Falling in love with New Earth

Hello beautiful beings,

Things have really been stepping up a gear so to speak the last few weeks and after some deep internal work to let go of any deep-rooted issues that are still holding me back I am starting to feel a bit of internal lightness, openness and seeing all around me in a new way.

That doesn’t mean everyday is sparkles and unicorns hehe, there are still challenges, frustrations and confusions. Learning to see humanity in the 5th dimensional oneness and let go of separation, but yet simultaneously wishing the people upstairs (if we are all interconnected) would kindly shut up and let me sleep hehe. And yet these little trials and triggers allow us to respond in new ways. Are we going to fall off our vibrational perch and plummet into the depths of despair, frustration and anger or will we attempt to see the compassion in the situation, the humanity of those people and their actions, rather than thinking of only the effect on us. We have to work authentically with what comes up in the moment.

These little trials that teach us compassion in a micro level are setting us up to find the loving compassion within us for the global situations, to move beyond blame, fear, being the victim and to finally move into a state of justice, forgiveness and action to create a new more loving fair and free world.

It is a state beyond trying to fix a broken world and seeing that this world is incredibly beautiful already, there is abundant beauty in humanity too, so how can we elevate this world more into alignment with the way we wish to live, the way we would treat each other if we saw each other as brothers and sisters that we cared for and to give all the chance at freedom. It is easy to talk loving light sentiments, but we are now being guided on how we can create effortless action from a place of deep compassion and reverence for all life. I am seeing glimmers of this playing out on the world stage in the present and past. Inspiring individuals such as Amma, Mother Theresa and others inspiring whole movements of positive change. They are not just doing the work themselves but have a huge following of people dedicated to kindness too, it creates a ripple effect, a web of people that brings a huge amount of power with it. Emmanuel Dagher conducted a healing loving kindness meditation at the United Nations last week and the amplification of that was huge and inspired thousands of people all over the world to join him in setting that beautiful intention of peace. As a child having grown up in a war torn country he was in a position to turn his experience into the vision of a new peaceful kinder world. It is not just hippy fluffy hope, it is based on real experience inspiring positive action. My heart is filled with gratitude for those beautiful beings of service.

As I am flowing through the energies at the moment, the April New moon to the Scorpio full moon of the last few days I am feeling the most beautiful soothing energies flowing through me. Full of energy, spontaneous attacks of the dancing and smiles hehe, walking through supermarkets and instead of seeing everyone miserable I felt a complete openness, grounded in my power, looking at people and smiling as I walked past, seeing the huge abundance of food we can choose from, we really are incredibly lucky. I had a bath on the full moon with Himalayan pink salt and did a little prayer ritual, placing the crystals on my chakras. As I poured essential oils into the bath the light caught it for a second and I saw that the oil actually had the most stunning shimmering green and pink colours, I was mesmerised and made little ripples, watching the shape of the oil swirl on the surface of the water. As we see the world finally in the present moment and all the gifts of the Now moment we realise how much we’ve not been paying attention to, all the beauty right in front of our faces!


(That’s not me in the bath just so you know, I’m just obsessed with pintrest and all the stunningly beautiful pictures) ;)

I went for a walk up Chanctonbury ring, which is a circle of trees on a ley line at the top of a large hill, with 360 degree panoramic views of Sussex. It is a beautiful place anyway, but this walk was particularly special. I usually rush up the long difficult hill, to get the top, always living in the future waiting for the difficult part to end hehe. This time I slowed down and first came to an amazing tree growing in the middle of a chalk pit. The soil had worn away revealing the most beautiful intricate root systems that you could look at from above and underneath. I sat on it with my legs dangling through the roots and just took in the energy of the place and beauty of the tree. As I sat there I saw a weasel in the distance hopping around. I had never seen a weasal before so it was beautiful seeing it just go about its business unbothered by my presence. I may have walked past it many times but without stopping to be still it would have run away. As I continued my walk I decided to go off the usual trail that was muddy and go through all the tiny pathways that I didn’t know where they would lead, but trusted that I would eventually get to the top.


