Continuing year of abundance :)


Hello gorgeous beings :)

I’ve just been reading some of my blog posts and its so lovely getting to relive those amazing experiences. Hopefully this will motivate me to write down my experiences more, as there have definitely been a lot of them (and hopefully lots more) :)

Since my last post my entire life has changed really. My man is now living with me which is lovely, lots of fun and very different to the army relationship we had before.

I am now a student nurse! Pretty crazy and intense, but feeling a lot of passion and love for looking after people, as it always challenges me to become a more compassionate and organized person! hehe

I also feel a massive need to keep spirituality a central theme in my life and try to nurture that, through the events I make time for and integrate the lessons I learn in my daily life.

We went to Buddhafield earlier this year which was a really lovely experience. It was amazing how much there was to do! I particularly enjoyed the bollywood and goddess dance sessions, as well as lots of different yoga sessions including kundalini which made me high as a kite lol! It was very very hot so on one day we walked up into the countryside, found some shade in a beautiful field and just napped for a few hours, bliss! I also had an amazing healing session which had me on a different planet for most of the day (or maybe just back to earth, as I’m usually off in my own dream world hehe). She channeled that I should embrace my divine feminine more, which I loved doing through the dancing :)

I also went to The London Hay House “I can do it conference”, which was such a cool experience! I saw Bruce Lipton, Neale Donald Walsh, David Hamilton, Doreen Virtue and a huge amount of other top names, so it was a real privilege to hear people speak who I have so much respect for, who are living their dreams and talking their truth and inspiration to the world. It has really motivated me that one day I want to write a book to inspire people and get it published with Hay house :) ….keep a look out ;)

I also won tickets to the Brighton Mind Body Spirit festival last weekend which was really lovely. Especially on the Sunday I went to David Hamilton and Kyle Gray’s talk on science and angels which I really loved. They both have a chilled out approach and go with the flow, so it felt really spontaneous and uplifting :) I have been trying to connect with Angels more and more over the last year and have had some amazing experiences such as feeling so overwhelmed with love I burst into tears, a number of times asking the angels for a sign and seeing the biggest shooting starts go across the sky and constantly seeing multiple numbers 333, 444, 555, 222, 111, as well as sausage dogs lol which just bring me so much joy, I just love them so much and they make me burst into hysterical laughter!

 I really felt a connection during the meditation sessions  and a previous hypnosis session and was amazed that the image and name of my guardian angel Murielle corresponds with what her name means (star of the sea or bright shining sea). I have pictured her a few times with dark flowing hair, very nurturing and motherly are usually surrounded by a dark sparkling bio luminescent water, so was amazed to see how my imagination of the scene connects with the name. She is the angel of emotions, so I’m very privileged to be able to learn to embrace loving positive emotions more (and maybe tackle the darker ones I try to hide from…if I’m feeling brave)

I went home and bought Kyle Gray’s books straight away and have already read them both. I was very inspired that someone the same age as me is completely stepping into their truth and authenticity, having the courage to share what they believe in and inspire so many people. It was mesmerizing stepping into his world and imagining how he experiences and sees angels. I hope to be able to connect more fully and see and experience more of those beautiful moments. He also dresses and talks completely different to who you would typically imagine as an angel follower ie blonde hair ethereal floaty lady and so it was very cool seeing a man wearing trendy clothing with tattoos talking about angels with such certainty and passion.

I realised that I’ve often consciously when trying to connect with loved ones or higher beings said in my head “give me a sign please of your presence…..but please don’t appear physically in front of me, as I may have a heart attack” lol so I guess they’re kind to respect my wishes ;)

Hopefully I can work on some of my belief systems to immerse myself more in all the amazing experiences I could have in life. I am going to Kyle Gray’s workshop in London on Sunday so really looking forward to a whole day of immersing myself in the Angelic world, should be fun ;)

I have found that gratitude has become a really big part of my life and have started to really integrate it as a habit now. Every morning as I drive to work or walk into uni I will go through what I am grateful for and constantly review how I phrase it feels, i.e if its better to say thankyou for…, I am grateful for…, Thankyou God, Angels, etc so its a fun little experiment to keep me entertained. Ive just started re-reading The Magic by Rhonda Byrne to focus my mind more and more, as gratitude really does open up the world around you and help you see the beauty in everything.

I’ve been doing a prosperity challenge by Summer McStravick which has been quite fun to get my imagination going more. She has an app called flowdreaming that has loads of free talks and its based on the law of attraction but I really like her lighthearted enthusiastic approach to it, its helped me let go more and enjoy the abundance tasks I do rather than focusing more on doubt.

I find at this time of huge transition in my life I’m feeling a bit anxious about all the changes, making friends and changing the entire healthcare system to suit my beliefs (not that im putting too much pressure on myself haha) and so finding time for things that inspire me is helping me to find stability and balance through it all.

I’ve got to say though this year I’ve felt very pure, light and healthy. Even with a chest infection I still felt energetic through it and have a greater clarity of mind. I feel that there is an amazing awakening taking place that I feel privileged to be a part of.

Thankyou for reading, much love xyx




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