Cosmic Reflections


Hello beautiful beings,

I am going through a stage of creative expression and day dreaming at the moment. I am sitting here thinking about the universe, stars and energy and then all of a sudden I just need to grab a pen and paper as I know that something is needing to be expressed and I just let the words flow on the page. Whether it is my higher self, channeling some other divine wisdom or just my own imagination it doesn’t really matter, it’s how those words open you up to remembering more of who you are that is important and words are just a tool to access feelings and memories.

I feel that there is change in the air and we are transitioning into a society that can connect more open heartedly and authentically with ourselves and each other.

I have felt a deep loneliness at times, feeling that I am apart from my tribe, my group of beings who understand me deeply for who I am. But I’m starting to feel a hope that that level of connection and authenticity is available to us here too, we just have to believe it is possible and break down the social barriers knowing that they are no longer needed and this new level of connection and kindness with each other will really transform us beyond what we thought possible.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed the last few weeks as well that time has been acting a little strangely- speeding up, slowing down and feeling more interconnected with everything. I’ve been having alot of images coming to me as if they are memories of this life, past lives and other lives going on simultaneously. I have been observing how society suddenly all focus on one thing one day and then the next day there’s an entirely new focus. It’s as if we’re realising our power and just playing with how it all works for now. Not yet putting the collective energy together but just starting to realise how powerful we are afterall and what would happen if we focused it in this direction. I find it interesting and hugely mind boggling the theory of parallel realities and how your consciousness could jump into a different world but it still appear as the same life in the blink of an eye. (Watch some Bashar videos if you want to find out more) It’s all too much for my little human brain to connect with but interesting to think about. As I notice little patterns in reality that confirm that time isn’t so linear as we make it out to be, how different our lives would be with that understanding of our own infinite potential.

Anyways I’m just rambling my thoughts onto the screen as I try to make sense of this weird and wonderful little world hehe, here are some poems that I hope will inspire and uplift you beautiful one :)

Space warp travel trough universe

Everything happens at the perfect time dear one,

every person that enters your life,

every changing of the season, every encounter, every thought.

It will all come to fruition at the perfect time for it to take form.

Trust in the intellegent energies of the universe, they want to form into the most perfect representation of you.

No need to catch them in a net and try to mould them yourself, this is not your job or concern.

Your job beautiful being is to send out the frequency of creativity, of love, of happiness and then marvel at the stunning form this takes in your life.

Have faith and presence, enjoy every full and nourishing moment as it comes, all while anticipating the many divine amazing moments just around the corner,

And trust us they are So worth being Present for.


What if we are just players in each other’s little theatre of life,

Brushing past each other time and time again, another time, another place,

My heart goes “Oh I remember you”, didn’t we play out that scene together,

Didn’t you teach me that lesson, I remember now, all that fun we explored together,

All those embraces, tears and adventures,

Welcome back, are you having a good time in this life?

I’ve always been here for you in one form or another so come back to me if you wish and lets intertwine our little adventure of life once more.


An infinite nebula of stars,

A perfect reflection of lights,

A vivid whirlpool of energy,

That is what you are Dear One,

A beauty beyond words,

A heart filled with hopes,

A mind filled with desires,

A courage capable of creating masterpieces of beauty,

That is how I see you,

A master of energy, building it together into something never thought possible,

Again and again you outdo yourself,

And it’s a pleasure to watch your divine creation take form,

You Dear Soul, you vivid bright accumulation of source energy,

I see you as you are,




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