Give Peace a Chance

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Hello beautiful people,

Ok so it has been a couple of months since my last blog on here, I assure you I’ve been busy both work related and spiritually. My awakening journey has been so beautifully intense, so illuminating, so many lessons, so many emotions. It has been a wild ride and I am just rolling with the chaos, having the courage to face and let go of all that no longer serves and follow my heart. There is a point where you just want to serve, to see the world be a better place, to give comfort to others suffering and yet it takes time to make this change, we have been so used to being separated that we are now beginning to learn what it feels to be unified and at first it means feeling and seeing each others chaos, the collective messiness and forgiving each other to be able to rise together.

I have been thinking lately about peace in light of the recent political situations in the world and acts of violence causing a huge shake up on the world stage and in people’s personal lives. What I have seen on facebook is a big shake up of peoples belief systems, fear, old patterns of duality emerging, judgement and division.

I was surprised that people who believe in ideals of peace, liberation and fairness have been especially vocal judging the “other side”. What I am taking from this is that we are in a huge process of purging and releasing, if we want to really live in peace we need to face and let go of all our beliefs and judgements of others. We need to know how it feels to judge so that we can know that it doesn’t feel like peace. I am even looking at how I am judging those that are judging hehe a bit of a mouthful, but we need to really get down to the nitty gritty, the bottom of the barrel of all our prejudices, our hypocrisy and our closing down of our heart to really start fresh, to really uphold our ideals of peace for real and to let go of past hurts collectively.

It is not for the fainthearted and we are all brave souls for taking on this task of bringing about a total change of society, an evolution of consciousness and a revolution of this world into what it always could be. A place of real peace, freedom and joy. Heartfelt belief, presence and words are strong tools in bringing about change, they hold power. Martin Luther Kings dream caused a radical shift in society, he did not express this through violence, but through passion and love.

These avatars of peace were not so special that we cannot emulate them and follow in their footsteps, all it takes is for us to believe that it is possible and to do that we need to remember that they were just ordinary people who had the courage to do extraordinary things. The fact that what I just wrote sounds like a bit of a clique only serves the point that we have been taught that hippy peace and love is unrealistic, naive and unattainable, but why do we believe that? Don’t you think its about time that we really did give peace a chance rather than just sing about it and then go back to the same old ways that haven’t served us for thousands of years, isn’t it about time for another shot at what we’ve wanted as a collective so deeply in our hearts all along.

I felt guided to write what follows on peace after feeling the division and separation arising among society at the moment, I asked what would be the solution, this is what I channeled and I hope the following words inspire you to find peace in your own hearts, lots of love xyx

Do you truly wish to live in peace or is it just a sentiment? Does it sound all lovely and free to think that we could finally reach a stage of acceptance, of freedom and of respect, but then when it comes down to everyday life you find yourself judging your fellow man for his actions. If we are to live in peace we need to find real peace in our hearts, for ourselves, for others, we need to extend real forgiveness, real acceptance.

This again sounds beautiful and more real, but what happens when you are tested, really tested, when you are faced with those that you view as being selfish, greedy, heartless. How are you to react to these people you judge as being “wrong” in some way if you are to really extend a hand of peace. Some are not ready for your forgiveness for they do not yet forgive themselves, they may not be thankful for it, they may even oppose you for your efforts. Does that mean you should not give your love and forgiveness freely to all? Not at all, for it is not a capability that will run out, that diminishes you by giving, it is yours and only yours to freely give.

How do you begin to open your heart and practice this? Well start by beginning to see beyond the actions or political affiliation of that person, who are they underneath that, they may be hardworking, they may be a father or a mother, they may be very loving to their family, they may want to provide for their family, they may feel they are a victim and have no choice but to take certain actions, you may have done the same in previous existences to learn the same lessons, they may be kind to animals, they may have hobbies you know nothing about, they may be good dancers, good cooks, they may have hopes and dreams the same as you, to climb mountains, to write books, to have some time to be who they really are, underneath they are a soul, as are you, they are made of the same essence, all else is just covering up that illumination. When you feel a personal connection with that being, a breaking down of your defences see that person in your mind’s eye as the normal person they are with their defences down, your defences and judgements down, take their hand and say “I forgive you, I am sorry for the suffering you have caused yourself and others, for this harsh lesson you had to learn, you needed to learn it to know that you could be forgiven, that you can be redeemed and I am here to tell you that you are”.

In a world where it has become commonplace to judge others, to create division, to create duality it is a real gift to be able to see beyond all that, all the roles, the costumes, the actions and to love anyway. There is free will for a reason, for all beings to come back to their own authentic power. Does this mean that you have to completely leave others to their own devises, their own rock bottom? Not necessarily, you may be the bright illumination in someones self-imposed darkness that allows them to see the light of their own being and all that covers it up. You may spark their heart by being a positive role model, by standing strong in who you are. However does that mean that you have to run around saving everyone? Of course not, for you are just one little spark of humanity and it is not your job to save everyone, that’s why there are many of us here at this time doing this work.

Does it also mean that you have to put yourself in dangerous situations, put yourself in the firing line so to speak? Again no, it is not your job to be the archetype of the superhero, for some are not yet ready to be saved, they need to save themselves and to do that they may first need to become lost. You may provide a refuge standing tall, a welcoming presence to those that wish to be supported, but you do not need to go searching, for they will find you when your love is most needed to them.

In the meantime send your love, your forgiveness, your kindness and your wishes widely that all may eventually feel real peace in their hearts, that all are worthy, all have support and love ever surrounding them. When you send out this pure intention from your heart it activates the light grids and gives a template that all may access across the whole planet when they are ready to raise their frequency and join this new age. Until then wish them well in divine love and continue on your own personal journey of perfection, love, beauty and kindness. Focus on your own lessons for when you master each you are connected to all and all may have access to the resolution that you have found, all may have the chance once you have mastered it, to love more fully, be more free and love more purely.

As you affect you dear one you affect all, so as you are peaceful in your own heart you add that little spark of possibility to all hearts, that all may live in peace too. As we deeply wish to live in unity, remember that unity starts with you.

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  1. freebreezi says:

    Nicely said with some real and simple truths there.

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