Glastonbury and New Forest adventure


Hey guys,

I’ve been quite a busy little beeee the last few weeks and I feel like I’m finally waking up from my looooong hibernation :P I don’t know if you guys experience it too but during the winter I think I’m getting on alright, but then as I start to “wake up” in spring I realise what a thick fog I was in and barely there really, just getting by but not really present. It feels so good to shake all that off (Taylor Swift style :P ) and get ready for a bit more spiritual exploring :)

It’s the easter holidays for me and last week we went on a little trip up to Glastonbury and the New Forest for a bit of chill out and exploring :) I’d never been to Glastonbury before even though its only 3 hours away. It’s funny that you sometimes don’t realise the beautiful places close to you as you know they’ll always be there. I did the driving and thought it would be really tiring but actually I quite enjoyed having a little road trip and building my confidence on the country roads. We started the day walking up the Tor hill where there are supposed to be many ley lines intersecting and legends of erm arthur and the holy grail and all that jazz as well as panoramic views of the countryside all around. As we walked up I definitely felt the energy, it felt very electric and buzzing under my feet. Suprisingly only half way up though in one area. The view from the top was beautiful and I was surprised by all the people at the top, as you couldn’t see anyone until last steps. Out of breathe hehe I had a nice little chill out before walking down to visit chalice wells.

Chalice well gardens are pretty famous as a peace garden and oasis where 2 springs- a red and white one give an abundance of free-flowing water that is supposed to have healing properties. I was really excited to give the water a try and I’ve got to say in all honesty, it tasted a bit gross lol. It is high in iron and calcium which is why I think it was so healing in the old days where people were probably very deficient in minerals but yeh not a fan :P We sat by the famous covering of the well which is a contemplation, prayer area. I wanted to be a typical tourist and have my picture taken next to it while disturbing the other people being all super serious ;) I did sit in the sun and ask for a message or guidance and what came through which has come through a few times is to just be present, embrace the divine feminine in me and enjoy being in joy and playfulness. With that I felt like no I didn’t need to pray for some profound thing, but just accept abundance by being in the moment and enjoying my holiday to the full and in the flow.

We wandered around town in all the many spiritual shops. Felt like I was in hippy heaven, never seen so many in one place!We had lunch at a little veggie restaurant in the garden  which was a humongous meze bowl of all different salads. lol so happy and in my element  in the sun with healthy vibrant food.

I bought a beautiful little picture by Anahata Katkin (love her work!) of a feather with love written above it. We headed back to our little cabin we were staying in nearby. They had a little lake there with crystal clear water from a drinking water spring. Never seen a lake so pure it was amazing. There was a beautiful peacock walking around the gardens and bunnies hopping about, as well as chickens clucking around and a tire swing which I disgraced myself trying to play on hehe.

We headed out for Thai that night which was lovely and found it really funny that we heard that Nicholas Cage lived nearby Glastonbury (may have been some earlier stalker activity trying to find his house maybe) so were really laughing about what we would do if we saw him (we have a weird obsession with him, he’s just so weird in a funny way, im sure he wouldn’t find that too flattering lol) so we sat down at the Thai restaurant and looked up to see a big picture of Nicholas cage waving down at us (a pic taken of him coming into their restaurant). We were laughing so much at the coincidence. It’s the little things in life ;) Ooh I also saw 4 sauage dogs being walked so was pretty much hysterical after that.

So after a lovely busy day in Glastonbury we headed down to Longleat safari park and had a brilliant day pottering about with the animalssss! We fed deer by hand, saw rhinos, tigers, lions (oh my!) and tackled our fears, as I got to hold a tarantula and my boyfriend held a snake so cheap therapy really hehe. I also liked the bat enclosure where they were free to fly around, did a bit of screaming when they came towards my face lol but was fun.

We were planning to go to stone henge that day too but we drove past it on the way up so sort of felt like ok that’s that one done (too many people about to really enjoy it) but at least can say ive seen it now. Drove down to another little log cabin we stayed in that night which was all nice and warm and snug. Had a nice lazy evening with indian takeaway and face masks lol weird combination. Pretty much fell into a coma after that hehe.

The next day we headed up to the new forest as I keep thinking about this beautiful redwood forest up there and craving to be lost in it an free. We drove round and round a bit trying to find it but was worth it as so stunning and ifferent to the rest of the landscape. It looks like something you would find in america rather than england, the trees are huge and it’s so vibrant. Had a really good explore walking round and round loads of different trails. I love forests and just getting lost in them and being free. I never want to leave though so need a bit of encouragemnt back into the car, usually in food form.

The funny thing is though with days away I left feeling a bit disenchanted with my life and wanting to just up and move away somewhere for a fresh start, but when I drive back through the south coast I’m always re-amazed at how beautiful and vibrant it is. It’s like you see it with fresh eyes and a new perspective. So definitely feel a bit more grateful for where I am and the opportunities around me. Sometimes you just need a holiday from your life to remind you of how great it really is :) Happy spiritual adventures!


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