~*What is the meaning of life, the nature of the universe and universal truth? *~


The ultimate stereotypical question we often ask ourselves, search for through religion, experience and success. But what do we conclude and how many of us give up and just put it aside as an unanswerable question. And yet we have this burning desire within us to know more of who we are, why we are here, what the point is. When we don’t find it in religion we either seek for it or avoid it through substances, relationships, career pursuits and other life missions, all to either uncover more of who we are, hide from it or ignore the question all together.

I felt guided to go on a walk yesterday to a traditional english country stately home and in there I found a used bookshop where my eye caught a bright blue book of translated sanskrit scriptures. As I was trying to read it today I felt that the pictures on the cover, the colour itself and the experience of walking through the acres of garden was more awakening than the words and I just drifted off into my own inner universe. These are the words I have used to try to translate my recent visions and revelations into something I can sshare and give you a tiny glimpse of what goes on inside my head: I hope it is in some way illuminating, interesting or at least not so boring that you wish to hit the substances as mentioned above to avoid the question entirely hehe. Happy universal questing beautiful souls xyx


I seek the Holy Scriptures to find out if a glimpse of divinity is contained within, a realisation that will help me to understand more of who I am, but I find no light within the words. Of course I find elegant words that bring me some peace and remembrance.   However words on a page are for logic to pick apart, for the mind to feel that we have “mastered” the universe, that we understand it and therefore have “won” the game. Don’t think it hasn’t passed my attention the irony of me expressing this through words on a page, but they say that spirituality is full of paradoxes and so I can enjoy writing and reading to uncover aspects of inspiration and yet not be bound by the pages, tied into the meanings and made to feel that I must take them as my gospel at the detriment of my own inner wisdom and that I have access to the same universal wisdom as the writers of those books and that all that read my words have the same access to their own universal wisdom.

I read the words of the dusty books that tell me I should worship their one and only God as my own and I feel that it brings me further from my initial intention. I put down the book and come back to my heart, the flow of life running through my cells and I know what it is to be holy. For divinity is present through every cell of our being and every particle of light of our soul. What I feel and know is that we are the manifestation of a million stories, a million archetypes, faces, forms and snapshots across time. We are the manifestation of a million memories, emotions and breaths. We are universes as and of ourselves. We are ever evolving and ever creating to find more of who we are, we are ever expanding as the universe is ever expanding. We are ever present. And in this knowledge we realise that any scriptures may give us a glimpse of our knowledge gained throughout the ages of our divinity, but it is already in the past, we have evolved beyond it. It is a part of our story and yet our story now in this present moment is where our expansion has led us, is where our knowledge is now, waiting to be uncovered, to be witnessed.

We have worked through many difficulties to discover the light of our own being. In this reality of density and amnesia we temporarily chose to forget so that we could experience duality, that we could see how our goodness and our darkness would be manifested through our unconscious state, so that we could resolve even the most deeply hidden issues within that were stunting the beauty and the stability of our creations in the universe. By entering into this state of amnesia we were able to focus on our individual stories, tasks and facets of the mission. To each uncover and resolve aspects of self so that once perfected we may all reunite back together in full remembrance to share all that we have learned on our journeys.

As we return back to a state of remembrance we finally can return back to a state of full consciousness in which having resolved aspects of self that have held us down and back we can create ever more freely and joyfully. Seeing beauty far more vividly and integrated back into the divine wholeness and completeness that is our original state.


As masters of our own consciousness we seek to ever perfect ourselves while knowing that we are already perfected in the core of our very being. We are infinite in our true nature. It is just our conditioning in this life and across various dimensions of space and time that have led us down different pathways that allow us to see the light of our own being as different facets, rays and configurations, but underneath the various lenses and colours that cloud our vision there is only the brilliant white light that is then created into various forms and structures. What is underneath it all is just purity, radiance and emanation. The brightness of which our eyes and senses in this body are unable to fully comprehend.

And so where do we go from here, what is the goal, the intention, the “divine plan”. And the answer to that is multifaceted. From a human earthly realm level we are seeking to perfect our world, our societies and our relationships, with each other and self, reflected in the beauty of our outside manifestations and structures on the earth, how we live our lives, treat each other and live in balance and harmony with the planet. We are seeking to find peace internally, to reflect it out across the society as a whole, a wave of self-realisation, of how powerful we are, a remembrance of our unconditionally loving nature.

Aspects of this have been uncovered by various avatars and masters in human form as well as by societies and groups of individuals. It has even been made manifest across countries and the world during aspects of earthly time throughout history. However it was unable to be sustained for there were still aspects of self that were leading to darkness and destruction. This is not to say that it is wrong to have darkness at all, for change and evolution to happen we need to feel a striving to move forwards, to break apart the old and create space for the new.

