Why does it sometimes all go a bit wrong? :P


Hello gorgeous beings,

Ok so after weeks of being in the vortex, feeling amazing and following my synchronicity I’ve had some awesome lovely experiences….but then this weekend it’s all gone a bit strange. I like to post positive experiences and try not to go into victim moaning mode, but we’re all human and experience the range of human experiences, we can’t feel amazing absolutely all the time…or can we? :P

So I was really really looking forward to going to Runnymede eco community festival this weekend, as I met some awesome guys who lived there at the last festival and felt really drawn that I should be there.I feel really drawn to people being more in touch with the land and having the freedom to live closely to nature if that resonates with them.

Was feeling great, positive, looking forward to it and then on thursday eve I just started to get thoughts that I shouldn’t go and was like ermmm what’s all this, I’ve been looking forward to it, there’s no reason why not at all. It wasn’t going into a worry spiral, my intuition just clearly said no and I was thinking hmm is this REALLY my intuition or is it just a little worry part of me over stepping its mark so decided to ignore it so I could go play.

I thought nah its going to be great, so I woke up friday morning with a chest infection feeling rough. What, why?!? I meditated, napped, took vitamins etc but nope it wasn’t happening, so had to decide to give it a miss with a heavy heart and let my friends all go and have fun.

Soooo this amazing free festival for freedom in celebration of the Magna Carta on the same site that it was signed still went ahead with the determination of dedicated people who went as far as to dig holes into the site after it was heavily policed despite them getting permission to hold it with the council and local residents and later on was shut down by police calling it an illegal rave and not letting people onto the site. A family spiritual free festival!

So I’m wondering did some part of me already know intuitively that something was going to happen or what. I just find it strange when you feel very intuitively drawn to do something and then suddenly barriers come up against that thing you were drawn to. I’ve had a number of these experiences working with the law of attraction where I’ve clearly felt that I should enter a competition and a song came on that made me think hm this is synchronicity….but then every possible barrier put in the place so that physically I couldn’t use my phone to do it etc. Anyone have any ideas what this craziness is all about :P

So yeh despite not being there I feel very drawn to freedom, community, empowering people, connecting with nature, spiritual workshops, synchronicity so I am proud of people embracing those values, even in opposition from political forces, not getting downhearted (it’s not always easy) but realising that the current political climate is an amazing opportunity for a new society where each individual feels more determined and empowered to create the life they want to create, to embrace more freedom, joy, kindness, compassion. Feeling very drawn to “utopian society” at the moment, it’s just coming up again and again everywhere. Exciting.

So yeh trickster weekend done and dusted I’m going to spend the rest of my evening looking at beautiful things on pintrest that make me happy, meditate and think about what I want for the rest of this summer, set some goals and then have a nice nurturing early night ready for a new week of magic and miracles to come.

Love love love xyx

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