Reclaiming the magic of life!


Ok so the last week I have been implementing new skills and habits to attract abundance into my life. I have watched the Secret (a few too many times hehe) to motivate myself. 

I bought “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne last year when I went to Mexico and decided to read it properly this time and do everything the book says. She implements a 28 day regime to introduce abundance into your life through brilliant and easy gratitude exercises and tasks. The first is to keep a gratitude journal, in which every morning you list 10 things you are grateful for and why you are grateful for them. This puts you in an “attitude of gratitude” for the rest of the day, so you are in the frequency for abundance to enter your life. The second is to pick a gratitude rock to keep by your bedside, which you pick up every evening before going to sleep and think about the best thing that has happened to you that day and say thankyou for it. I think this task is brilliant in its simplicity, as it makes you think of lots of things that have happened to you that day with gratitude, to be able to pick out the best one. Really its making you grateful for lots of things!

So back to my day so far. I went to the beach today to pick out my gratitude rock. I live on the seafront so I see the sea and beach everyday, but really focusing on what I was looking for made me more aware of my surroundings and all the beauty within it. I realised how calm and clear the sea is today and the variety of shapes, sizes and colours of stones on the beach. It awoke this lovely feeling of being a child again and the hours I used to spend playing happily on the beach, picking out the perfect stones which were my treasure. I found a number of round stones but didn’t feel they were quite perfect and decided to myself that I really wanted a heart shaped stone. So I found my heart shaped stone, or should I say boulder hehe (a little larger than I intended but I took it home anyways!)

After finding my gratitude rock I walked to the Chinese supermarket to get some jasmine tea (I love jasmine tea!) On the way I was struck by the beauty around me of little things Ive walked past so many times but haven’t noticed. I walked through a park and never knew that section of it existed before (I usually only see the front end of the park from the bus rather than the back end nearer the sea) . The yellow and purple crocuses were starting to bloom, I was entertained by the dogs in the park playing with each other so joyfully and the beautiful trees starting to grow new leaves ready for spring. I was walking past a bench where I noticed a free magazine and walked past it at first, but then felt so attracted to it for some reason I decided to go back and pick it up. On the way home I also found a few more magazines so that I can cut out pictures for my vision board (another task). I walked past a church and wrote down a yoga class for the weekend and an article about “Awakening”. I then walked past a shop window and saw the quote “Live what you love” which inspired me so much I stopped and wrote it down.

So as you can see in just a short trip out for under an hour I invited so much magic into my life! When you are in the flow, all these amazing coincidences start popping up and it makes a short walk turn into an amazing adventure.

I hope you will have as beautiful a day as me today! :)

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  1. Shireen says:

    Hello! I read your story on the secret website which insured me to read your blog. So glad I did because it has been just the heartfelt tonic I needed to realign myself with focus.

    Your previous post confirming the irony of illness to realise change and instruct faith in abundance of love for life in each of our souls, definitely everything for a reason and calling back to where one needs to find the self in life.

    I found myself in a strange and alien place in my life recently completely unaligned and LOA brings me home. Went looking for a book for inspiration, help to manage my thoughts and emotions I have read all the secret books but not enough and needed more in addition to the stories etc.

    I have long been told of the celestine prophecy and well needles to say there it was waiting for me so have started it and living the journey that I anticipate has long been needed in my life to soothe my mind and enrich my soul.

    I love your take on health writing a book etc i equally so feel the wish to share through a book the goodness importance and well being nutrition not just to survive or exist but to actually live!

    Thanks you have inspired me to pursue my studies again!

    Warmest, please do keep writing, it’s refreshing!

    Shireen x

    1. Aiyana Rosel says:

      Hello Shireen and thankyou so much for your comment :) It really means alot to me that people took the time to read my blog and enjoyed it. Having to tackle my own health problems in the past and working in a hospital has taught me alot about how poeple deal with illness, but what has helped me more than anything is changing the way I think about my health and using reiki and yoga to improve it.

