Gratitude in Action


Hello lovelies,

Hope you have all been shining your light courageously :) After an interesting, really fast week at work I’m soooo grateful for the weekend and looking forward to getting to explore the beauty of nature, as really craving some adventures. I have been organising lots of things for the weekends, but they seem to have suddenly all fallen away and actually its nice to have that empty space of time to just do what my heart desires spontaneously.

I went for a walk today at my favourite park, filled with the most gorgeous flowers of all colours, shapes and sizes. It’s a little utopia to me, serene and peaceful. I particularly love these big purple ball flowers, I even went up and stroked some, as they’re so soft and delicate. Love the random things nature comes up with! I put a little bit of money in the box to thank it for always being there for me and inspiring me when I need it. I’m so lucky to have gorgeous gardens that have had so much love put into them on my doorstep, as well as wild natural spots of beauty like Cissbury ring that has the most amazing 360 degree views.

After getting out and about I’m enjoying a bit of me time just chilling out in my nicely newly cleaned room (for once) ;) I’m watching a movie called Tracks about a lady who walks across Australia with only 3 camels and a dog. My heart is craving freedom, so love her courage for having a dream and making it happen for herself out of nothing. Everyone thought she was crazy and I guess she must have been a little bit, but what struck me was how with no camels she made the way to bring them to her, with no money she created sponsorship for herself and when she was not able to cross certain areas of land she befriended the aborigines that supported her across it. What an amazing life mission. It reminds me of The Alchemist and trusting in the universe and its gifts, no matter what your circumstances are at the time. I wouldn’t say her journey is my cup of tea lol but its lovely getting to witness that adventure, from the comfort of my bed ;) To think of the amazing things we are capable of as human beings really astounds me.

It’s pretty strange, I keep dreaming about Australia at the  moment, it must have been the 4th one in a few weeks. I’m always exploring around these amazing routes, lots of clear blue water and mountains. The strange thing is though that I haven’t been consciously manifesting anything to do with wanting to visit Australia, but yet I opened a travel magazine today and there it is again, I open a video…Australian accent. Got a message for me universe? :P

Sometimes I feel a little torn between my job here, feeling that it is resonating with me as my life mission at the moment, and yet another part of me wants to be free and travel, experience the world, all its variety, cultures, perfection of nature. I just want to be. I see friends that move from festival to festival, using their amazing personalities to get them wherever they desire it’s a pretty cool life to get to witness.

It’s hard to know how we integrate those different life missions, when they seem to be in opposition to each other and yet you know it is important to be able to integrate and honour all sides of you, the free spirit adventurer, the compassionate carer, the writer wanting to inspire and be inspired. If only I could clone myself so I could follow them all at once hehe. I trust that I will get the chance to honour all the facets of myself I want to explore. All we have is time and dreams :)

I visited a hospice this week and just loved it, such an amazing space. Beautifully designed, amazing gourmet food, lovely gardens and holistic care that offers people complementary therapies, as well as the conventional medical care. It was a revelation to me that maybe I could integrate my spiritual and psychological interests into a caring role, helping people to focus on all aspects of their health. I know it sounds a little odd, but I feel that there’s something a bit magical about death. Not just the crossing over and the possibility of an after life, but the actual psychological process of someone stripping down their life bit by bit, coping with that change and what it means for them. It can be ugly and beautiful at the same time and it’s a privilege to get the witness the process of authenticity and hopefully provide support. My family seems to have a history of helping with passing over, so maybe it was part of path I came here to follow. Working with people reaching the end of their lives always makes me feel so grateful for mine, its something to cherish and live to the full. I know we say things like that and it can sound a bit like a clique, but it is just soooo true and when I meet someone who gushes over how amazing their life was, all the adventures they went on, the love they felt and shared I know that I want to be like them. I left there feeling excited and happy for the future :) Have a wonderful weekend whether you’re having big adventures or just chilling out. Love love love xyx


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