Awakening, dreams and adventures in nature

Hello beautiful beings,

Hope you are all well and having the most amazing beautiful New Year so far, filled with so much magic and love.

I have been going through some huge shifts the last few weeks, awakening to my multidimensional self, surrendering to the universe and allowing myself to be guided. It’s been so blissful and amazing, I have no desire to turn back and go the other way hehe.

Starting off feeling euphoric, clear headed and purified I started writing more poetry, creating artwork and creating a video blog, as well as reading lots of articles everyday on spirituality that resonate with me. I feel that I want to expand my horizons to express myself in new beautiful ways and allow myself to be seen.

Being seen, really seen, can be incredibly scary, as there’s no where to hide and fears of failure come to mind. But when you allow yourself to really be seen it is such a natural peaceful state. Like when you look into someones eyes deeply and really see them, I used to be so afraid to be seen and would often cry, it would bring up my own vulnerability. In that I wasn’t really seeing them but too preoccupied with myself.

But that tender state of being seen and supported is so important in letting go of your barriers and really trusting yourself to shine brightly.

I have been feeling the last few days that I was having awakening symptoms, that my body was doing some really intense cellular work, DNA activations and letting go of all that is no longer needed, upgrading my mind, body and spirit to new amazing ways of relating to the world. Sounds lovely lol but was quite intense with headaches, chest ache, lack of energy. I knew it wasn’t just a cold from the guidance I was getting loud and clear to stay with it, to be supported, to let go and move through it, so I just allowed myself to feel it and move through it to the other side.

Instead of going into victim mode I just surrendered to divine will and said do your worst, I trust you, I’m ready. Yesterday I lay in the bath feeling completely depleted to the point I surrendered to the water with my hair and ears under the water and just lay there motionless exhausted but completely peaceful, allowing the universe to support me. I got in bed and found a meditation on surrendering and letting go. After that I felt a real shift occur that I had made it through and woke up this morning feeling all shiny and new again, ready for more fun and adventures hehe. There’s something quite liberating about just feeling how you feel in that moment, not judging yourself, just being with it.

I wanted to create a video today about authenticity and having the courage to really just be yourself in all your beauty and imperfections. However as building works were going on upstairs I went on a little nature adventure and ended up climbing a gorgeous lush green tree and tried to record a video, lol but was sooooooo cold that I couldn’t carry on as my brain was too frozen lol. So I just carried on with the beautiful walk allowing myself to be absolutely annihalated by the wind and cold lol. There’s nothing more freeing than just following a trail by yourself in nature, the peace of just walking with no destination and allowing the beauty of nature to wash over you. I found some amazing trees with gorgeous twisted branches making heart shapes, infinity symbols, spirals and branches hugging each other. When you slow down and really look you see so many symbols and synchronicities all around. Even in winter there is so much beauty all around if you shift your focus.

While I was walking I was thinking about this recurring dream I keep having of twin flames and that even though all our human guidance is that they need to “find each other” on the earthly realm to be complete and the human experience of that, the reality is far more beautiful. Their love is so profound that they surrender completely to each other, allowing themselves to be completely lost in the other and their energy combines into a spinning galaxy of the most amazing colours, they literally implode in each others energy and love.

All the individual lives on earth of twin flames and in other dimensions are just tiny sparks from their galaxy. Their love expressing itself, exploring and creating itself in as many ways possible, just to be immersed in all it means to be together, to love unconditionally.    Every tiny spark is that love exploring more of what that means and bathing in that beauty. I thought that was so incredibly beautiful, it makes our little human lives seem so small and insignificant and yet so heartfelt and tender. So you see if you are trying to find someone on earth, to make you whole, to integrate, to merge as the articles talk about in typical linear time form, remember that you are already love, already whole, it is your nature to your core, there is no past, present or future, all is now and the merging of their energy and love is already, infinitely expressed. By loving yourself, being whole within, being proud of yourself enough to be seen, that’s when real love, interaction and connection can begin, from a place of wholeness. I’m trying to focus this into art but lol its kind of beyond words and form ;) Realisations and thoughts like this make me so grateful to be alive.

I don’t really know where to go on from there lol, kind of took my own breath away hehe so I’m just going to meditate and leave you with a beautiful poem and all my love xyx

Only in the complete surrender of all who you are will you become who you are meant to be,

In the exhaustion, the peace, the ecstacy and the rest will you let go of the wheel and let the universe guide you,

You see how gentle it is, how nurturing and how effortless,

Let yourself be guided Dear One and simply relax and enjoy the ride,

You are loved dearly,

Your vulnerability is your most beautiful,

For it is rare to let yourself be broken,

Let yourself be seen Dear One, at your worst, at your best,

For you are perfect in every state of being,

You are dearly loved and supported even in your most lonely hours, Never forget that Dear One,

Be tender towards each other, for we are all navigating through a hidden storm,

That heartfelt love creates worlds just when you think your world will be shattered.

~Aiyana Rosel~

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