October Energy and Collective Themes. Turning up the intensity and the beauty


Hello beautiful people,

As many of you know the last year I have opened up more and more to different visions, dimensions and feel very intuitively collective themes that are arising with the energy waves coming in and how I am feeling it in my life, as well as seeing and feeling the same shifts come up for many people.

There have been three waves of energy this year that are to lift us up as a collective and help us to reach a new resonance, a new reality, a fifth dimensional frequency where we are anchored into a new lighter, brighter existence of clarity, of ease and grace. A state beyond duality, density, stagnant energy and violence.

The third dimensional resonance no doubt was a game we played to teach ourselves some very valuable lessons, to understand the darkness more fully so that as we choose the light we know what we prefer. Having a point of reference, we understand the allure of aspects of darkness, why we choose the drama, why it feels good to be a victim, to let go of control. In the total honesty of really accepting all aspects of ourselves, the dark and the light we reach a higher alignment and balance where we can have more compassion and unconditional love for those that are suffering or in darkness, to understand the depths of their suffering more fully by our own experience, so that we can be of greater service.

The last few months I have been feeling that fifth dimensional frequency more and more. I know what I choose, heaven on earth, brightness, ease, beauty, purity, love flowing through me, a oneness with all, a compassionate understanding and feeling I am connected to the whole universe, a connection with the higher realms, with the angels and higher dimensional beings, it is truely beautiful. This is beyond a fluffy feeling that it would be nice to believe in, it is a feeling of greater clarity, that I can physically feel the energy and support surrounding me, I can see them in my mind only kept apart by a thin veil between the dimensions that is dissolving more and more everyday.

With the third wave coming in now the releasing has been very intense, this is the finale of letting it all go, facing it all, all your shadow aspects, all that no longer resonates, it is all coming up to say a loving goodbye. This can feel very overwhelming at times but if you are willing to love yourself enough to face and forgive it all it is unbelievably freeing, you realise that you are a warrior, you are strong and can face anything, you have the potential to do anything, you are no longer a victim. Just remember that you are never alone, we are all going through it, whether we are currently denying it, hiding from it hehe, in the eye of the storm or in calm waters. My love goes out to you all who are deeply releasing and facing issues that you thought you could hide deep down and not face again or didn’t even know were there. I am here to tell you that it is ok, you are perfect and beautiful, every aspect of you, you are safe, you will not get lost, you are forgiven and you can do it.

And so as we journey through the waters that are sometimes turbulent, sometimes calm, we become better at surfing them, being the stillness on waves of chaos and we find out that whatever the circumstances we are unsinkable ;)

Here are many of the themes that I have been feeling, seeing, experiencing and having visions of the last few weeks. Everyday I wake up feeling that it is a new day, a new me, I never know what will happen, what I will feel and experience and so I have become best friends with change, with the here and Now. Seeing the beauty that is right now, the blessings that are in front of me.



It is quite a long post simply because there are so many themes, so many experiences, so many issues being released and faced all at the same time.

~There has been a lot of releasing and redefining of relationships this year and more in the last month or so. Letting go of old habits of relating, clashes between male and female dynamics that lead to disharmony such as neediness, fear of abandonment, control issues, aggression, trust issues and push, pull dynamics, fear of being judged, of being seen, relationships staying together for financial issues, “for the kids”, for fear of being alone. These are some really deep seated issues that in the past have been useful for us to work on in relationships, to push each others buttons, to overcome our worries and release old patterns.

However as we are coming into the fifth dimensional resonance we are pushed to release them once and for all, that they no longer are needed, that unconditional love is our new way of relating and so an entirely new journey is what is being created, we are paving the way to more beautiful, harmonious, deeper, more loving relationships by clearing out all the old outdated ways.

This can mean letting go of even very loving relationships in order to love each other unconditionally if your paths are going in other directions, to see that to love someone is to let you both grow, to do what is needed, it can mean some very difficult decisions. For our societies have favoured a good loving relationship meaning that you stay together all day everyday for the rest of your lives, whereas the higher energy is showing us that actually love can be loving each other from afar, that it is multifaceted, not pushing to stay together with people just because you were told you should marry at this time point, have kids at this time and live happily ever after. We are learning that love is far greater, more encompassing and messier, but is more real, raw and beautiful if we have the courage to do what feels right rather than what we have been told we should do.

This has led to many relationships ending this year or redefining the dynamics of connections and habits, making fresh starts. If people are still in relationships that are not for their highest good this seems to be coming up as friction and arguements, mirroring any incompatibility to deal with head on. I have noticed more public arguements such as neighbours and friends coming out of quite abusive relationships that looked perfect on the surface.

