Going through the tunnel


Hello dear beings,

Wow I haven’t written on here for a little while, trust me I haven’t been a stranger to the spiritual life though, I’ve actually been writing my book, working on my website and doing some really intensive spiritual work, as well as an amazing pilgrimage to Iceland and sharing alot of beautiful insights on my facebook group.

Throughout this year the synchronicities coming to me have been crazy, constant angel numbers, song titles and articles with just the right information when I need it. I know where I’m going, I see a stunningly beautiful future before us, for me and humanity.

In Iceland I had the most pure magical out of this world journey of exploration. Standing under gigantic waterfalls, floating in the blue lagoon, car trips with the music turned up with white washed mountain scenery as far as the eye can see, standing under the Northern lights as they shimmer across the sky and crying my  little eyes out in awe of the beauty of this world, as well as some vivid dreams and spiritual experiences as I meditated everyday. I’m so so grateful for the beauty of that place and what it opened up in me and allowed me to just let go and be for a little while. To be in the present.

On the last day when we were flying home I knew there would be a solar eclipse and all channels coming through indicated that it would be big in what it would bring up in us, but I’m not sure I was quite prepared hehe. The day before I felt balanced, centred and focused. The day of the eclipse I felt shaken up, dizzy and completely unbalanced. I thought ohhhhh maybe this is going to be a bit more of a journey than I thought! What I’ve been working on the last few weeks has been my shadow self, my worst fears, clearing deep karma lessons and seeing the different paths before me and being terrified of letting anything go.

I definitely can describe it like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where they are going through the tunnel in the boat and all their worst fears are projecting on the walls around them, they are getting spun around dizzy, some are crying, some are screaming, some are calm and some are laughing. Wish I was the one laughing, but think I’ve definitely been the one crying in the corner hehe. We actually went through a huge long tunnel in Iceland under water that seemed to go on forever and I started singing the song in Charlie and the Chocolate factory and laughing as it was all a bit eerie and creepy. Years ago when I did the Angelic Reiki course I had a vision of the Egyptian Goddess Isis standing before a tunnel lovingly saying ” Are you ready to have the courage to face it all, you will come out the other side stronger for it, trust me” and with little experience of any psychic visions in the past I freaked out and was like a big helllllllllll no and ran away from all that for a while haha. Going through all that we are afraid of, like in Ayahuasca ceremony, is a brave brave path, there is no going back once you have begun, we are afraid of getting lost and losing ourselves in the darkness, but darling if you keep looking towards the light you will never get completely lost, you are always going forwards and with that point of focus, that illumination you can’t really go wrong!

The Gangsters paradise song also keeps popping into my head “As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I take a look at my life and realize there’s nothin’ left, ‘Cause I’ve been blasting and laughing so long, That even my mama thinks that my mind is gone” (That’s about as gangster as I get) ;)

So what’s the point in all this? Well it may seem scary but in truth it’s all just growth, it’s all progress, even if it feels like 2 steps backwards one step forwards, trust me you are going places more beautiful than you could even imagine right now. All of life is growth, the Buddhists are very aware of this, that life is in constant flux and change, you are not the same person you were a year ago and your joy is found in the present moment and appreciating the beauty arising NOW rather than mourning all the beautiful memories that were. They need to pass to make room for the next beautiful experience, for as long as we live in linear time at least.

We need to clear the clutter, let go of the old beliefs, shake up the mud and filter out the impurities. If we look at the surface results of this, all we see is chaos, ugliness and darkness, but that is only because we are finally shining a very bright light on all those hidden fears ready to release them once and for all. So if you look at it that way doesn’t it feel far more expansive and worth it. You might go through discomfort for a short time, but the payoff will be huge and you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place.

Isn’t it satisfying having a big house spring clean, letting go of the paperwork years out of date and use, the clothes that no longer fit, the completely random junk we thought we might need one day ;) It’s the same with us, our beliefs, our attachments, our bodies. We hold onto alot, just incase, but now is the time to make space in your home, in your life, in your body to let in the new.

I experienced this in a past relationship with my best friend that I cared about so much that I held on long after I should have naturally continued my journey (although all happens in divine timing). I felt that he was there for me when I needed him, so it was selfish of me to move on but yet my life was stagnant and had come to a standstill, I wasn’t happy. In a moment of complete surrender and heartache during a deep trance dance journey I prayed that if we were meant to stay together we would heal and if we were to go our separate paths for our highest goods we would have the courage. We broke up the next day and so I knew it was meant to be and my life took a quantum leap into new experiences, new love and new lessons. Life is always in a constant state of flux and change, if we try to stay where feels just comfortable enough we are living in lack, we don’t trust the universe, we are living in guilt that we don’t want to hurt anyone and we are not in the present, flowing with our highest joy. I’m learning how important it is to let go, step into my authenticity, trust my souls journey and allow that to be my highest priority, but also love the people in my life who have taught me such beautiful lessons. If we blame others in our life for us not growing, for holding us back, we need to take a step back and ask what they are teaching us about ourselves and in truth if that’s what we think, we’re not trusting ourselves enough, so making an excuse outside of ourselves is an easy get out clause.

The universe has some funny little tricks up its book to knock on our door when we resist change. I’ve heard of other people going through the same, shower breaking, cooker breaking, animal infestations, internet breaking, getting ill, the universe lovingly gives you messages to let you know that this part of your life is transitioning and in being grateful for where you are in the chaos you are flowing towards new beautiful realities and lessons. If you hide from the change the universe will just have to be a little trickster with you and step it up a gear! This isn’t malicious, the universe can see the bigger more beautiful picture and sometimes we get too comfortable that we are content to just coast it and not hit our potential. But lovelies that’s not what we’ve come here to do, we’ve come to excel, to surprise ourselves, to astound ourselves with what beauty we can create, we can see and we can be!

A friend posted a video the other day of a man giving an analogy of growth as a lobster. They only grow by their shell getting constricting, indicating that its time to shed their armour, be vulnerable and find a new stronger, more vibrant, more expansive shell to grow into. If they didn’t heed the calls of their body to evolve, they would get pretty damn squished in their little shell! So are any of you doing that to yourselves, sitting there thinking logically hmmmm what should I do, I could do, think, do that, all while letting your barriers enclose in on you and make it harder to breathe and see the beautiful world around you.

So let go, step out of your head, into your heart and just be for a few seconds at first, Trust the universe, where you are going, the beautiful adventure you are taking and just let yourself drift in the current, the softness of flow, taking you to more beautiful realities than you could ever imagine. Now doesn’t that sound nice ;) This can just be in your imagination for now and divine timing will indicate in your life if any action is required :)

In this time of awakening we are called to speak our most authentic truth, to be who we truely are and to be the Gods and Goddesses, reclaiming our infinite power. Yesterday I spoke my truth, I said that this new spiritual phase is not just a fad, it’s who I am and who I’ve always been, it’s what I’m moving towards and I don’t want that side of me to just be put up with, I want to be around people who celebrate each other for all the beauty that we are. It feels good to speak your truth, it doesn’t mean that the people in your life will quite “get it” straight away, if at all. We are all on our own journey and working through our own fears of abandonment and growth, but I promise that if you can rest in your self-love first and foremost, knowing that your souls journey is your highest purpose, but also have profound love and compassion for all around you, no matter where you “judge” them to be on their own journey, it’s not your journey to judge ;) If you can walk that path of balance, I’d say you’re on the right track :)

Love love love and continue expanding beautiful Angels xyx

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