Whisperings of the soul

The full

Hello beautiful beings,

I am sat here on New Years day after 4 hours sleep feeling refreshed, full of hope, love and pure gratitude for this beautiful life and the chance of another year to embrace my presence and share with all you amazing souls :)

I have ALOT of thoughts swimming around my head, contemplating the transformational year that has just been and rising to this magical year ahead. Instead of writing all this down straight away I was flicking through some diaries from the past year and came across a few poems, channelings and songs that I don’t think I’ve shared so just a little inspiration for you today. It’s amazing reading back as I just quickly grab a pen and jot down when inspiration finds me and then somehow when I read it back it always seems the perfect time and words. Looking back through my diaries as well it strikes me how at the start I was copying others words, tools, advice very logically and systematically and then it slowly starts to evolve to asking advice from ascended beings and eventually into more metaphysical, internal whisperings that are far more profound, simple and inspiring. It’s beautiful to be inspired by another but remember that we all have the same power, the same essence, the same brightness within us all so don’t be afraid to shine your light brightly this year as I promise that it will inspire others to do the same!

Hope you start the year as you mean to go on with lots of self love, happiness, peace or even anger if that is what you need to do to shed the old layers of your beings, be gentle and authentic with yourselves, you are worth it ;) *hair flick*

But today is my birthday. And it's a special one, because you told me... you once told me that when you come back we might be the same age. And today I'm the age you were when you left. - Murph, Intersellar:

We the conscious unsung, rise up it has begun,

We are One, never alone, rise together this is your home,

Only when we are United have we Won, we are home, we are home,

Together we rise, no longer needing to hide,

As that storm rages inside,

Take that fire inside and thrive,

Dive into your power and Rise,

Now is the time to be Alive,

Thrive, thrive, dive into your essence and shine,

We are united, we are infinity.

Northern Lights On where.ca DESCRIPTION A really amazing and coloured Aurora:

We are divine consciousness, perfection of being, the seen, the unseen, the pure potential of being. We are One. We are sung, we are unsung. Let the Universe sing you, let the Universe move you, let it be you, shining through you. Be the vessel of divine strength and perfection. We will not disappoint. Trust us we are your teachers, your lovers, your divine famiy. You are so so Loved. Don’t be afraid to be Strong, You are a warrior Dear One,  Don’t deny your Power, Your beauty. Show your fierce fiery free spirit. Put on the war paint if it helps you get in character, Grab your tribe and Dance, Unify,  cherish your togetherness, All is welcome, All is safe, All is free, All is beautiful.

Be free Dear One, be a pure Spirit, be an adventurer, I give you permission to follow your highest joy and beauty. Be in the flow. Revel in the divine grace, purity and love of the Universe. Be universal Oneness, be a lone wolf, explore every aspect of yourself. Be in the flow, be in flow, you know where to go, what to do, who to greet, how to shine, how to love, how to forgive, how to move. You don’t even need courage, just take a breath and jump, do it, Shine, Be Bright, Be Vivid, Be You and everyone will be mesmerised. Be soft, pure, powerful, explore all amazing aspects of yourself.

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I keep imagining sparks of light, glowing orbs, bright connections and webs of luminous interconnectedness. I’ve always been fascinated with bioluminescence and how nature can create such mesmerising beautiful light in the bodies of fireflies, plants and sea creatures. I found the world in Avatar so perfect in its luminous nature and scenes in life of Pi. When I see scenes like this I feel at Home. I’ve been thinking to myself maybe this is home. It’s a little glimpse beyond the veil. They say that your soul is like a spark of essence, of light. I’ve witnessed this looking after people dying. There’s a brightness in the room. It’s very strange and magical, I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this? Maybe seeing luminous things in this world reminds us a little of what we are. Beings of light. When you see gorgeous pictures of nebulas, galaxies, milky ways, stars, the beauty of that energy is phenomenal. Is it just a collection of gases and chemical reactions as we have been taught or is there a spark of essence in there? A consciousness, a mass of ascended souls, swirling together in pure joy. We are seeing their divine light from millions of miles away. That’s how brightly they shine. If we can bring a little more light it will wake up those around us. The radiance is a reminder to their soul that it is time to step up. To be present, to be free. Be free to see the radiance of the world around you. It is the 5D reality you are now able to perceive. Dear One you have broken through the fear into pure love and divinity. You are free to shine and be the most radiant being. This is what you have been all along. This is what we have seen of you all along. Even in your hardest times we saw that divine spark slowly simmering within you, just waiting for the time to be ignited. The time is now, you know you are ready. There’s nothing holding you back. You are free. You are love, Pure love. Divinity, purity, freedom. Radiance is your true nature. From this day forth we will support you to hold onto that light, to stay in your true intention. You don’t need to slip back into fear, worry or negativity any longer. You have learned those lessons well and can break free of those boundaries. Please know that you are loved. I am your most loving friend and guardian.

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I am the reflection of a million different songs, memories experiences,

I have loved in a million different ways,

I have laughed and cried, Hated and died, Desired, defied,

I have been infinite peace,

I have been cosmic chaos,

I have embraced the expansion of life,

And loved every ecstatic little minute of it.

I will keep expanding, reflecting, revealing,

Until there is nothing left but my bare naked Soul,

Shining brightly for you.

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To be Unlimited Dear One is to embrace the recognition of who you truely are, To look in the mirror and see your beautiful fragile human face reflecting the wisdom of the Ages you have experienced, all the realities, all the joys, all the sorrows and all the heart opening experiences that have awoken you and led you to where you sit now, writing these words upon this page. You are the sum of all your loves, all your connections, all your hopes and dreams. You are multidimensional, experiencing past, present and future simultaneously, multiple perspectives, multiple realities, infinite expressions of you. You flit between dimensions in the blink of an eye. With that glint of certainty and determination in your eye, you fill the skies with your perfection.

In the vast expanse of infinity our souls come together and connect for a moment in time. ❤️☀️

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