We The Starseeds


Hello beautiful people, as I am nearing the end of this year, all I can say is wow. It has been an adventure I can barely put into words, the experiences I have had, the revelations, the visions, the universal truths have been so blissful, painful, epic and mind-blowing that I just don’t see anything the same anymore. As all illusion crumbles away I see the immense beauty all around me and a new chapter is beginning, as a reward for all the breaking apart, the destruction of who I thought I was and a rising into a new era. It is very exciting and beautiful times.

I had a sudden remembrance today of this message I channeled while I was on a pilgrimage across Devon, Cornwall and Glastonbury, visiting many sacred sites by myself and coming back to who I really was. There is much I could write about this trip, it was pure magic, alignment and synchronicities one after another. This message I wrote in a forest next to stone henge on a mound that I felt was really powerful energetically. Reading it today I knew why it had suddenly come back, providing the perfect message to move forward as a collective. I hope it inspires you to step into the divine beauty of who you really are. Much love xyx


*~We The Starseeds~*

We are the starseeds. We look the same as you, we are human by design. We move the same, we feel the same. However we contain within our DNA the hidden codes that once activated realign us with aspects of our galactic heritage. We rapidly evolve spirituality and develop abilities such as telepathy, channeling, visions and highly evolved empathy and compassion.

Once the key within our very cells is unlocked we have access to a vast library of universal wisdom, knowledge and love. We expand our consciousness and rapidly become multidimensional in our nature. We realise that we exist simultaneously across many dimensions of time and space simultaneously, that we exist beyond time.

Once activated our specific souls mission becomes our guiding light, a living force that we are drawn to like a flame. Our doubt over what others will think of us quickly dissolves as the myriad of universal wisdom becomes such a profound and joyful certainty in our bones that we know our own inner truth deeply.


We just know it and there is no room for doubt. We may falter, occasionally thinking that we have “lost it and gone a bit crazy” or as we prefer “eccentric”, but in our heart we know that the information we receive, the love we feel and the intuition we are guided by is so immensely beautiful, empowering and enlightening that all doubt dissolves and we rapidly rise into our empowerment, intent on healing this beautiful planet and all beings upon it.

It brings us immense joy to be of service in this way, for before we were activated we knew we were spiritually drawn and craved connection, wisdom and love but felt just a step away from being able to really access it. We knew there was something real, something we were missing. Many lost hope and settled with mediocre existences to survive in this 3D reality, to get by, finding relationships to comfort us and substances to numb us.

However we would always feel that something was missing, that we were missing the point of this existence, that we had missed the boat to heaven on earth and so were stuck like fossils in a washed out reality that in the past contained so much darkness. We felt that we were in limbo, craving the brightness of colour, sensations in clarity and connections that felt real.

And yet in pure celebration and joy it is a pleasure to say that now is a new era, a new day, a new earth and a new chance to create the paradigm we have envisioned for so long. How beautiful this reality could be. A realm of possibilities, of play, of soul purpose, of growth, of evolution, to find solutions to heal the past and most importantly a reality of pure love. We are ready to open our hearts and step into a new dawn filled with beauty, love, joy, fun and freedom.

This is our divine birth right after all, we were not born to be slaves, of course rules have helped guide humanity, but isn’t it about time we take off the reins? Isn’t it about time we throw off the shackles and create our own rules? Dance to the beat of our own drum and celebrate with our own soul’s song, our own dance.

For we did not come here to conform, to live in structures that separate us and enter into a society filled with so much sadness and mistrust. It is about time that we create society in our image. And our true image is divinity, luminescence and love. Our hearts are alight even under all those layers of fear. Shake it off. All that density. It really is that easy.


Step into the sun dear ones and let your heart breathe, Let yourself remember and give yourself permission to be who you truly are. Moving beyond fear and reclaiming your power, your sovereignty.

You have been called dear ones, now is your time, rise up, stand proud and shine, allow yourselves to be seen, come out of the woodwork and prepare to dazzle, to comfort, to create and to dedicate yourselves to a brand new glorious chapter in Gaia’s evolution. You have all the solutions encoded within you, there are no more barriers or set backs, Now is the time.

Rise up dear ones, this is a loving call to action. There is not a moment to lose for there is only Now in this new time beyond the confines of time. Start today being all that you can be, loving the image of perfection staring back at you in the mirror, put on your war paint (or should we say peace paint hehe), adorn yourself in lavish costumes and jewels if it remind you of who you are, or just jeans and a t-shirt with a blazing heart, you are all unique, whatever your design remember that you are royalty for we are ALL divine, stand tall and step out into the light.

In loving and pure dedication to you brave warriors of the light, know that you are infinitely adored and supported, ever connected in our hearts.

Now is your time to step out, now is your time.


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