Compassion for Humanity


Hello lovelies,

I’ve been very very busy with work but feeling very drawn to share tonight :) Having witnessed some big changes in the world lately I have really felt the intensity of the emotions, cultural shifts and compassion deeply.

In the wake of the Paris tragedy I was truely humbled and surprised by the positive loving posts all over the world calling for Peace, calling for tolerance, giving love and prayer to the situation and including other tragedies in the world, realising that all of life is sacred. It made me feel a spark of hope within me that wow maybe actually we are finally getting ready for peace, us citizens of the world are ready to see it for all the beauty it really does contain, but we’ve been too busy to see. Maybe we are finally ready to open up to each other, to stop being so scared of each other and maybe even be nice to each other ;)

As a typical Aquarian I have my head in the clouds and dream of a utopian society where everyone is free, happy, thriving, vibrant and compassionate. I can’t see why this isn’t a true possibility for it would be so much easier! My typical saying when I hear sad news is “Why can’t everyone just love each other”, something a young naive 3 year old would say innocently, but children give us the best example of compassion for each other and it’s only society that starts to make us doubt ourselves and divide. Does that sound like a society that’s helping us thrive? Nope….so time to create a new one and truely embrace what is most important to us, living a life where we are free to follow our dreams, be with those we love and appreciate every minute of their presence and support each other to reach our full potential.

What if it really was as simple as “Why can’t everyone love each other”, what if such a simple statement came true, what a radical shift would be created.

Peace starts with us, with loving ourselves to be full enough to have love to give others and have the courage to break down our belief systems that don’t serve us anymore, to give our love more and more widely everyday until eventually it embraces all. So start with you right now and soon you’ll be making some real progress ;)

I wrote these worlds spontaneously so wish to share them and hope you find some peace, love and acceptance in your heart tonight beautiful being :)


“We fragile beautiful creatures,

Moving beyond our fears,

And learning to Embrace Love,

And courageously open our hearts to each other,

Remembering that this is how its been all along,

When did we forget how intrinsically connected we all are,

When did we forget the brilliant light of our own being,

Nurturing that light in our fragile human bodies only makes it more precious,

Feeling we are loving against the clock and how much longer we will have together only makes us more alive,

Our heart warming neuroses, wondering if we are loveable,

Of course you are dear one, you are perfect beyond belief and I see the light of your being shining brightly, even in your self-imposed darkness,

It’s always darkest before the dawn, And trust me when the sun rises in your being, It will blow us all away,

You are love, You are perfect and you are ready for a New World, as am I.

With so much Love, Beauty and Bliss,

And so it is”.



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