Magical Raw Fest and lessons in self-love

Hello lovelies,

Wow it has been a good few weeks since my last blog, trust me it has been on my mind to share all that I’ve experienced, but I’ve just been having so many amazing profound magical experiences I haven’t had the time to get it all out in words. Not a bad life eh ;) I think part of me as well needed some time to reflect and go inwards, to figure out what it all meant and integrate everything. So now I’m all snug in my monsters inc onsie with a nice cup of jasmine tea on a lazy sunday afternoon it feels like a good time to reflect on all the beauty I’ve witnessed and life lessons I’ve learned recently.


So starting with the lovely Raw fest, Raw food festival in the New Forest! I saw this event earlier in the year and thought it looked lovely, but decided that if it was meant to be somehow it would happen. So I entered a few competitions trusting that something would happen and left it there. The night before, feeling a bit deflated from the previous crazy (not very relaxing) music festival I really felt I needed to get away in nature, to have a proper holiday to really relax and de-stress. I had a little look on facebook remembering that raw fest was that weekend, but still feeling that I probably couldn’t afford it, when I saw they had a groupon for over half the price of the full ticket. So yep I couldn’t really say no to that hehe, you can’t ask the universe to give you a sign then ignore it ;) So thursday night I bought a ticket, packed my bags and then drove up the next day, can’t say I’m not spontaneous!

On arriving at the festival I set up my tent, then helped a lady next to me and a few other guys joined in helping. It was nice to be greeted with friendly people straight away and we had quite a laugh trying to put this huge tent up, commenting that we didn’t realise how many innuendos could be made out of tent…erection….haha

That evening I went to the soundbath and cacoa ceremony facilitated by Lani Rocillo (who I’ve written about before at wildheart), joined by Xochi Balfour a well known holistic blog writer. As always the soundbath was very powerful with Lani’s powerful channeled singing that brings shivers up your spine. We set our intentions of what we wanted to release and bring in. After a very relaxing journey I was looking forward to some wholesome food. I went to one of the tents that was playing the best music (easily influenced) and on them not having much raw food the lovely kind guy made me my very own concoction of spiralised cucumber, rice, friend potato spirals, coriander and an amazing sweet gingery garlic dressing. It was made with love and was sooooo nice. I was really captivated by this guys sweetness throughout the festival, everyone who came into contact with him looked better for it and left smiling.

I went to bed feeling all snug and happy to be there, full of tasty food.



I got up early to do some gentle kundalini yoga to open your heart centre that involved some breathwork and chanting. I find that kundalini yoga always brings me clarity and energy. I then had a banana, date, vanilla and hemp seed smoothie to give me some nice grounded nutrition.

In the middle of the festival they had a circle of big yellow hammocks around multicoloured flags. I LOVED these hammocks, it was so relaxing hiding inside the material and just escaping from the world and being gently rocked, looking up at the flags swaying in the wind. I did spend a good portion of time doing this! hehe. So beautiful just letting go and embracing the art of nothingness.


I then went to Heart core dance with Ripe and Ready feeling that I was ready to get my body moving. The husband and wife facilitating the session had a background in psychology and how psychological trauma gets trapped in the body and leads to illness. Their method is about embracing those traumas through dancing it out and coming to your heart centre, to embrace openess and playfullness. It was a really powerful lovely journey and at the end everyone was so free and happy. On the last song we danced outside and round the tent. It was so blissful and beautiful being so uplifted as a group together under the rising sun. I could barely speak my gratitude after, as I felt so amazing I just wanted to be with that feeling uninterrupted for a while. Amazing what 2 hours of dance can do for a person!

After this I felt drawn to the water and an intense need to purify my body in the ocean. In such an amazing location of the New forest we were surrounded by forest, gardens, an amazing lake AND next to the sea, that’s a lot of amazingness in one place! I grabbed my bikini and took a slow walk through the gardens down the nature trail looking at the flowers, streams and lush greenery until I got to the ocean. I was blown away by the beauty of the gardens and the lake is absolutely huge. Really really stunning. As I got down to the sea the landscape was very different to what I’m used to with mud flats, wild flowers and the tide was high. The water was really clear and despite feeling a bit self conscious being by myself I decided to embrace my inner courage and undress next to a home made rope swing and slowly crept into the water (as it was pretty cold!) hehe but invigorating. I felt an inner urge to get under the water and let it heal me. It was lovely teaching myself to float on the water, to be weightless and just be. It felt like floating reflected my state of mind and the more I let go the more I could be weightless and moved by the gentle waves. Definitely the relaxation I needed. I submerged my hair under the water and let it purify me. Bliss.

Getting back to the festival renewed and chilled out in fresh warm clothes I was drawn to the main tent by some beautiful music. I’m like a moth to a flame for any music that catches my attention. I sat and listened to a band called Forleigh, really gorgeous and chilled out vibes. I lay down and closed my eyes drifting away to the melodies.

