Beautiful Peru, Sacred Valley, Machu Pichu and San Pedro Adventures

gorgeous view of terraces and river

Hello beautiful people,

Its been a while and from the title I’ve been up to a lot :P First of all sorry I haven’t written in so long, I’ve been unwell and so have been on a healing journey over the summer to be well enough for my Peru trip which I am so grateful that I was able to build up my strength for.

First of all it started with a week in the Sacred Valley, visiting Cusco, Pisac, Ollyatambo and Machu Pichu. On our first day in Cusco we were really affected by the altitude and it literally felt like I had a hot air balloon strapped to me and was walking on air, pretty fun and floaty. I also had some visions that night when I went to sleep of beautiful forests and adventures yet to come. The food in Peru is amazing, so fresh, tasty and different. We went to an organic vegan restaurant where you get a soup, main course, juice and dessert for 10 soles (about £2.50). We spoke to a kind German lady in there about her experiences and she recommended the coca tea for the altitude. This really helped and gave us strength for the hikes but wasn’t overpowering. Cusco is a very busy and bustling place, stray dogs, fireworks, tiny streets, interesting driving, but fun! The San Pedro market was full of all kinds of cool interesting herbs, fruits, foods etc. I especially loved the political parade through the market that involved throwing bangers everywhere, while we sat there drinking fresh juice trying not to get trampled lol. I thought to myself that this would never happen back in England, as the people seemed to really respect their politicians and be glad to see them. One of the guys even kissed my boyfriend and his friend, a little too enthusiastically! It was definitely a cool place to be, but when we moved further into the mountains I was grateful to get some peace.

The drive from Cusco to Pisac took my breath away, the mountain views were so beautiful, nothing like I’ve ever seen before. On the first night in Pisac staying in a beautiful retreat hotel surrounded by mountains and next to a rocky clear river I knew I was home. We got a taxi up to Pisac ruins and the view just carried on getting even more amazing as we got closer to the top. As we walked through Pisac ruins it was quiet and peaceful and I finally began to shake off some of my stress and worries and was just present with the landscape. When I got to the top I started crying, I just fell in love with the place and felt so grateful to be there. Walking back down lots of little steps was fun to get caught in the moment and test out what my body can now do as its healing itself. I felt proud of myself for making so much progress. I was captivated by the landscape, that in some ways looked so bare and in other ways was full of life. Lots of cactuses of all shapes and sizes with yellow flowers and bright green and orange moss. As we descended back to the market place I decided I wanted to buy a crystal to charge the next day in the San Pedro ceremony. I decided on a little purple triangular one rather than the bigger more extravagant ones I wanted to buy hehe. My boyfriend always teases me about my obsession with collecting crystals and sticking them on any clear surface. I cant help it theyre pretty!