      I’m glad youve started reading the celestine prophecy, I loveeeeeee this book soooo much!!!! I really like the tenth insight and secret of shamballah as well, ive read them all so many times! I’ve just read “the fourth awakening” as well by another author which I found pretty interesting.

      Thankyou for the motivation to write a book and to keep writing my blog, I’m hoping that writing my blog will give me the resources and skills to do it for real! I’m glad I have inspired you as well. :) Good luck with your studies.

      Take care xyx

  2. A says:

    I really liked your blog. I was reading a secret story on the secret website and your story said to look at your blog. I did and I really enjoyed it! :) Your blog really helps bring motivation. I’m a young teenager, so I don’t know of you intended teens to be some of your audience, but your blog really inspires me. :)

    1. Aiyana Rosel says:

      Hello hun, thankyou very much :) I’m really glad i’ve given you a bit of motivation and you enjoyed reading my blog. It’s nice that my words are getting out to such a wide age group. When I was younger I went through alot of soul searching and I guess you could say I hit rock bottom before I became happy with my life. If you know about spirituality at a young age then thats brilliant, as it will help you through any hard times and motivate you to follow your dreams! Good luck :)

  3. Avinash says:

    With the Magic, you definitely feel wonderful and practicing it in the morning makes the rest of the day great.
    You automatically becomes happy and positive.
    Ever since I watched the secret in June 2012, I have been doing research on law of attraction, divinity, god and how they are all interlinked.
    I can tell you one thing: We are much more than what we were told. We are powerful beyond our imagination.

    1. Aiyana Rosel says:

      Hello and thankyou for your comment :) It’s made me smile that my words are getting out to a wider audience. I really agree that we are so much more powerful than we previously thought we were, so now is the time to play with that and see what amazing things we can all create!

  4. Rose says:

    I miss the jasmine tea from that shop! I’ve discovered tesco sell a “green tea with jasmine” which I make do with most of the time now :)

    1. Aiyana Rosel says:

      hehe yeh ive discovered a chinese shop not far from mine but they only had a small box so having to ration myself :P my new obsession is lady grey tea anyways its gooooood! :)

  5. Matt says:

    I was reading some of the Secret Stories to keep me motivated in life. Somehow I came up on your story and felt like visiting your blog.
    Now I understand the reason why. I have all three books, The Secret, The Power and The Magic. I read The Secret and started reading The Power. But lately I have been so carried away with different things in my life that I left reading the book halfway. For the past two days, I have been thinking that I should get back to starting from where I stopped reading. And stumbling upon your story, and now your blog,I read about the gratitude rock – now I know why I’m here. This is a reminder to tell me to start reading again.
    Thank you Ms. Aiyana for writing this blog and helping me realize something that I have to do.

    1. Aiyana Rosel says:

      Hey matt,

      I have The Power and the Magic books and recently bought The Secret dvd so I can watch it more often. Im interested in many areas of spirituality, but have always been “a dreamer”, living in my head but rarely putting the things I learn into creating experiences in the world. The last few weeks I really feel that I am making a turning point in my life learning how to put my dreams into action and create amazing experiences! Reading people’s real stories on the website really motivated me to see all the amazing miracles that have happened in peoples lives, so I thought it would be nice to add my story to inspire people, as they have inspired me :) Good luck with your journey and I look forward to hearing about your experiences! Take care xyx

  6. Hi, I am so glad I have come across your blog, I am currently reading the power and googled reviews. The first review I read was really negative and it kind of dishearted me, then I came accross your story on the secret and it has restored my faith. I truly believe in the law of attraction and from today will be

  7. Practising it in everything that I do, how can it not work? Positivity is everything and I have so much in my life to be grateful for yet I tend to worry about the negatives. I believe your blog has come into my life for a reason. So I thank you for sharing your inspirational story. Dominique x

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