The new 5D relationship dynamic is one of wholeness, of knowing who you are, where you are going, what you have to give and coming together harmoniously in divine timing, in alignment, trusting that your intuition and feelings are bringing you together with those that are for your highest alignment, that you are destined on a higher soul level to be together for soul growth, for a shared mission. It’s a beautiful prospect but in truth it takes patience, trust and really following your heart and intuition.

Our movies and music are a reflection of what we believe love to be and it started to really occur to me that we have created the happily ever after story as a fairytale that is unattainable, with real full on love portrayed as ending badly (Titanic, Moulin Rouge etc) and many love songs are about loss and not being together, the pain of separation rather than the joy of being together. I think part of us likes the drama and the burning sensation of loss, of risk sometimes even if we don’t care to admit it hehe but to create a new way of being, of relating, we need to see more deeply how we are not in alignment with the ease, the grace and the purity of love that is reflected in the higher realms.

It is exciting to see what the future brings and so it is only up from here even if the pain of letting go has preoccupied our minds this year. The unconditional love I have felt from the higher realms has had me in tears, so deeply moved, knowing how it really feels to be unconditionally loved, infinite patience with me, such kindness and gentleness.


Another related theme that is coming up more and more is sexuality and the dynamics between couples, how sexuality is expressed and again purging all issues that lead to abusive, disappointing, shallow or dysfunctional ways of being intimate. Issues to do with where sexuality is manipulated, abuse, trauma, giving your power away, for our own pleasure without respecting the partners, redefining boundaries, feeling unworthy, not being able to open up to each other in deeper more intimate ways, using your body in ways that goes against your morals, using sexuality as addiction, to feel more attraction, as control. In truth there has been a lot of dysfunction of sexuality created in our society for thousands of years, associating it with shame and it can cause issues in even the most beautiful relationships.

To let go of these issues, to have the courage to be really seen, really felt, understood, we open ourselves up to beautiful intimacy that is more loving, trusting and leaves us feeling fulfilled and more energetic rather than drained and empty. Again we are learning to be stronger, to respect and love ourselves and so to share from a place of self respect rather than wanting to be made to feel better about ourselves. We have been given such an incredibly beautiful gift that we have barely begun to scratch the surface of how powerful it can be, how sacred and so the new ways of relating will allow us to redefine everything we were taught, all the movies, the magazines, sex tips lol. Throw it all out the window and be prepared to start again with nothing but loving openness and a beautiful vulnerability.


The full moon that has just graced us with its presence (LOL) I felt very intensely. An intense collective cleansing of anger, frustration, force, an implosion that made you want to smash something to release the energy within you. Anyone who knows me knows I’m very chilled out hehe and it was an anger not directed at anything or anyone at all but just an energetic need to feel and transmute that intensity. So many of us have been repressing our feelings, our anger until we forget even how to and so it gathers up inside with no outlet. This has caused huge issues which is why there is such a high suicide rate in men and a high drinking rates. Because we are desperate to access and let go of our inner feelings and desires that we have been unable to express. The intense energies therefore give an opportunity to dissolve the barriers within you, to face the feelings you have bottled up and find healthier ways to feel and express them, letting go of the fear of being judged by others. For me music is how I express this, put on the rock music and regress back to the inner rock chick of my teenage years hehe.


There have been many shifts with the light grids surrounding the earth as the old 3D energy grid dissolves and dismantles more and the new brighter systems come online. I first saw the light grids in a vision in 2012 before I had fully awakened. I was driving and in my minds eye superimposing the sky I saw patterns of sacred geometry as white lights and felt incredible peace and lightness. The last year I felt very guided to ground in the violet flame resonance into the light grids and meditate on it everyday and have taken this to sacred sites such as stone henge and glastonbury. The last few weeks I had visions of firstly a blue ray light grid coming online and then last week a green light grid. This beautiful peaceful unconditionally loving energy is soothing the hearts of all as they release. Giving us a solid foundation, a grounding in this beautiful soft energy before the brighter more dynamic energy comes into play.


Time has been going a little wonky lately hehe, things have undoubtably felt strange even beyond the feeling of time stopping, speeding up, slowing down to even more mind blowing experiences, as if we are aligning and moving between many different timelines and paths individually and collectively, flitting between different dimensions and parallel realities. This can feel a little strange and surreal. As we understand more about how time and space work, remember the nature of reality we are able to become masters of our experience more and more. To understand how to change our resonance, to actively choose our timeline or reality and so what feels a little chaotic and weird at first will be empowering once it has stabilised.



Feeling that the veils are thinning between dimensions so having visions in greater clarity, feeling physical touch and presence of ascended masters more during reiki treatments and actually seeing the veil between the dimensions that is dissolving a little more each time. Feeling the christ consciousness, angelic resonance and pleiadian resonance more strongly. Beautiful energies of grace, softness, purity, compassion, unconditional love that feels so natural, our original state, a feeling of recognition of how we should feel all the time.


