Dude where’s my tribe?


Hey lovelies,

Hope you’ve had an amazing week and looking forward to a fun filled magical weekend :)

I’ve felt for a long time now and its been building and building, the deep desire to be part of a close knit community, a tribe of kindred spirits that are spontaneous, creative, fun and vibrant.

I didn’t realise until recently chatting with others and sharing this feeling, how much this desire is also building in others at the moment, who have mirrored the same feeling as me, that they desperately want to be a part of something that brings a closer sense of oneness.

The rise in community living, food co-operatives, eco villages is a testament to that desire coming into play in our world after realising that we had it right all along and being closer to nature and each other feels most natural and expanding. Back when we were living in tribes (as many people still do) there’s a support network, celebration, less rules on how to organise getting together, breaking down those barriers. I’m not saying its all bad in the modern day and age, technology has been amazing at expanding our connectivity and giving us more luxurious surroundings. We can use technology like facebook to gather with people we’d otherwise not meet and talk to people online across the world, how amazing is that! It’s just time now to create more balance and remember why we’re here. To live our life purpose, connect, have fun, be in the present. What better time to put it into practice than summer! Beach, bbq’s, walks and adventures. :)

So whoever wants to join my crazy, spontaneous, colourful, fun, lighthearted tribe of kindred spirits for awesome deep conversations, wild dancing, soulful singing, magical adventures and oneness apply here ;) Love love love xyx


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