Portals, portals everywhere

Hello beautiful people I felt guided to share this post today. It is a short message I channeled at Glastonbury abbey while mesmerised by the beauty of the ruins. I also had a very powerful beautiful experience watching the sunrise at the Tor in Glastonbury through the doorway at 5.30am and meditated up there for hours. During my pilgrimage through Glastonbury, Devon and Cornwall I saw many portal shaped doorways and structures that I felt were synchronicities on my path, symbolising to me that I was going through into a new phase of my life which I very much was. I saw these in my outside environment as a manifestation of my inner harmony and ability to access higher timelines, information and realities.

It is interesting that the shapes are often linked to sacred architecture of temples, that of churches and more modern buildings, as well as more ancient ruins such as stone henge. The shapes are highly symmetrical and are often in the shape of the vesica pisces and so  represents the divine in harmony, in balance and beauty.

Since then I have also seen portals in my visions at times, often when meditating or waking up in the middle of the night. I have seen images such as a glowing blue triangle with the words are you ready for the seventh dimension, a wormhole that I was flowing through when meditating on the beach at night and other sacred geometry patterns I was flowing through. I feel that they can help us alchemise our new pathways that we are flowing into, our highest alignments and to make fresh starts, to redefine ourselves in a fresh energy and release aspects of our old life that we are ready to let go of.

This is the response I received from the question asked about portals. Happy adventuring ;)

I have included photos of portals on my trip at the end, as well as some other powerful pictures below I have found to meditate on.


I have seen many beautiful portals today, large doorways that frame beautiful scenery such as at the Tor and Glastonbury abbey. What is the significance of such gateways?

Portals are interdimensional doorways, a key to a resonance within you. They are a sign that you are ready to elevate your consciousness. They have been created either by you individually by associating an image in your outside or inner environment with a frequency of reality and the opportunity to shift to a higher resonance, or a collective doorway created and reinforced by many across time, illuminating its power by group intention.

The symbol of the portal is only as powerful as your presence with it and what it unlocks within you. They lay dormant unless you are in resonance and presence with it. Some are time activated at certain galactic alignments such as solstice days when the sun shines through the portal only on that day. They are often placed in places of great resonance, harmony and power upon mother earth to guide you to a place in time and space to receive and unlock the divine codes hidden within them and you. They can unlock certain powers within you, unlock pathways within your heart, right down to your DNA.

They are a sacred place of reflection, of perfection, of stillness, the mind in the act of wonder, the appreciation of beauty and divinity. This place of stillness and clarity is when you realign with your natural state of the sacred, you open up to the mystical, through the feeling of gratitude and expansion.

Allow yourself to step into a new world of wonder through these gateways, for they unlock power within you, remind you of your own power and reflect back to you what is holding you back from obtaining that gateways frequency.

The dedication to visit such a gateway is a promise to yourself that you are ready to step through and dedicate yourself to a new awareness, reality and opportunity for growth, for spiritual evolution and purification.

Step through with loving intention and let yourself begin again.

Glastonbury abbey, St Germans church Cornwall, The tor, Glastonbury white spring.


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