  1. This I needed to hear today! Thank you!!!

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