~Self love~

cherry blossom tunnel

Hello beautiful beings,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the change of seasons. I love summer and the friendship connections, fun and warmth, but there is something satisfying to a little introvert like myself about the coming of autumn. Getting all snug and warm, tea, hot water bottle, watching nice movies in bed and general laziness ;) I’m loving the gorgeous autumn colours of the leaves, crunching them under feet as I walk into uni and looking forward to bonfires, christmas markets and fireworks with friends. I’m starting to understand balance a little more and the art of effortless flowing through different cycles. Being present with what I’m feeling through each climate, rather than trying to change it or wish it was something different.

I have been thinking about love recently, what it means, different types of love and self-love. What can we do to be more kind to ourselves, to see ourselves as the beautiful beings we are and shine as brightly as we dream to.

A friend shared a quote that really resonated deeply:

“Imagine a human being who dazzled with brilliance but could not see their own magnificence. Imagine a human who was the embodiment of love but couldn’t imagine that their love could make a difference. Imagine a human being who had such a special and unique energy that it was beautifully adding to the wonderful mosaic of the whole but only saw their flaws. Is that human being you? Isn’t it time to finally acknowledge your beauty, your importance, your perfection, your truth?”

~Archangel Gabriel~ Shared by Trinity Esoteric

The more I read that, the more I fall in love with it. How many times do people say something putting themselves down and you think, “What?? they’re perfect!”, How can someone have such a different image of themselves to the rest of us when you can see quite plainly that they are gorgeous. If we spend every single day with ourselves shouldn’t we be dear friends by now rather than bitter enemies.

I’ve definitely been on an up and down journey with self-love, from intense hate and complete destruction to a gradual forgiveness for treating my poor little self with so much disdain and now more of a sweet nurturing peace and kindness, as well as a strong self-worth that I deserve to be happy, to be respected, to be loved. When I was younger I desperately wanted to be loved, to prove to myself that I was loveable I guess and to give out the love that I couldn’t show myself. It was only when I started to forgive myself and know that I deserved better that real love started showing up in my life, through myself and my relationships. What happens outside and who shows up mirrors what is going on within, so sorry to break it to you, but you’ve got to start with you ;)

I definitely believe that we have to fill up our own cup, our own energy to be able to share our energy, our love and joy with the world and those we love. We need to take that time out just to be and do those little quirky things that make us happy.

I had a pretty stressful intense day at uni today, coming home feeling depleted, so I decided I needed a little meeee time to just let go and let the worries drift away. So I made myself a magical healing bath with candles, fairy lights, crystals, essential oils, relaxing music and just bathed in the warm water feeling at peace, taking the beauty in as I swirl the water around with my finger making shapes and drawing hearts in the steam on the tiles.  This is what I love most, seeing simple beauty in everyday life. The magic in everything. I then put my favourite floaty dress on, turquoise crystal necklace and listened to my nostalgic music. It’s nice not dressing up for the approval of others, but just thinking I want to feel pretty just being me, for me.

So on this peaceful night what are you going to do to be kind to yourself? What lights you up? What insights did you receive by taking that time to just be?

Here’s some poetry and channeling I journalled to leave you with dear friends, keep shining, you’re beautiful :) Love, love, love.

pink flower

“Do you believe you are a little imperfect piece of perfection dear one,

Don’t you know that you are whole within every cell of your being,

You are radiant source,

You are everything and nothing,

You are a mystery and an open book,

You are a sensual soul and a light-hearted comic,

You are fullness, you are joy, you are grace and wholeness.

If you saw yourself as I saw you it would leave you breathless, for you radiate and shine as bright as the stars.

Trust me you are beyond perfect and what’s more, in your heart you know its true.

Lets begin anew.”

Cherry Blossom...so pretty. I bet the 1 I planted in my yard back in Illinois is quite large n beautiful now. *sigh* perhaps I should plant 1 here in Massachusetts? :)

“If I am love you are the same,

If we are free why play these games,

If we are peace let us decide,

To forgive ourselves and let love grow,

Let it all go and have the courage to be known.

Let love in, let it begin,

Let us decide, no longer need we hide,

Why be shy when we have known each other all along,

Sing your song and let its words ring true,

Don’t you know it’s always been you.

Let us begin anew.

Pastel/pembe aşağıdaki blog geri benzer bloglar :) www.the-pastel-corner.tumblr.com

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Danielle says:

    Hey girl I saw your link on Facebook in light is the new black. Lovely poetry and writting!! I like your style 😊 I write about similar stuff on my website over at http://www.thefleetingparagon.com

    Thanks for sharing your material!
    With love,

    1. I_am_love says:

      Ah thankyou so much :) Ooh love your blog too really beautiful visionary pictures and poetic words, funny we do discuss similar themes too, must be coming up for us all at the same time! Lots of love xyx

  2. freebreezi says:

    beautiful post and loving the gentleness in the images you placed with your words. Powerful.
    I believe one of the greatest gifts we can share with ourselves is self love and self nurturing, from there the benefits are far reaching.
    The quote was very special, very meaningful, very beautiful.

    1. I_am_love says:

      Thankyou so much for your kind words :) Means alot to me to know that people read my posts and it resonates with them, much love xyx

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