As I walked up steep hills grabbing trees to stop me from slipping I felt alive in my body and spirit soothed me saying that I would not fall, to trust my body and my ability to be agile. I came to a large grassy mound surrounded by ferns with a large clearing and chalk face on one side and path I had walked up the other side, trailing below me. I sat up there and meditated in this beautiful peaceful space. I called on the Angels and other beautiful beings to assist me in anchoring in the violet flame frequency channeled through me into the earth, assisting her at this time. I felt great reverence for Gaia and all the beautiful gifts of food, beauty and life she has given us. I felt throughout my journey in nature that I was helping anchor in new frequencies by being in that sacred place, and here I thought I was just going for a stroll ;)


As I continued my walk I came across old windy ancient trees. I found one to use as my hammock and lay on its branch and closed my eyes content to just be. As I lay there I did a loving kindness meditation for all the beings in illusionary power on our earth, I felt compassion for what they would have to go through in facing up to the harm they would cause others so I sent them love as well as the people who were struggling currently. I saw that justice and truth would prevail and the process of healing would take place, healing the old system and the loving creation of a new one. I feel strongly at this time that it’s really powerful to imagine a completely new reality, a new earth, a utopia and how we would like it to be. We’ve spent long enough interacting with the old system that did not create abundance and kindness for all. It has come the time for transition into new empowered ways of working. That doesn’t mean you have to logically figure out how every little part of the system to transition, its enough for now just to focus on the emotional qualities we wish to create, joy, bliss, love, freedom, peace for all.


Coming to the top of the hill I came across a beautiful black beetle with shiny blue body, that reminded me of an egyptian scarab beetle and I was honoured to see such an amazing creature. As I walked I saw another, and another, and another, over and over! On the way back down I also saw luminous tiny red spiders. The New Earth is a magical place I tell you hehe, who knows they may have been there the whole time and I just didn’t have the presence to see them!

Walking around the trees at the top I imagined what it would be like to have a big beautiful house that could be a sanctuary to other beautiful Spiritual people, that we could gather and connect authentically, dance together, eat food, have bonfires and learn new amazing ways to interact and empower each other.


Feeling free and excited by all the new possibilities I began my walk back and as I made it to the usual path down I saw another little trail and thought, well I’ve gone this far taking the little paths I may as well carry on and see where it goes. As I walked down the most beautiful lush green path down steep hills I felt alive and ran down trails, feeling that this is what it is to be human, to be wild and free, connected to nature this is how our ancestors connected with the landscape, we are re-learning who we are. At the bottom I walked into the most magical vibrant bluebell forest, surrounded by butterflies. I sat down and cried because it was so beautiful. I felt that this is heaven on earth, why do we search or hope for heaven when we die but ignore the heaven right here with us now! I feel like I am falling back in love with this most precious world, amazed by all the abundance and gifts. As I carried on my journey chasing butterflies (could it be more Disney hehe) I walked through an old ruin and sat there just basking in the sunshine. On the walk back I found beautiful little bright blue iridescent feathers on the ground and gathered a few proclaiming it as my treasure ;)

Moments and experiences like this are gaining momentum in my life now, amazing heart opening conversations, opportunities to share my insights, synchronicities galore, beautiful music, just as spring is blossoming into life here in England. I go on walks I’ve been on hundreds of times and find new pathways that are like a jungle so lush and abundant, right here where I’ve been all along but just not had the eyes to see.


In this New Earth, this new start what are you noticing, what are you seeing. If you are not seeing much slow down and take another look, suddenly you look again and see a tiny flower growing through the paving slabs, if your intuition tells you to do something or go somewhere lovingly follow it as there is treasure to be found and that treasure is the ever expanding creation that is you!

Until next time believe in the magic of life,

Lots of love xyx

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  1. raw pagan says:

    Thank you! Similar to my experiences and musings in nature. Blessings!

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