However in the next aspect of the divine plan we wanted to see if it was possible to create a peaceful society worldwide that could be more sustainable. Present in the open hearts of the individuals, then radiating out to our higher structures of groups and societies until a peaceful state could be achieved throughout. We knew that this was no small task, this was not a feat that we could accomplish by ourselves for it required all aspects of self, of the human race to cooperate, to all be self-motivated, all be moving forwards, evolving.

However we knew that underneath our so called separation we were really just a wave of illuminating energy and so as one heart was set alight it would ignite the next and the next causing a chain reaction that would spread across the world. And as each spark shined brightly all would be seen in the wholeness of the brightness of all, our sparks would cause a fire, a revolution that would become so contagious, so noticeable and unstoppable that it would spread across the world like a wildfire. The power and the force would be absorbed into the words that were written, the songs that were sung, the emotions that were felt and the art created. We would be inspired by this new illumination to create anew in its image, a new society, new structures that would more accurately and beautifully reflect this new state we have found ourselves in.

The same world we were now seeing so brightly, so beautifully with greater clarity. We would see the detail of all around us so intricately that we would see how all interweaves. The fire in our hearts would ignite our minds to be far sharper and great feats of technological breakthrough would result, a greater understanding of who we are and greater motivation to create based on our newfound knowledge and understanding. We would look at our fellow human beings and where we once only saw the outlines of them in the dark and felt but a vague recognition we could now see the divine light in their eyes shining so brightly that we would reflect to each other who we really are. Beings of the same source, we would see aspects of who someone is as a soul by the way their soul expresses itself in the world and we would feel at home knowing that our dear brother and sisters we have missed for so long have been standing right by our sides the whole time and it was just too dark to see each other’s true nature until now.

We would rejoice at this realisation that we are not and have never been alone. We have overcome the game of separation that we came into this world to see if we could overcome. And in this state of knowingness that we are all interconnected, that we share the same pleasure, the same pain, the same battles within this dense world and the same final destination of rising together in solidarity, we would finally know that we really are all the same and so in knowing this there would be no more war, for why would we battle against ourselves when we see ourselves now as the divine beings that we are. We would rise together instead, hand in hand knowing that we are one and that we are all also unique facets and aspects of the same source. We would celebrate each other’s individuality and diversity, enjoying each other’s unique creations that describe the same overall experience that can be expressed in a million different beautiful ways.

In knowing that we are one we will share, for what is yours is mine, we would know that we are just visitors to this world for the purpose of learning. We would remember that all is a gift to bless us, that we are not entitled to anything, that all is given to us to nourish these temporary bodies of us, to keep us balanced for the purposes of exploration. We would have no fear of our own mortality for we would understand our eternal and ever changing and evolving nature. In this remembrance we would be ever grateful and see the world with new eyes, that we are surrounded with nourishment.

And so in this new civilisation of utopia we will embark with a new attitude of joy and gratitude into the task of harmonising as groups of individuals into a more balanced whole. We will explore how we can work more closely together and yet maintain our autonomy. Just as the cells in our bodies have mastered the many intricate individualised specialities that make a working thriving whole. We will choose which individuals we work with by which gravitate together, which are attracted to the same missions and aspects of society, which hold a similar resonance or vibration that uplifts all in the group, that creates a stability and harmony. Group dynamics will be explored more and more to find out how certain behaviours may cause destabilisation and control and how to give equal attention to all aspects of the team while valuing their unique contribution.
The team dynamics once stabilised will lead to greater societal structures on a larger scale, healthcare systems, political systems, and education systems. As the microcosm of the individual is perfected and harmonised into larger and larger groups, eventually the whole world would reflect this new stability and peace. Just as the human body, all cells are important to the overall running. Some may die off or become diseased at times with little effect, but it is when greater portions reflect this that it causes a greater disturbance in the overall functioning and so every being is vastly important as and of themselves. To create world peace one has to have peace in the hearts of all to create a snowball effect, an amplification of the resonance to greater and greater heights until it becomes a manifested possibility.


This is just a tiny snapshot of what this world can teach us and yet there are higher and higher motives playing out, worlds upon worlds, dimensions upon dimensions and universes upon universes, all playing out different games, trying to solve riddles, trying to breakthrough paradigms and form new ways of being. Create new worlds never seen before, always expanding, always growing, always evolving. And so what is the point, what is the destination. And the answer to that is that there is none, there is only exploration, evolution and an endless desire for discovery, for adventure into the unknown, into creating what has never been created before, what has never been seen before.

One cannot even put it into a shape, an image or a snapshot of the overall picture because the overall picture is all, it is the microcosm, the cell, the being, the world, the planets, the universe, the dimensions and just when you think we are going upwards, we are spiralling, that you can hold down the pattern and understand what the “point” is, it wormholes into a pinpoint of light and spirals outwards into a new configuration, a new fractal of light, of creation with infinite possibilities, pathways leading out through many doorways.

