Together We Rise

Hello gorgeous beings,

I started writing this weeks ago and then completely forgot about it :) It’s New Years and I felt it important to finish this post off before reflecting back and to the year to come so enjoy :)

I have taken a brief pause from my winter hibernation to connect with you and share some insights that are meaning alot to me at the moment.

I have found it interesting the past few months this rising within us as a community to finally have the courage to feel more of the suffering around us, to be of service and slowly starting to realise that we are powerful and that regardless of the situations and how they appear we are awakening to that power inside.

Sometimes perhaps the difficult situations are necessary to wake us from our everyday lives, to make us remember the most important thing, to learn to connect more authentically and lovingly with each other :)

So while observing these subtle little differences around me of how people are responding to world events I have been finding lots of predictions, sacred dates and articles that are really resonating with me. Yesterday especially on the 12/12 gateway I felt strongly that I needed to do something powerful to honour this energy of transformation. After taking part in the Mastershift global world meditation along with millions of others around the world I found that Zu studios were having a 12/12 cacoa ceremony and party to celebrate, so obviously with such a strong synchronicity knew I had to go, even though my bed was threatening to hold me hostage once more ;)

Zu studios if you haven’t been is an amazing spiritual community in a beautiful historic warehouse in Lewes that is a magical labyrinth of art, sacred spaces, lush comfortable community living room space and amazing music, lots of hugs and heartcentred lovely people. On threatening closure to knockdown the site and build houses on top the whole community gathered together in such an amazing show of solidarity for what they want to create in the world.

The council unfortunately have voted in favour of knocking down this beautiful community space but even with the sadness of what the community is losing it was a really special night in which we all realised that we know what we want and if these current circumstances and buildings don’t work in our favour we still hold the vision strongly in our hearts of what we want to create, to build something even more magical and beautiful. I particularly loved Oonagh’s poetry reading of the phoenix rising and how our community will burn to the ground in ashes and rise up even more brightly and beautifully.

So back to the cacoa ceremony, it was amazing how hundreds of people all managed to squeeze into the room together to be united in creating a more peaceful world. As we blessed the cacoa Tara Love Perry held the space in ceremony and took our attention deeply into our fears, our worries and our guilt at what is happening in the world to really feel those emotions in our body. We felt the self-love we have for ourselves even at our most vulnerable, our most hopeless and our most insecure. I found it touching her kind words, as you can spout the usual hippy peace and love sentiments but sometimes you really need to get into the deep and gritty emotions to make space for some deep shifts within yourelf, to have the courage to take it further, to be of service and really make this world a better place.

love knows no borders:

As we journeyed through the soundscapes of the soundbath I felt at one point as if I was being annointed with war paint on my face and heard a voice saying “You are ready, you are a warrior of light, you are powerful, you are ready”. I also met someone with almost the same name as me who lived in Bali and travelled to Peru so enjoyed chatting about travelling and being inspired for future adventures.

There was a giant bubble fountain making foam that I loved and played innocently with a young girl, throwing bubbles at each other. Such beautiful spontaneous moments of joy. She asked me how it was made and I said “Magic of course” ;)

I finished the night sat outside on the river looking at the beautiful stars and their reflection on the water.

I keep coming across Kali lately and spoke to a man about a shrine there that led to him telling me a story about how he had travelled to India and got burned during the Kali ceremony but being unable to go outside he found a peace within, being able to observe the ceremony and craziness of India from his window.

I have felt change in the air for a while but not knowing what it is pointing to so I initially felt afraid of these signs as she is one intense strong lady hehe and I’m afraid of breaking down and what I will lose, but in my recognition of this I gained more clarity and acceptance to get to the point at the end of this year of fully letting go and letting the universe support me, embrace me and gently move me on my future course. In my vulnerability I feel more graititude for the life I have and more acceptance of the unpredictability of life and to try to take each moment as it comes with more presence rather than trying to figure out what is coming. Hopefully she won’t be too hard on me ;)

To finish a prayer I was inspired to write:

“May the brilliant spark within your Being, burn through all that is ready for destruction,

May all that encloses the brilliant light of your being fall away as ashes, revealing your true pure nature.”

I really need to remember this!!! from Sisters of Serenity and Sobriety #sober:

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  1. freebreezi says:

    This sounds very beautiful indeed, what a blessing to be able to immerse yourself in such energy.

    1. I_am_love says:

      thankyou, yes I’m very lucky to be surrounded by such amazing inspiring communities that create such magic and connection :)

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