Support these lovely inspiring ladies please :)


Hello lovelies,
I feel drawn today to talk about a few amazingly inspiring women who are going through challenges right now. I would really like to support any way I can to say thankyou for the lovely gifts they have given me, by making me smile and feel good listening to their talks and videos over the years.
Rikka Zimmerman is an amazingly enthusiastic positive lady who is a motivational speaker, that always leaves me smiling, heart opening :) She has a very sweet kind hearted personality and seems to be living her life to the full. She is also an amazingly awesome beautiful singer songwriter. I was quite shocked to hear a few months ago that she was diagnosed with cancer and so has stepped away from the lime light for some personal healing time. Her team have been updating us by email and requested the other day that if we feel drawn to buy her album to help share her positivity with the world and help her with medical costs then she would be very grateful. Her voice is so so amazing that I would really recommend it and you can find it on her website store for about £10.
You can also get some nice goodies if you sign up to her email and she has some lovely videos on youtube.
Here’s a clip of her singing so you can see for yourself how amazing she is 
Beautiful Rikka I hope you are utilising your inner strength and positivity through this healing journey and you are surrounded with love and kindness. You deserve it as you have given so much love out into the world :)
Another beautiful lady Summer McStravick has inspired me hugely over the years. After learning about the law of attraction I felt that something was missing and then I came across this amazing lady who teaches flow dreaming, which utilises the law of attraction in being in the flow and elevating your imagery and emotions to really feel good/amazing! She runs a radio podcast that is also a free flowdreaming app, that I often listen to in the bath for inspiration. She has a book called flowdreaming that is worth downloading for a good read :)
I also bought some of her flowdreams which have been really positive and lovely, also bringing some amazing results. She announced a few days ago that she has been diagnosed with cancer so my heart really goes out to her. Again as someone who has given a lot to me in her light hearted enthusiastic personality I would like to support her. She has a huge store of lots of flow dreams and meditation sessions, so if you feel drawn to her you can get a free one by signing up to her newsletter and buy a few to treat yourself :)


Beautiful Summer thankyou for your amazing, strong, eternally positive personality. You are so beautiful and inspiring. Hope you experience deep healing of all kinds and feel well supported and nurtured at this time.
Thanks guys I hope you get inspired too and during these times of difficulty people can access their inner strength and experience the real depth of human kindness, so let’s help them feel loved xyx


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