2016- Expanding into new adventures and reflecting to 2015

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Hello beautiful beings,

Wow what a magical amazing start to 2016. I’ve felt so amazing, so inspired, floating on air and full of hope and magic for the year ahead. I didn’t really know what I was expecting for this year or what I wanted so I threw out my arms to the universe trusting that the most amazing beautiful, loving, abundant, positive experiences will come my way this year and only 3 days in it hasn’t disappointed so far ;)


In the last few days of 2015 I reflected back on all the amazing experiences I’ve had with so much gratitude in my heart. Lots of learning, crying, laughing, dancing, heart felt connections, new friends, lots of love, happiness, confusion, letting go and joy. Lots of releasing and being less afraid. More inspiration and trusting my intuition. More responsibility in how my emotions create my reality.

It started with the amazing manifesting miracles course that really ignited the year and helped me manifest more of what I wanted, heartfelt connection and friendship, self love and abundance. A sunny gorgeous summer, 6 amazing festivals, so much adventure, independence, fun, beauty. Pilgrimage to glastonbury and the New forest, lots of beautiful walks on the South downs basking in the sun and foraging blackberries, my best friend got married, classy burlesque birthday with my girlies, so many gorgeous moments. After last year getting over my illness to manage my magical trip to Peru and ayahuasca immersion I came back feeling refreshed and ready to rise again. I slowly improved my health throughout the year back to my inner strength and I’m so grateful for that. I could easily say that this is my best year yet and it’s only going to get better and better :)

Before going into 2016 I just want to honour a few events that I didn’t get the time to write about. I helped with a beautiful event called One Love Brighton set in St Nicholas church (one of my favourite buildings with beautiful high ceilings and amazing architecture). We were very lucky to be blessed with this venue and facilitated a day and evening long event with a huge army of volunteers looking after the kitchen, giving healings and therapies of all kinds, community love blanket, connection. Later in the evening I created a candlelit gig with some amazingly talented beautiful musicians performing heartfelt acoustic songs and poetry performances. It was really hard work and I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the day but I was very proud to be a part of it, enjoyed the creation from my imagination to reality of such a beautiful get together and above all raising £700 for the Hummingbird project to support refugees in Calais.

I also went to another beautiful festival in the countryside of Midhurst in a lush beautiful pine forest. Driving through the gorgeous countryside I cried at how beautiful it was and only an hours drive away. It was such a lovely intimate get together with amazing views of the countryside, bellydancing workshop, ecstatic dance, music, fire, foraging, sacred art mandalas, walking through the lush forest, amazing creations on the land like a bar area, sitting area and amazing leaf shaped chair hanging from the forest canopy. I played with a family of cute fluffy pigs and it made me so happy being around such innocent loving creatures.

A few weeks ago I went to a gorgeous kirtan singing evening, pot luck dinner and solstice bonfire up in Laughton lodge in a stunning home. The sound of the sacred singing was so blissful and beautiful. I struggled a little with the pronounciation so sometimes just listened with my eyes shut to the harmonies weaving together of all our voices. I felt the vibrations of sound reverberating through me in the silence of the end of the song and when we sung a chant about Shakti I felt energy rushing through me. The home was stunningly beautiful, set in an amazing countryside community. Gorgeous artwork on the walls, amazing architecture, absolutely amazing place! I really want to live in the countryside now! I loved sharing food with the group and catching up with friends. It felt so lovely all sat round a table together sharing food and laughs. I felt at that moment that it should be so natural for us to connect together like this. That evening we sat round the bonfire looking at the beautiful stars and throwing rosemary on fire and breathing in its scent. We sung round the the fire together, shared our hopes and dreams, laughed….and were pretty much blinded by smoke haha. Really lovely evening.

On the days leading up to New Years Eve I was noticing astrological events, what is coming up in the collective consciousness and meditating and praying more. I felt it significant to honour sacred dates like the solstice, 9/9 gateway leading up to New Years, a time of renewal and re-birth. I was also having alot of strange realisations, connections with people, past life memories, twin flame articles coming up everywhere and visions more and more in the past 6 months of being in heaven, in other dimensions and of possible futures. This was a bit confusing at first and has taken some time to integrate. My ego wanted to tell me I’m just being a little crazier than usual or my imagination is working overtime hehe. I wrote some blogs about it and my experiences in depth, but felt at the time it was too personal to write about. However I’m now starting to integrate this amazing beautiful gift, realising the multidimensionality of my consciousness, of all our souls and being blessed to gain more recognition of this in my everyday life :) I listened to Jarrad Hewett’s meditation to bring in the 9/9 gateway and felt cool energy rising up my spine and a clarity within. That night I felt compelled at night to call in the violet flame energy and again felt that pure cool energy moving through me and purifying me.

New Years Eve

So for New Years I felt a real stirring within to really honour this moment at the end of the year with a bang, but the plans in place seemed to not fit and disintegrated at the last minute. I had seen weeks before that Zu Studios were having one last huge Sci-fi multidimensional party to celebrate and tickets had sold out straight away and lots of people were still trying to get tickets. Because of this I had completely written it off, but on the day it kept coming up on facebook and I decided yes that would be the most amazing way to finish 2015, so put it out there that if I was meant to be there it would happen. Straight away 3 different people were offering me tickets lol! So I got all glammed up in my luminous pink dress, green feather earrings and turquoise crystal necklace ready to celebrate in style. Then lol feeling at my best I had a huge arguement with my boyfriend , cried alot and then went to pick up the tickets late, got lost, almost gave up and eventually got there. Thanks for the little spanner in the works universes hehe. Think I was meant to clear out some fear or something…or I was just being a bitch hehe, can’t always blame the universe  ;)

