Summer Into the Wild Festival and my 50th blog post!!

Hello lovelies,

I can’t believe what an amazing beautiful summer this has been, full of so much magic, connections with lovely people and synchronicity. There have been beautiful views, amazing conversations, crazy dancing, gratitude crying, peace and serenity. How lucky I am to be able to live a miraculous life of freedom and adventure :) And how lucky I am to be able to share it with you and inspire you to follow what lights you up! As my 50th blog post  (wow!) I just want to say thankyou for reading and inspiring me to live my life to the full, I love writing and being authentic so thankyou for encouraging me to follow this path.

I had really been looking forward to the Into the Wild festival all summer. The last one was so beautiful and I knew that this one would be even better! When I arrived I actually wasn’t feeling at my best, but was determined to enjoy myself and figured that being out in nature would be more healing than missing all the fun :P
I was really looking forward to a big reunion of all the lovelies I had met at previous festivals and some friends I invited, but also time to myself for peace and centeredness. On arriving I was surprised at how many more people were there compared to the May festival, there was a vibrant atmosphere as we pitched up our tents in the little space left (people even started camping in the woods and car parks to be there!).

I went straight to my old friends the woods to chill, arrive in the space and set some intentions of what I wanted to create. My friend and I walked down to where the horses were, past the woods and picked big bundles of grass to feed them. I was laughing at the noise their mouths make and loved being around their gentle elegance. I really wanted to go to lots of dancing workshops on the friday, but as I wasn’t really feeling up to it I just had a nice relaxing chilled out afternoon walking around the stalls, having dinner and watching the fire lighting and opening ceremony. By the evening I felt a bit more rested and ready to come out of my shell. We watched Z-Star who were really cool! A female fronted rock band, they had everyone dancing, head banging and ending in some serious rocking out to Smells like Teen Spirit. A good start! :) You can’t say that the spiritual community can’t party hard ;) I was pretty tired but happy after having a good dance, so had a little wander around and came across the Beloved arms where we sat in the lovely green tipi and had some nice comforting chai tea while listening to a couple singing kirtan around the campfire. Really chilled out and blissful. I sat there feeling like this is what it’s all about, a beautiful full moon, lovely people, heart opening music and chai…lots of chai!

I met some lovely friends and we ended up sitting in the woods at mid night chatting and looking at the beautiful view of the cities in the distance and twinkly lights. I went to bed all snug and warm praying for healing so I could really get the most out of the experience and to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to really let go and enjoy myself.


I woke up Saturday feeling better! Yay! Instead of getting up and going to yoga I had a gentle wake up, breakfast, meditation and walk in the forest. I was sat in a really seculded part of the woods just relaxing and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I meditated and said in my head that I would know my tribe and they would spontaneously show up, lol to which this peaceful blonde man walked up out of nowhere for a chat. lol how funny, I swear he was an angel :P  I started off the day by going to Spirit dance which was a shamanic dance journey. We began by going through a shamanic meditation journey to connect with our spirit animal, receive wisdom and lessons to play out in our dance journey. I had quite a vivid journey where I met my jaguar spirit animal. I had previously seen it in a yoga nidra journey I went on so was interested that it came up again. As I merged with the jaguar and watched it gracefully gliding through the forest the wisdom that came through was that my power doesn’t have to be fiery or like anyone elses. I could be silent, graceful and yet be very powerful and magnetic like the jaguar. The jaguar has smooth movement, compassion for its babies, but yet can also be fierce and swift when it needs to be. I Loved this wisdom as it wasn’t what I had thought about before and gave me a whole new perspective of being my authentic self. We then danced using the spirit of our journey and I was really enjoying moving into my body gracefully… but then really needed the toilet lol so came back near the end. lol I did continue the energy and dance in my head as I waited in the toilet queue though ;)

The next one I went round a number of workshops and as they were full I found a little group that were teaching indian head massage spontaneously and joined in, so received a treatment and then gave one with guidance. It was really lovely and relaxing, just what I needed!

Later in the day I went to dance mandala, an inward ecstatic dance practice. I really enjoyed moving between the different expressions of myself, from flowing peaceful beautiful, to excitable jumping lighthearted, to crazy rocking out fierce to dub step lol. I started to realise that I shouldn’t be limiting my power and that what I perceived as the darker side of me, that inner rock chick I had suppressed was actually a really powerful part of me. It’s important to be flowing and ethereal, but also have the balance of being strong and powerful too. It was lovely seeing everyone around me really letting go too and coming into themselves.

