Another year another word: Passion! ;)

Hello lovely people,

It’s a few days before Christmas and I’m having a well deserved break from uni and deliberately ignoring essays I should be writing and instead writing this hehe.

This year has gone really fast and its interesting to stop for a moment and look back on all the amazing things that have happened to me this year. Starting my nursing course, my man moving in with me, going to buddhafield festival, going to You can do it London Hay house talks and seeing Bruce Lipton, Neal Donald Walsh and David Hamilton talk (to name a few), winning tickets to Brighton’s MBS event and seeing Kyle Gray and David Hamilton speak (amazing!) as well as doing a day workshop with Kyle Gray in London. This year I’ve had some amazing vitality and health experiences related to healthy eating (as well as crashes by not taking such good care of myself hehe) so feel extra motivation that eating well and taking care of myself is absolutely essential for this new year. In front of me is a large pile of Christmas presents (and more to wrap) which I guess is a beautiful symbol of the abundance I have attracted into my life and the joy of sharing it with others. In the new year I hope to carry on using what I have learned about abundance to make my life even more beautiful and spectacular! (like that word!)

So another year, another word, another theme for my life. I thought of a couple, purity really stood out, as with my health I found that eating more raw foods made my body feel more pure, such an amazing feeling. However “passion” also kept cropping up and I wasn’t sure which to choose, but then at Kyle Gray’s angel workshop we were each given a card on our seat and mine said “Passion” and was linked to the Archangel Haniel who I feel very drawn to, so I thought yep ok that’s a sign!

I hope it will be a good motivator to attract in and create some more fiery fun motivating energy and enthusiasm for my life. Winter is inevitably a time when everything slows down and becomes a bit sluggish, so in the new year I want to break out of that (lazy) role and really get into the magic of my life. I am much more confident than I used to be, but would like to be more poised and body confident, or just a little less clumsy :P

I have talked often about my love of dance and its healing power. I haven’t danced for months now, as its been very cold here, definately looking forward to jumping back in and using some energy! Particularly bellydancing I find has an amazing transformative power to bring self confidence and its very good exercise too!

Another area I would like to work on is my voice and singing. When I was younger I was very passionate about singing, but due to some negative comments at college I lowered my self esteem and stopped completely. Since then I have often gotten coughs, colds and infections in my chest and throat, so there’s definately some stuck energy there that needs releasing. I’ve heard good things about EFT but feel a bit silly saying things out loud with other people in the house, so will maybe try a group session to see what its like.

I’m currently constructing a vision board for passion so will put up pictures when its done. It’s just taking a while to find pictures that I can actually display in my house hehe. Passion needs to be in balance otherwise it can take on a life of its own!

So should be a fun, exciting year ahead of me! Let me know if anyone has any interesting, not rude please ;) suggestions to invite passion into my life.


Lots of love xyx



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