Spring is in the air!


Hello lovelies,

It’s been beautiful the last few weeks in england with spring in the air and the daffodils and crocuses coming out to tell us that summers on the way. I’m soooo excited, it has felt like a very long cold winter, im so ready for a bit of sun bathing mmm. I’ve been focusing alot on diet lately and did a raw food detox last week. I really feel that it is beneficial to eat more raw food and I definitely feel more clear headed and lighter when I do it. I did find this one harder than last time though and didn’t feel the benefits as much, but after coming back from a mini break today I realised how stressed I’ve been actually and I guess healing can’t take place when your minds all over the place. I think when you get away it gives you a bit of fresh perspective and renewed enthusiasm for life :) I feel that nows the time to get back into meditation and yoga. Its been a bit more difficult as I used to have a beautiful balcony to practice on, but don’t have outdoors space here that I can use but hey ho its just excuses isnt it hehe :P You need to make time and space yourself and set the intention to honour your body and mind over everything else for just a bit of time. I’ve been really busy at uni and placement so have been really focused on all of that, but now im on study leave I have a little bit of freedom to do what I want yay! I have a gig in a few weeks of an old goth band I was in love with as a teenager and I haven’t seen live in years, so really looking forward to that. I then have a little local spiritual festival during the may bank holiday so that should be nice to get away for a few days camping and there’s lots of yoga, dance, singing, meditation etc so that should be lovely :) I really miss brighton and the variety of workshops and events you can go to, so it will be nice to see the usual crowd at this festival to catch up and feel at home. Just a short post today as my roast is ready yum yum, more to follow on my getaway to glastonbury and the new forest exploring adventureeeeee :) much love xyx

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