Week 6 of Manifesting Miracles- Becoming the vortex dude!



Having now finished this beautiful magical course I am in the process of integrating the empowering lessons I have learned and having the courage to step into my power and share with courage what inspires me. It has been a wild ride with beautiful people and the progress we’ve made in 6 weeks is breathtaking. What interested me is that it’s not been the usual law of attraction trying to create a specific concrete physical thing in the world like an object, but I felt that it became much more about being in the present and how good it feels to be empowered right here and now. You don’t need to reach for something to feel good, it just naturally becomes a way of expressing your joy in bigger and better ways, but even as you are right now you still feel on top of the world!

On the last session we all sat outside before the session started and shared hugs in the beautiful garden and discussed how powerful and life changing the course had been for us. Quite a powerful start before the session even begun! It was lovely how bonded as a group we had become and really lovely seeing the transformation we have all gone through to a more balanced, peaceful and excitable place of freedom.

At the start of the group we all shared our homework by reading aloud the love letter to ourself we had created. It was sooooo beautiful hearing people’s kind loving words to themselves. It definitely sounded other worldly some of them, as if they were channelling angels, some very poetic, some funny, all gorgeous and compassionate. I got pretty emotional listening to them all :) It was lovely hearing the authenticity of saying that I am enough as I am and I am loveable whatever state I am in, whether in joy or not I’m still enough. Just gorgeous.

We then came together on the floor, found a partner and gazed into their eyes and said what we see and love in that person. It was really beautiful to share such authentic compassionate words of appreciation for all the people I’ve shared my journey with and to receive lovely sweet words in return. We all naturally came together in a circle and held hands. We commented laughing that in week 1 we were probably scared to hold hands, now we were all for it hehe.

We then played in a circle being the conscious creator by giving our intentions to the universe, feeling if they are in alignment and high vibrational or low enough to put you in the bushes (throwing you off the metaphorical merry-go-round) and you then have to convince yourself that you can have that with lots of positive words, until you make it back into the vortex circle. Once in the circle we pressed the button in the middle that exclaims “That was easy” in a really deep voice. We were all laughing hysterically by the end, it was so fun and silly. It was especially lovely to see one of the ladies in the group go from shy and quiet to shouting out her joy and creativity with such power and openness.

Of course we then got into lots of dancing and silliness, naturally :P We walked with confidence dancing around, being the powerful creator of our universe, sure of ourselves, standing tall. We then danced being the warrior, the hero of our life! It was really empowering and fun letting go, not caring who sees us out the windows hehe.

To finish the group in such a fitting ceremony we went outside to the kids play area where they have a “Once upon a time” throne surrounded by a courtyard and beautiful dome play den made out of climbing plants. We all sat on the throne and received our “Vortex Dude” certificate and gave a speech. I said that I was just so grateful for the course and the people I had met as well as blown away that I had asked for more community and friends which had been blessed to me in so many gorgeous amazing events in those 6 weeks!

We finished with heartfelt goodbyes and thankyous for all we had learned and hopefulness for the future, putting our new tools and enthusiasm for life into action. Lets create miracles! ;)


Love letter to myself…….I dare you to write one to yourself too ;)

Dear Little Me,

I am writing you a love letter just to remind you of how adorable and cute your are. Thankyou for having the courage to be the unique, interesting (little weirdo) that you are!

You shine your light and express yourself with courage and have strong beliefs in compassion and love for all.

Don’t let people talk you into being smaller or that you are naive for dreaming big, this is your biggest strength and it will take you far.

I admire your quirky dress sense and love your variety of music, art and fashion. Loving beauty and surrounding yourself with it is enjoying this world to the full with all its precious gifts.

You always try to see the best in people and have taken the more challenging life paths to spread this gift of compassion to those who need it the most. I love your creativity, crazy funny dancing styles, singing voice and love of expression.

Remember you are a beautiful looking creature and to stand tall and confident remembering all the compliments from others and to remember to give them to yourself too. You have a cool personality with lots of depth, from deep and intelligent to fun, excitable and light-hearted innocence. I appreciate your courage, sense of adventure and love of connecting with spirituality, community and exploring this beautiful world. You can always play and learn more to explore more of who you are, but remember too that you are perfect as you are :)

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