Joy and love :)


Ok so I have been rather rubbish with my blog but only because my life has been filled with lots of fun :P

Wow it’s been about 3 months since I wrote my last blog, funny how quickly time flies by! I have been seeing a new man, so have kind of jumped right in again (will I ever learn hehe)

My new year’s resolution word for this year is “Joy”, which kept springing to mind at the end of last year. I wanted to cultivate the feeling of being happy and carefree, able to let go into every moment and really enjoy each day, feeling truly grateful for my life.

I think so far I have really started to feel this feeling of love and appreciation. My new relationship has made me feel passionate about life again; I was getting to the stage last year where I felt a lot of confusion and like I was stuck in a rut, feeling that I needed to make the changes to really become the person I want to be. I feel now that I’m starting to become the person that I want to be, more self-assured, confident, kind, uplifting, passionate, creative, spontaneous, open…these are all qualities that I am working on.

I was a bit cynical about love in the past; as if it’s something that can be controlled and was always the person that took the piss out of couples that couldn’t keep their hands off each other….but haha how the joke is on me!! My experiences over the past few months have taught me that love and infatuation is not a choice; it’s more like being pushed off a cliff, scary but exhilarating at the same time. It makes you feel alive, life becomes a little brighter and more interesting, you want to sing and hum everywhere you go, you want to be silly and jump on people for the fun of it (hmm maybe that just me!), you obsessively listen to the same songs that remind you of the person you can’t stop thinking about, your heart skips a beat every time you think about them, you want to do really domestic things like make them a cake when you’ve NEVER done that for anyone :P lol So yep ladies and gentleman I am officially in trouble ;)

I have just been going with the flow so far this year, which has been really nice, but getting close to the end of uni now (ahh!) I feel I need to be a little more proactive and I think this especially applies to cultivating spirituality. Life will change hugely for me this year but I could learn so much, so I think setting good habits to bring more joy into my life will help me feel ready for anything that life throws at me. Life is always changing, it never stays still, it will always surprise you, shock you, open your eyes to the infinite possibilities in this beautiful world. There is so much to experience; we just have to be ready for it ;) Near the end of last year I would have laughed if I was told what my life would be like now, it’s changed completely, but only for the better!!

My new year’s resolution this year isn’t as clear-cut as “creativity” last year. I am so grateful for bringing more creativity into my life; it has really brought me back to life! I now regularly practise yoga, belly dancing, trance dance, ballet and have slowly started bringing singing back into my life. It feels like I’ve opened a box that brings me so much joy that for a long time I kept buried inside myself.

I feel determined to carry on expanding my boundaries to bring my love of dancing into performance, so practise practise practise!

I think a really beautiful way to encourage joy is to do loving kindness meditation and gratitude lists to remind myself how lucky I am in my life. I still every day think to myself how lucky I am to be living such an amazing life. The experiences, people I meet and love, opportunities never fail to amaze me.

Practising reiki always makes me feel alive and I really enjoy giving the gift of reiki to other people so I need to schedule the time to give reiki sessions more regularly to people to gain more experience and share the joy.

I feel that choosing “joy” is really going to make my life jump off the page this year and become even more amazing than last year so all I can say is….bring it on!!!! xyx


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