The next day we ventured up the stream to a clearing looking up on the Pisac ruins terraces. I thought to myself that it looks like something that would be described in a guided meditation but these kind of places are actually real! The eucalyptus trees surrounding us smelled so good and were such vibrant shades of green. I previously was worried about how San Pedro would affect me, having been ill, but nights before I dreamt of it and I was running completely free feeling limitless (took this as a good sign), so took half the dose than the others took for my body size. Straight away the rock I was leaning against felt more soft and I felt more at one with it. I relaxed back and listened to the ceremony. When the shaman called in our ancestors and higher beings to protect us I felt and saw a couple of native Peruvians around us that were full of compassion and next to me my Nanny was supporting me. I started crying at this point with happiness. Once the ceremony started I began to feel nauseous and spent most of the time in the shade behind some trees trying to keep calm. I saw mandalas and geometric shapes in my inner vision. I felt the plant medicine weaving through my vewins and down my arms. Having not done anything like this before I found it a little daunting and realised I needed to let go into it and trust in the process. I felt that everything would be ok once I purged but had difficulty.
The tobacco blessings I received where the shaman blew smoke on my crown chakra, shoulders and heart chakra blew me away and really opened something up, I felt safe. He brought me down to the river as I felt hot and splashed water over my head. It felt like a ceremonial purification and we started laughing, I have been obsessed with the word purity and detoxing so this really helped me reach a higher level. I presumed to spend the next few hours playing with the water and continuously splashing it over me (must have been funny to watch) hehe. When I splashed my hand in the water I saw blue lights, it was really beautiful and as I slowly moved my hand through the water I saw rainbow colours across my skin. When I looked upstream I had an amazing moment of clarity where the water looked so real and clear, as if I was seeing it in a new way as it should be for the first time. At this point I thought I was ok and it was wearing off so walked back to my group…yep I was wrong there! I lay down and felt the experience intensify and overwhelm me, when I looked up at the mountain it moved around and I saw Aztec birds in the sky and mandalas (again beautiful) but body wise my body wasnt feeling so great at this point. The shaman offered me some tobacco to ground me, in my not so with it state I proceeded to take the biggest puff known to man and then spent about half an hour coughing my guts up (very attractive) hehe. After this I was very tired and overwhelmed so lay back down and my body was uncontrollably jerking for the next hour or so. I have been very afraid for years of my movement disorder coming back so initially panicked as it is embarrassing having no control over your body, but tried to calm down and play it out and let it do what it needs to. I felt energy rushing down my left leg that I have had problems with so felt that I was being healed through all this. After the twitching calmed down and crawled up in a ball and slept for hours. When it was time to walk home I was still completely not with it and so it was probably the hardest walk back I’ve ever done hehe. As soon as I got back I fell into bed physically and emotionally exhausted. Once I felt safe and the medicine was slowly wearing off I felt I had a little more control to play with it. I saw Buddha statues in my mind and all kinds of geometric shapes. I asked the plant to heal me and help me finally release the issues causing it all in the first place. In the morning I felt that I had made progress and felt lighter and more positive. It was not an easy or fun experience like I thought it would be, but it was definitely worth experiencing. I understand what they mean when they say that it heals you by bringing up issues in your subconscious to be released. I felt that past memories and issues were coming back up, I felt sad for all the negative ways I’ve treated my body and had compassion for myself, that my body was doing the best it could under the circumstances. I knew some of these insights already, but somehow it just connected them together more clearly and helped me release them more effectively. When I found the crystal I held in the ceremony it suddenly felt full of energy. As if the vibration of the plant medicine had been absorbed into it. I’m glad to have a little part of it to take with me to remind me of what I have learned, felt and seen.

The next day we headed up to Ollyatambo, a little village with ruins in the mountains. Our hotel was beautiful and comfortable, I was so happy to have a nice bed (love my homey comforts). First impressions of the ruins I was not as blown away as Pisac which really touched my heart, but as the tour guide explained that it was built opposite a face in the mountain for Incas to worship and other facts it started to grow on me and the water system that flows around it really captivated me, as on the solstice the water is charged with light at sunrise in a specific location. I have been thinking about water and craving to be close to it for months so after the San Pedro ceremony I became obsessed with water and purification and I felt the Incas understood this too.

We headed up to Agua Caliente on the Machu Pichu train the next day and the views along the way were absolutely stunning of the rivers, ruins, jungle and mountains. That day we headed to the hot springs and enjoyed a cocktail looking up at the gorgeous mountains. I felt happy and relaxed as we talked about our aspirations and dreams. I felt that it was a real possibility for me to move here and live a more spiritual life with a like minded community. Our hotel had a balcony looking over the river, I loved the sound of it flowing, it was so peaceful. We got a bus up Machu Pichu very early the next day to watch the sun rise. Can’t say I actually saw the sun rise though lol, it was pretty cloudy and rainy but it was still an amazing place with breathtaking views. While waiting to see if the weather would get any better I was told in my mind that I have to learn to dance whatever the weather and that disappointment is only a state of mind and its better to sacrifice an amazing warm day to understand how to control my vibration better, so that I can feel happy no matter what. It said that there would be trials and hard times ahead, but as long as I keep the faith and positivity in my heart I would thrive.

That evening we headed back to Cusco and I relaxed watching all the villages go by and thinking of how much I wanted to move there and be part of this amazing place. We headed to a Japanese restaurant and had vegetarian sushi and deep fried veggies and rice. I really enjoyed this meal (as I did with all of them hehe) and was sad to be saying good bye to my tour guide and our first week. It was my friends birthday so we had a bit of a laugh. I was astounded with how much we managed to pack into it and how much we’d changed in just one week. The next day we gathered for our goodbyes and then prepared for our next leg of the journey….the jungle..


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