You will be taken down whatever path you resonate with and no matter how much you explore you will never master it all for it is infinite and there are countless pathways, each giving you a new perspective, a new understanding. Time was created and compresses or extends to give you a greater clarity and deeper perspective on a certain aspect of creation or to speed it up, to stretch it out to see the bigger picture. And so what is the point? The point perhaps is just to have fun, to get lost, to get found, to spin around the many countless dead ends and doorways, like a hall of mirrors, reflecting back to you who you are in countless ways until finally you stop searching outwardly through the world you see externally for some “truth”, some overall meaning to what the meaning of life is and finally you come back to you and what the infinite spark of life is within you.

That is where you find the answers you seek, the original spark of creation you have been looking for, searching for this whole time. And in a sudden wave of self-realisation you finally “get it” and you laugh that you’ve been playing this game for so long and it was right there all along inside of you.

And that is where you become the master of your own creation, your own inner universe, the master of your own light emanating outwards and you explore how it then may be utilised to play the games in this universe a little better, a little more masterfully to really ground that belief into you that you have found something real within that is worth your attention.

And as you master this knowledge and again come into stillness, the zero point field, you then move onto the next part of the game, the next level of existence beyond this universe and into the next, in which you are self granted the power by your self-belief to create your very own universe in which to explore who you are in even greater detail, breaking down every infinite aspect of your soul, your light into millions of creations, just as you were one of them in this universe, you are now the observer, the witnesser of all these pathways playing out, creating stories of their own that give you greater knowledge and understanding of who you are. Your consciousness interweaving throughout all beings and pathways in the same configuration of fractals. You use the keys of creation, sacred geometry to create shapes, structures in many forms and configurations to explore this.


And again this is just another level of consciousness, another structure of understanding, so what is beyond that? And again the answer in infinity. The answer is the loving force, the light that illuminates this entire universe upon universe upon infinite dimensions. The desire for creation itself. If love were not present there would be no desire to create in the first place, when love and the brightness of the light is diminished, structures become unstable and falter. Love is the guiding force that is present within all and yet is witnessed and seen with more clarity, the more that the force is present and channelled into whatever is created. Upon this world this can be seen in great masterpieces of music, the architecture, temples that are intricately beautiful, art that is so vivid, colourful and aesthetically perfect that it gives but a glimpse of what that light is composed of, what its original nature is, a facet of its beauty.

This loving emanation of pure energy is the driving force of all movement, all inspiration, all emotion, all devotion, in greater and greater rays we decode it in different ways, just as light shines through a prism breaking it apart into different colours, love is multifaceted. Even the word is just a word, associated with many meanings that are not its original essence, for it a pure energy, a force and we only see the outward manifestations of it or feel it and express it through relationships, how we live our lives or creativity.

And so we enter into a whole new game in which we stop chasing the light through various incarnations, tunnels, portals and worlds, trying to find our original essence and we come back within seeing that that spark is within and we outwardly emanate it out into greater and greater representations of what is contained within. We stop chasing ourselves in circles and finally after laughing at our silliness for running round and round for so long only to find that the whole game was just an illusion. We stop and that is where we finally begin.

You wonder how I know this and my answer is by my own inner knowing, visions and realisations. My own wisdom contained within and accessed by remembering my ever present nature beyond time emanating across more dimensions of space and time than just this life. If that doesn’t make sense then like the joke that you just get and makes you laugh but others look at you blank faced with no idea why you are laughing, then…guess you had to be there hehe.

And so what do these words I have just written teach you, teach me. Are they the same as the scriptures that I just said do not fully represent creation, are they just my perspective born of my own upbringing and beliefs, are they just based on the unique pathways I have taken throughout the universe and what they have taught me, are there even greater truths and even more universal wisdom that I have not come across yet. Do they just present a fantasy, a creation of my imagination and even so is imagination the real reality. Are my words just one facet of the story shone through my unique ray of understanding. Do they represent a greater truth. I will leave you to decide, will they blow your mind, inspire you or will you put them aside feeling that they are not your truth. It is really up to you, for you have freewill as do I and we must all decide what resonates with us, what feels true to us. I’m not seeking to convince you of anything or sell you anything hehe, I’m just playing with my mind and sharing what is contained in there. Maybe people will understand why I’ve been called a daydreamer now throughout my life.

But behind all this deciding, pondering, intellectual thought and emotional feeling brought on by words on a page. Put it down just as I put down the scriptures. Decide that it is just words on a page as I did. Breathe, come back to your heart and feel your own truth. Open your own heart and know that you are a universe in your own right. You are a creator. You are pure energy, every cell of your being vibrating with the pure illumination of who you are. Feel what it is to be alive. Let go of the words and just be. That is where you will find your truth. In your own inner stillness, your own zero point field, your own infinity. Take not my word for it or any beings, pray not to those to guide you, thinking that they are above you, that you are not all interconnected, all the same. Breathe into your own spark of creation present within you and see and feel what it has to tell you.


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