Weeks 4 of Manifesting Miracles. Building Momentum



Hello lovelies,

I’ve kind of been in awe the last few days, not even knowing where to begin. I’ve just been feeling so incredibly grateful and connected in the flow of my life. I’ve been overwhelmed with happiness and just living in the present. The last few weeks have really been life changing for me, I feel like I’m finally stepping into my power and starting to embrace more of who I am, who I want to be and realising it is all within me, I just need to allow it to shine.

So yeh I’ll start by exploring my experiences of my lovely law of attraction course as I keep forgetting half of what we do but definitely remember how amazing I feel afterwards. I am writing this having been to the festival and had week 5 of the course so I am recapping and remembering all that has gone on.

Week 4 for us was about building momentum and really learning about how we can get into the vortex, feel good and be in the flow from where we are in the moment. We talked about what emotions help us into the flow and in a circle went round and round sharing what we are grateful for. It really started to build the positivity in the group and we could have kept sharing all day. We then shared our week in the form of an animal, colour and food. This was actually really fun, as it helped us step out of our logical mind and embrace our creativity. Mine was a sloth as I like to embrace my lazy side hehe, turquoise as I’ve fallen in love with some beautiful floaty turquoise clothes on pintrest and vegan gluten-free strawberry cornetto ice-cream, as I found some and theyre amazing! It was fun hearing other people’s weird and wonderful offerings too and how our mind can create such imaginative images for how we feel. We did a bit of dancing to let go some more and then settled down to get stuck into the focus wheel exercise. This is where we want to believe a certain wish, but aren’t quite there yet and offering some resistance. The analogy is of trying to jump onto a merry-go-round and getting flung off into the bushes as the momentums too fast and out of alignment with your vibration. To tackle this we give 12 statements around a wheel that we believe about the wish to help slowly convince ourselves of it.

I was feeling a bit ill and feverish at the start of the workshop so chose health and statements like: for “I live in perfect health and feel amazing” you offer beliefs like “I often feel good”, “I nurture myself”, “I appreciate my body” etc. While doing this exercise I realised how good my health has actually been since the start of the course and by the end of the session I almost felt completely better. It really shows how much your mind enters into those symptoms you feel, even if you don’t feel at your best, there’s no need to pour petrol on the fire anymore :P I got really stuck into my giant focus wheel and even decorated it with bright colours and put lots of effort into it. lol brought it home to my boyfriend and said “Look what I did at school today” hehe

So yeh another lovely session and I was ready and excited for the festival that friday and getting ready for some more spiritual exploration. Will go deeper into it all tomorrow :)

Much love xyx


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