Onwards and upwards!


Hello gorgeous people,

Every blog lately has started with the generic “sorry I haven’t written in a long time”, but I think uni was a pretty good excuse ;) Anyways I had my last exam on Saturday so I’m free, I’m free!

It’s quite scary and exciting at the same time to be free of one phase of my life and ready to begin another. There are so many choices but I’ve found that synchronicity has really been on my side and the right opportunities have come up at just the right times. I think really trusting this process makes the opportunities present themselves more quickly, so I’m glad I stuck with it rather than considered the possibility of getting an office job…ew

 I applied for a job as a brain rehabilitation support worker to someone who suffered a brain injury and needs general support in planning and motivating each day, so if I get it I hope it will be a real challenge that will be rewarding too.

I’m also planning to do an Inca trail challenge in May, walking up Macha Pichu in Peru for St Barnabas charity. I’ve wanted to go to Peru and see Machu Pichhu for years, so there’s no better time to do it that 2012 :)

I’m hoping now that I don’t have to study, I can focus more into spirituality again, as I really feel that long-term it is the best path for me, I always feel renewed enthusiasm for life and inspiration when I am living it and in the creative flow.

Anyways just a short little update but I will be writing some more blogs soon on subjects rather than just my life, to get deeper into my practise :) See you soon xyx



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