I went to see a friend I had met at wild heart give a talk on travelling lightweight, learning to backpack in amazing locations in nature with as little weight on your back as possible, so that you can really enjoy being present with the experience. I definitely learned some useful tips on what clothes dry quickly and instead of spending stupid amounts on high tech camping equipment you can get it second hand and even make it yourself. Still not convinced I would even survive the trip they made to the Scottish highlands armed with 2 day packs of equipment lol, but have serious respect for them for getting out there and really immersing themselves in nature fully. This is the brave man himself, who makes lightweight camping equipment and consultations if you want to find out more

I then listened to a lovely man called Jack Pout play his folk music in the main tent. Having met him putting up the tent when we arrived it was really nice seeing him around the festival really captivating everyone he met with his kindness and openness and then sharing his music with us. It was lovely to witness someone being in the flow and obviously really enjoying the path they are on. His music was really awesome too and very funny at times as well. Thankyou for making me smile and lifting my mood :)

After a really lovely day and some more wholesome tasty food I headed to the campfire where One Spirit were playing some amazing earthy tribal music that was making everyone wild! Amazing how that music really brings out the primal urge to dance as a tribe. One after another people were undressing and dancing round the campfire. It was amazing to see everyone so uninhibited and open. Alive and in their bodies. Free and powerful. Beautiful to witness. I looked up and the stars were lighting up the whole sky. I’ve only seen the stars that bright in Egypt so it was a really amazing night. I wanted to dance, but felt that I was in a much more reflective peaceful place that weekend so enjoyed witnessing the vibrancy around me then retreating back to my little tent.



Despite having a lovely time I felt quite isolated being there by myself and felt that I wanted to make some more connections with people, but it just wasn’t happening and I know that you can’t attract like-minded people if your energy is low within. I went to the main tent to get my dance on but just felt like, no actually I needed to work on some deeper stuff and let go of some issues. I love dancing and letting go, but it needs to be a spontaneous expression of who you are, rather than forcing yourself to have fun. I started to see that balance is really important and other festivals I will be the wild, free, uninhibited one, but then I also need to embrace other aspects of myself that are more gentle and sometimes painful to make way for other experiences.

I packed my yoga mat, music, book and water for the morning and headed through the nature trail with a green juice in hand for some peace and serenity. As I walked past the lake I saw a small little opening through the trees and followed it to find a little jetty with a beautiful view across the whole lake. It really was breathtaking. I sat there and meditated, asking for some wisdom and advice of why I felt that I was drawing inwards. I received the message that self-love is the most important aspect to ground in myself this weekend and that to give that energy outwards to attract like-minded people I needed to be whole within my self, so I was instructed that I would sit here and work on this feeling of vulnerability and just feel enough being in my own company. It was a sweet message of self acceptance and loving myself with tenderness in all moods and expressions of who I am.

I unrolled my yoga mat and practiced some asanas on the jetty while listening to music that made me feel alive. It really helped bring me back to my body and centeredness. I then just lay there on the jetty watching life happen. Dragonfly landing on leaves, fish swimming around, the reflection of the water and the heat of the sun on my skin. I was glad I took this time out to be with myself and just let go.


After a whole morning to myself just relaxing I felt it was time to head back to the festival and see what was going on. I went to a talk by Darren Brock on raw food and holistic health. I really enjoyed this. We sat outside in a circle and I really liked how he was just a very down to earth man who was passionate about embracing health in all areas of life. He shared his journey of overcoming crippling gall stone pain through a raw food diet. He had lots of useful tips on water purification, wi-fi grounding technology, hemp clothing and food. I found it really inspiring how as a family with his son and wife they had managed in just a few years to completely transform their lifestyle to meet their potential by supporting each other with this. His comment that you vote with your money really resonated with me, that if you give money to businesses that you support the ethos of you are helping bring in a new world and transform society for the future.

I finished off the evening by going to a talk on embodying your female essence. I always find women’s groups a really safe nourishing atmosphere. Although not what I was expecting in that the talk was on embracing your sexuality I really enjoyed the breaking of taboos in being able to talk openly with each other about our bodies and see how much we all have in common with our worries and issues. I started to realise that the confidence you have in yourself in your mind is really reflected in your body, how you move, how you look and how your relationships work. Kalindi Jordan created a safe space to explore our issues open heartedly and she had an effortless confidence and beauty, by practicing what she preached in helping women to accept their own bodies.

After a rejuvenating day I spent the evening chilling out reading a book and just lazing about in the hammocks waiting for the closing soundbath in the evening. The closing ceremony was really lovely and unexpected that I stumbled upon. It was led by an amazing little older lady with so much charisma and enthusiasm. She really made me smile listening to her. Really vibrant and humorous. She said that we were going to have a feast together that had been collected from the forest. A seaweed salad, buckwheat and other simple foraged dishes. I had just eaten a lovely big meal but tasted a bit and it was really tasty and nourishing. She said that we are surrounded by so much abundance all around us and when we gather and share together we create a very powerful world, as we become self-reliant as a community and alive as people. Such amazing wisdom from such a vibrant alive woman!

The closing soundbath was a beautiful end to a really peaceful relaxing festival. Just what I needed to de-stress and come back to myself. As I lay in the candle lit tent nestled in blankets listening to stories, thankyous and then the soundbath I felt very nurtured and happy that I had come to this lovely event.


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