More acceptance of where you are and the lessons you are learning. When you first awakened it was like a shock to the system, what am I doing here, where should I be, where do I belong and you often dissociated yourself from where you were which was useful in exploring more of your new and original identity but now we are coming back and realising that if we are still in the same situation, around the same people there are lessons to learn, a window of opportunity to see all around you with more gratitude.


Seeing the drama of the world with less emotion and anger, before it felt heavy and dense, there was a lot of fear attached to the media and world events, we felt that we were the victim of a system that we were trapped in whereas now we are seeing things with a bit more lightness and humour, as if we are watching the circus, laughing at how ridiculous it has become, as if it has been designed this way to show people that this is your reality if you don’t claim your power back.

Undoubtably there are some dark secrets that are surfacing and they are long overdue to be faced by society fully, no more denying how this world is being run, we need to see what we are allowing to continue to have a fresh start, but we are also able to see all with more gratitude, see the levels of control, the spider webs that leaders have gotten themselves tangled in and forgive them as that system dissolves around them.


Seeing the world as a mirror to our internal vibration and if we don’t like what we see rather than blaming circumstances we can start to come back to our inner peace and clarity, to find a new higher resonance to rest in and start to see how this transforms our outer reality. As you find more inner clarity it starts to show up in your outer reality and you actively seek it by cleaning your environment more, the types of environments you spend time in.



A need for fewer distractions such as TV, music and facebook if you are using them as a distraction technique to not deal with uncomfortable feelings like boredom, loneliness etc rather than for inspiration and connection. There is more of a need for inner reflection, peace and giving yourself some time to really feel how you feel with courage. You live your life far more consciously, reflecting more on why you are doing certain things and noticing your bad habits and being willing to change them more easily.


Feeling more motivation at times to work towards your goals, more clarity on what you wish to create and being able to put down the ground work, while simultaneously not feeling a sense of urgency to complete projects but knowing in divine timing when it will come into play. This is more of the divine masculine resonance coming in, a peaceful stability and clarity.


When you are in the 5D frequency your body feels much lighter, purer, more graceful and effortless. Your senses are heightened and you notice the detail and beauty around you much more. You feel more pleasure, even breathing becomes more noticeable and mesmerising. Your body becomes more resilient and heals quickly. I would walk for 5 hours in nature and wake up the next day with no tiredness but a stable ongoing energy. There is also much more self love and respect for your body which is translated as an effortless confidence in how you move and how you walk.


I have been coming into more harmony with the cycles of life, my own cycles, aligning with those of nature and what they teach me about how to create and that there is no need to rush, for all unfolds effortlessly with patience. The galactic alignments and numerical dates are becoming more important points of reference in time for certain shifts and themes. Such as knowing that the 11/11 will be a very important date but not knowing exactly yet why, just that it is a master number of high resonance and symmetry. We are moved to act from a place of intuition through these alignments, we know when we are in a state of releasing and we know when we feel the urge to take action. It is far more effortless and less confusing taking your mind out of the equation that wants to figure out the puzzle and race to whatever finish line it thinks it is running towards, it is more freeing to let go and let the tide carry you and be open to mystery and miracles.


There is a greater feeling of oneness, a recognition of your similarities with others, seeing their soul, wanting to be of service to humanity, to each other, more kindness and compassion, connecting with people on a deeper more authentic level, more affectionate loving relationships such as with friends. More and more of my friends now say we love each other. No intention behind it of wanting a relationship, just an authentic appreciation of being in each others lives. It’s really lovely, innocent and sweet.


This shift has given me a greater understanding of the universe, space and time, dimensions and as such has allowed me to access knowledge that I have never learned in this lifetime, channeling languages like hebrew I have never been exposed to, phrases from the bible when I shied away from religion, knowledge of sacred sites I didn’t know existed, concepts about the nature of the universe I have never read. As I access my own intuition I feel the need to read less, not needing to take my knowledge from another but trusting my own inner guidance and that I am connected to a vast wealth of knowledge if I am open to it.


It’s a very exciting time, there are huge changes coming and although I’m back into deep releasing mode at the moment what I have felt, seen and experienced has been so incredibly beautiful and life changing that it is the only reality worth holding on to, like I am seeing all as it really is for the first time, like I’m feeling what it is to love, to be loved for the first time. I have had such a beautiful magical life already that I simply didn’t know that there was more and yet this year has so totally blown me away and opened my eyes that I see now that our future is brighter than we could even have conceived of. We celebrated, we loved and we felt with the lights turned off. Now we get to see, to feel and love in the full brightness, the full technicolour.


And lastly if you are struggling know that it is ok, you haven’t missed the boat, you don’t have to pretend to be ok all the time, sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to step through the fire, to experience the loss first of letting go of all you thought you knew to make space for the new. Have hope dear ones for the new is coming very soon. All my love to you brave warriors ;)


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