That afternoon I went to a really amazing intimate shamanic workshop in the Tiger nest tipi. It was really full so we all squeezed together to be a part of it. It was really spontaneously created and heart centred. We introduced ourselves and made eye contact with everyone in the room to really just see each other. Such a simple task, but as we all went round there was so much emotion on people’s faces, connections, sadness, vulnerability, happiness, excitement. We connected with a partner, made eye contact and put our hands on each others hearts. We really saw each other and then said and sung to each other ” When the Eagle and the Condor fly, In the same Sky. There will be a healing and the people will cry.
I apologise, for the war, that rages inside me. And I Love you
“. It was really powerful and lovely (despite my shyness) to really connect deeply. The words sounded very similar to the concept of hoponopono (I’m sorry, please forgive me, Thankyou, I love you.) in that everyone is a reflection of you. We then listened to some beautiful and powerful shamanic singing and drumming and then cocreated together some spontaneous songs. We asked our higher selves for a song to give us inner comfort when we need it and then sung it out and wove them all together as a group. At the end we passed round 2 bottles of water, one that was inside the tipi with our positive vibrations and one that was outside the tent. It was really amazing the difference, as the inside bottle felt softer and purer. On the alter in the middle there were heart shaped crystals that we then took out into the festival and gifted to another to pass on and on to share the energy we had created. Such a gorgeous idea! I saw my mentor from uni that had come to the festival and gifted it to her, saying that she has inspired me with her teaching so I want to gift this lovely energy to her so she has an amazing time at the festival and can pass that loveliness on.

That evening we went to the purple tent in the woods who were running a Full moon ritual around the fire to let go of what we no longer need. There was a really big group of us in the rain, going around and talking about what we wanted to let go. We then wrote it on paper and threw it into the fire. I wanted to let go of the fear of what people think of me and left feeling lighter.

That evening we listened to some amazing African music and danced our little hearts out. There was meant to be a 1am soundbath in the woods but as it didn’t happen we just went round all the campfires trying to find where the party was at in the pouring rain lol. I ended up at the main fire enjoying the drumming in the thunder. Felt amazing just to let go and be purified by the water on my face.


On Sunday afternoon I went to the most amazing Cacoa ceremony and 5 elements dance journey. We all set intentions of what we wanted to create while drinking the cacoa, a heart opening plant spirit medicine. There was a really lovely atmosphere already and it felt like something special was being co-created between us. As the music started I slowly moved my body gently and then as the music built up I just felt this intense welling up of emotion within me until I was just standing there crying. Beautiful feelings of gratitude, sadness for whenever I didn’t show myself self love, letting go of being small and just feeling ready to reset and be free. I felt drawn to the rain and stood outside being purified by the rain, such a beautiful amazing feeling. I then decided to sit down to meditate which obviously ended up with a very soggy bum lol. After guiding through the water element I felt elated and free to jump like a child freely, sharing in this amazing celebration of life. At the end everyone lay close together, nurturing each other with gentle touch as we all lay meditating together. We then all went round hugging each other (as hippys do) hehe and then it all went a bit elated and crazy and we ended up crowd surfing each other lol. It was amazing to be part of such an immense building of collective energy and feeling of togetherness. When there was a gap I was like Hell yes I want to be crowdsurfed! lol It felt amazing being weightless and the gentle massage of everyone’s hands as I was passed along the crowd. How beautiful to just love all being together in a moment.

After that amazing experience I felt overwhelmed with love and needed to get away and absorb all the lessons, so retreated to the woods to slowly float back to earth. I then went back to my tent, listened to some chiiled out tunes and created some song lyrics and channeled writing.

That evening we lay down in the main tent and listened to Danny Emerson, an amazing singer songwriter. His music is absolutely beautiful, so soft, heart centred and emotional. I closed my eyes to be surrounded by his amazing voice and opened my eyes to everyone around me shedding tears. It always blows me away just how amazing and transformational music can be, music is definitely magic!

That evening I met a lovely lady spontaneously facepainting, she seemed to just capture the essence of people and the qualities of their souls so amazingly. She painted an amazing aztec yellow, black and white pattern on my friend and then on me I said that I wanted to embrace my power and she created for me a purple and sparkly flames design that looked like a phoenix rising. It was really stunning, but the funny thing was that when I looked at myself I was like, Oh I like that, but I’m kind of scared and intimidated by my own power, now its on my face I can’t hide lol. Think it’s a lesson I need to learn, being forced to be in the limelight ;)

Feeling a bit more courageous we headed to the main campfire where the drum beats were picking up and people were dancing and finally got the courage to let loose and join in. It was so freeing and amazing to dance around the flames and be seen. Thea heat on my face, the silouettes of people and the feeling of togetherness.

That evening synchronicity guided me to some friends and we chatted until 3 in the morning. At the campfire in the woods we jokingly said that we haven’t seen as many naked people as usual and just as we said it a group of about 7 people completely starkers wondered in, said “We have come from the sauna to entertain you” and started dancing around the campfire, giggling like children. It was soooooo funny to witness their naughty rebelious dance and to see people’s shock who were having a quiet night and weren’t expecting it lol. I was in hysterics laughing but also very supportive of them. How free and happy they looked at having the courage to break convention and do whatever the hell they wanted. Such a funny memory!

Writing this blog has taken me weeks lol as SO much happened and trying to pick through the rich wealth of experience in one weekend to give you the highlights is really hard, as I want to include everything lol. There are more amazing workshops, lovely talks with people and beautiful sights that I just couldn’t squeeze in but are very much in my heart :) But wow what a transformational few days!

As always I drove home with yet more gratitude crying (surprised I have tears left!) hehe. Thankyou everyone who made it special, who ran the workshops and who shared the weekend with me and inspired me. You’re all beautiful :)


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