2013- Year of Abundance!

Hello lovely people,

It seems I have forgotten that my blog existed in the last 2 years but it’s funny how things pop back up when you feel you need them. Reading back over some of my old posts made me smile at the amazing memories and also surprised me how much my life has changed in the last few years. In my last post I seemed to be exploring and trying to find out who I was going to become after uni and now I guess I feel a bit more established.

I am currently working as a bank healthcare assistant in a hospital which is very tiring but rewarding. I meet so many interesting people and have learned alot of things about myself and what I can push myself to do if I put my mind to it. i have decided that because I love my job so much I am going to do my full nurse training in September…so another 3 years at university!

However much I love my job I have felt a real pull back to spirituality lately, as if my body needs it to carry on. When I was dancing, doing yoga and meditating on a regular basis I felt amazing and so I am realizing that no matter how busy I am I need to create a healthy balance in my life. I am writing this from my bed as we speak, as I have been rather unwell this week- so maybe a reminder to myself of the changes I need to make.

I have been doing alot of thinking about the future lately and what I want to achieve in my life and have realised that being a nurse is not enough in itself. I want to further our understanding of health and get the most out of our lives, so at the same time I am determined to further my understanding and share my insights. I would love to write a book and hopefully by telling the world my dreams it will motivate me to do it! There are so many authors who have inspired me and in some cases changed my life! James Redfield author of “The Celestine Prophecy” is a great example of one such book that really changed the way I see the world and my life. I would like to inspire people the way that his amazing book has.

So enough jabbering and back to the original reason I wrote this post. As you know by now every year I choose a word to inspire me for the year and I have to say I’ve had a little trouble this year, not with lack of ideas but too many that I keep flitting between. I originally chose health and although this is very important to me I also desire to attract more money into my life to save up for uni and do a bit of travelling, so in the end I thought after watching The Secret I would just combine them all together and choose Abundance to get the best of both worlds :P I guess what I want is that inner motivation to achieve anything I put my mind to and that applies to my health, wealth, relationships, career. It’s time to combine together all the things I’ve learned and put them into practise!

So I am in a period of reading anything I can get my hands on at the moment and trying to improve my health. Sometimes a time of illness is what you need to reflect on what you need to improve to move forward, so I guess I will let you know how it goes :)

Lots of love,



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