The party was absolutely out of this world. Amazing giant balloons on the ceiling, vulcan stage chillout area with planets projected onto the walls, psychadelic austin powers batchelor pad room haha with zebra throws, foil ceiling and bright colourful lights, warehouse dance floor with mirrored walls, green lasers and thumping drum and base, as well as the main room with giant hummingbird sculpture on the ceiling, live bands, rocket ship sculpture and conscious bar. Everyone looked absolutely magical dressed in all kinds of amazing futuristic outfits from avatar people, bright hair and facepaint, space men, men in black, gold nymphs and pixies. I wished we could dress like this everyday! It was like walking into an amazing film set like the fifth element! I met some friends there, danced to some cool funk bands, chilled out by the river staring up at the stars and praying to pleiades for a magical 2016, brought in the new year with everyone singing and hugging, did some seriously energetic dancing to drum and base until I could barely walk, then danced more and more anyway hehe. Finishing off the night listening to Danny Emerson, one of my favourite local musicians play an acoustic set until 4 in the morning while chatting with friends and chilling by the heater. I felt a little disconnected that night from people because of my mood dropping at the start of the night but the scenes around me and what i’d manifested in the form of this amazing moving art around me really blew me away and I promised to myself to be more connected with people and let my guard down for the year ahead.


After 4 hours of sleep I woke up on New Years day feeling refreshed and positive for the year ahead. I feel lighter, purer and the visions and manifestation seem to have really stepped it up a gear. I have felt really compelled to share amazing music, articles, pictures and poetry and everywhere I look other people are noticing the same in the spiritual community, that there has been an awakening, no longer waiting for it, it’s here, we’ve done the work, now it’s just a blissful time to luxuriate in the new beautiful energies and share them far and wide with so much love. Unconditional love is coming up again and again, how important it is to love yourself, to be able to love others and the world. It starts within and radiates outwards.

Oprah Winfrey — 'You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world.'

This year I have chosen Expansion as my theme, becoming more of who I am, diving into my multidimensionality, exploring my visions and psychic experiences fearlessly and openly, now that i’m letting go of deep insecurities sharing my creativity more, knowing I am good enough and connecting more with my tribe in a heartfelt authentic loving way. Last year I became more independent and went to alot of events by myself and that has given me the strength to know that I have something to give to any group I connect with. Everyone is my tribe. I will have the courage to speak up more, as I sometimes let others overpower the group when I want to share something, so being more confident in my voice.

As I thought about 2016 and decided it was a mystery year and I wasn’t quite sure what it would bring but I was willing to be moved by the universe and put my trust in whatevers meant to happen I saw an image of a mother singing to her child “Hay sara sara whatever will be will be, the futures not ours to see, hay sara sara”. ;)

A few themes that are exciting me for 2016….

~Expansion   ~Self love  ~Agape (love for all)   ~Past life memories  ~Ascencion   ~Letting life unfold effortlessly   ~Timelines being more multidimensional (parralel realities, multiple timelines, past present future intertwining)  ~Fashion and jewellery that represents my higher self   ~Gratitude   ~Creativity   ~Music   ~Singing   ~Dancing   ~travelling   ~Self confidence   ~Heartfelt connection   ~Exercise and strengthening my body   ~Journaling artwork   ~Uni work (feeling competant, professional and ready to qualify)   ~Being of service   ~Trusting the unlimited abundance of the universe and that if I am meant to go to an event or have something it will effortlessly happen  ~Love love love

Yay I’m so so excited for this year ahead, it’s going to be out of this world beautiful, vibrant, a moving work of art and perfection!

The Wild Woman rises like a Phoenix from the ashes of her life, to become the heroine of her own LEGEND... -Shikoba- WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD™:

I wrote in my diary a few days before New Years….

“I am lovingly open to transformation, magic, beauty, expansion, acceleration and love. I am open to purity, to peace, to bliss.

I am open to whatever flows into my life, I trust that amazing experiences are coming my way, I am open to being of service, Bringing more compassion and happiness into this world,

I focus on abundance and all the gorgeous luxurious gifts coming into my life, I am thankful for all the beautiful gifts in my life and honour my life by focusing on the wealth, the prosperity, the comfort and the joy in my experience.

I speak words of positivity, mastering this beautiful life of mine. I am thankful for all the beautiful beings around me, friends, family, community, country, world.

I am unlimited, I am pure potential.”

And a poem to start the New Year with :)

Dancing with separation and unity,
Blissful solitude,
Luxuriating, floating in water,
Letting my self be carried, held in tenderness,
Being nurtured by the pure energies,
Clarifying and clearing everything that is ready to release,
Pure cool soothing energy caressing my spine,
Peace experienced as never before,
Emerging from my cocoon renewed,
Rising from the depths to the highest heights,
Ready for expansion, for transformation, for exploration, for life to begin, to really begin,
When we are ready for connection how will we master ourselves enough to hold each other in our own perfection,
Not lose ourselves and dive into the other but stand strong in our individual perfection expanding together to embrace the whole world,
Swirling in perfect alignment,
Vulnerable and strong,
Pure and fierce,
Burning away all that is no longer needed,
Tender and forgiving,
Realising we are all pure potential, pure love, pure consciousness,
Loving our eccentric beautiful fragile human selves,
Gratitude for the lessons we have learned, that have led us to this state,
To this recognition of all that we are,
Loving all that we are,
All that we are is Infinite.

~Aiyana Rosel~

(When I wrote this my computer clock stopped at 14.44 for hours) ;)

Love love love beautiful tribe :)

At the top of my diary this quote perfectly reflects this year ahead :)

“The love I have for myself radiates out and attracts others, who also love themselves.” Louise Hay.


New years resolutions

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