Magical Nature Immersion

Hello lovelies,

Wow I’ve been feeling soooooo inspired the last week and have really been in the flow and attracting some amazing synchronicities and really noticing such beautiful abundance, by being in the present more and fully enjoying my week off. I’ve loved having a bit of peaceful me time and going for a long walk everyday in beautiful places right on my doorstep.

On Monday I went to Chanctonbury ring, a hillfort near Steyning with panoramic views of the whole of the South coast. It was quite a steep walk, but I felt that I was really detoxing physically and emotionally as I pushed myself up that winding hill to the top. As I reached the peak (bit dramatic, it’s not exactly a mountain hehe) I just strolled really slowly along the country lane with my face in the sun, feeling at peace and bathing in the simplicity of life and how good it feels to just be. When I came along blackberry bushes I spent ages enjoying searching for the perfect berries, picking them and eating them. I love foraging and how much amazing food there is for free when you take the time to slow down and see what’s around us! I then walked up to the circle of trees with my hands full of fruit and sat down and just bathed in the breathtaking views :)

Tuesday I spent the day in Brighton meeting with friends and saw Rhodes sing in the evening, which was breath takingly beautiful. Such amazing heart felt songs. I did manage to sneak in a little walk to Stanmer park in between and read my book in the sun and admired the autumn colours of the trees, while treating myself to the best chips I’ve ever had, lol its all about balance ;)


Wednesday I visited Highdown gardens, which is one of my favourite places. It’s a beautiful garden with winding paths leading to amazing different sections like a chalk garden, rose garden, lotus and ghost carp pond, tree lined path and winding gardens filled with the most gorgeous flowers of all varieties and colours. I’m so lucky having this just up the road from me, where I can just escape to paradise.


Thursday I walked up Cissbury ring, which is another hill fort with panoramic views of the whole south coast, and like Chanctonbury ring is steeped in mysterious legends and lay lines. It was lovely and sunny but also very windy. I felt as I battled around that it was blowing off all the cobwebs of stagnant energy, anything I am ready to let go of being washed away. As I reached the other side the view was so gorgeous of the sea sparkling in the distance and I was drawn to a beautiful Oak tree that I climbed into and just relaxed, being held and nurtured, as I just sat in the present feeling at one with the landscape. Such powerful simplicity. I wrote some powerful poetry as I sat on my little perch and then as I climbed down and walked away a little voice said “Turn around and you will be guided to treasure”. I was like “ermm ok” (bit weird) lol and slowly walked back playing a hot and cold game like you do when you are a child. I was expecting to see a sign like a feather or something physical but instead I was drawn to the roots of the tree where there was a little pool of water. The little voice said “See look at your reflection, that is your power and you can do anything you put your mind to and bring in the most beautiful gifts of abundance”. So yeh that was pretty out of this world amazing guidance to come out of nowhere hehe, really beautiful. As I walked down I noticed all the gorgeous tiny wild flowers, purples, yellows, all varieties. I came across a patch of wild strawberries and again thanked the universe for the gifts of free high energy food that is all around us.

I ended the week on an all time high, building the energy by immersing myself in nature and had a lovely trip to Arundel and Swanbourne lake. I felt really drawn to try to capture some of the beauty by taking photos but it just doesn’t do justice to the turquoise blue water, traditional English landscape and beauty of the view across the lake. It really is a magical place. I realised that even though it would be amazing to travel, there are gorgeous landscapes right where I am.



Feeling energised I took a little walk into the town and was totally in the flow seeing all kinds of synchronicities and signs from the universe and angels. I bought a couple of crystal necklaces, wanting to amplify the vibrations by having them close to my heart. I then strolled around the traditional cobbled streets coming across a whole window display of dachshunds memorabilia (I know its weird but seeing sausage dogs is my sign from the universe that im in flow, I love them!). I saw the infinity symbol tattoo on someones neck, “pure” labels on clothing, angel statues in an art gallery, “Angel cottage”, “Phoenix for sale sign” all kinds of magicallness. I love it when the universe comes out to play and just delights you with all kinds of images to let you know that you are guided. So amazing!



I feel that taking the time for yourself to be present, soak up the energy of nature and practice self love by taking that time to nurture yourself is really important, as it allows you to open up to inspiration and by releasing you are allowing the law of attraction to bring you all those amazing things you’ve been wishing for. Since then I’ve had lots of people contact me to help with events, give reiki and meetup so by letting go it all comes to me completely effortlessly. I went to a small spiritual gathering meetup on Saturday and it was really lovely just chatting about anything and everything for a few hours and meeting people in the area who have been longing to share their spiritual beliefs with others but feeling isolated until now.

I really feel strongly that we are waking up now and realising that we are all connected as a tribe, how easy it is to organise social events and to make a bigger difference in the world. We really are starting to believe in our own power :) And it’s about time too ;)


I will leave you with my channeled musings from an Oak tree :)

Let yourself be breathed Dear One, breathed by the ever expanding universe,

Let yourself be moved by the motion, be flowing and soft.

Be Love Dear One, it is your nature afterall, you are connected with all, all is love, Dear One,

Be Present, be the witness, to the divine perfection of all that is,

Be caressed Dear One by the wind lovingly kissing your skin,

Let it carry away all your worries, they are not who you are,

You are infinite.


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