Hey beautiful beings,

Wow so its April already! I am moving house in a few weeks, so am in a time of transition and trusting in the universe to bring to me more of who I am. I’m very much looking forward to decorating it with beautiful crystals, vision boards on the walls and setting up my lovely new Reiki massage table for sharing with others :) It can be easy to get caught in the technical things like money, appliances, fitting in to a new place, making new friends. At first I was a bit complacent and worried, but as its Easter Sunday I feel it is a time of rebirth, a time to celebrate change and the new exciting experiences it brings us.

I have been trying to meditate more the last few days and already have noticed a huge difference and so feel motivated to put into action all that I’ve learned over my life. It’s so easy to get caught in the trap of learning more and more, but the tools are there for a reason, to put them into action!

My affirmation for motivation is “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. I hope someday I’ll live by this Hehe. Bit ironic that I’m putting off my latest uni essay to be writing this, but sometimes you just need to go with what brings you the greatest joy and for me that is spirituality and inspiring others, including myself to live our highest joy and possibility.

This year has been a bit of a strange one for me, its been a mix of really high vibration, pure happiness, mixed with some darker stuff being released. I felt that I was going into a space of detox and fear was being brought up to be released. However because I accepted that it is a process that needs to take place and giving myself permission to sleep more if I need to, it seems to be easing up now and going back into a happy beautiful place again :)

I went to look at some singing bowls last week and it was a really powerful shifting experience for me. A friend invited me and I was a bit stressed with uni work and thought I don’t have enough time, however despite all the excuses something made me need to go and experience it.

There’s something really powerful and multidimensional about these amazing instruments. Made from pure crystal like quartz, they seem to create a beautiful energy just by being in the room with them. The sound that comes from them is just so powerful, it really seems to break through any stagnant energies instantly. As soon as she started playing the bowls it felt like my body went into a hypnotic state and I wanted to just melt down to the floor, my body feeling like jelly.
What really fascinated me was how the singing bowls seem to be attracted to certain people and when you point the sound towards different people the sound changes in response to your energy. I found that after looking at a number of beautiful bowls I still hadn’t found the one for me that really resonated, until I looked over and was surprised that I was attracted to a black singing bowl. This was strange to me as I thought id like the really shiny colourful bowls, but there was something about it that was really intriguing. When I played it the sound just blew me away! It was such a beautifully strange out of this world sound that I didn’t want to stop playing it and eventually had to drag myself away, but its funny how they seem to choose you and you develop an instant connection, as if it’s a living entity.

It was definitely what I needed at the time to pull me into a new awareness and really begin to release those energies that no longer resonated for me. It’s exciting knowing that something so small can create such a profound shift :) So if anyone fancies gifting me £1000 to bring home my singing bowl baby I’d be ok with that :P lol

Have a beautiful month and I have lots of cool stuff to share sooooooon, much love xyx

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