Preparing for 2011 :)

Hello my lovelies,

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I have been back home with my family for a few weeks and a lot has changed in my life in such a small amount of time. My relationship with my boyfriend of 5 and a half years has ended so that’s been pretty difficult to deal with. It was pretty much mutual as we had been drifting apart for a long time but it doesn’t make it any easier, when you have spent that long with one person it’s a big change re-learning who you are without them.

I could have hidden away under the covers and just sulked for weeks but who would that help so I decided to do the exact opposite and keep as busy as humanly possible to keep my mind busy. I went to a trance dance the day after it happened as I already said I would help out. Thought I might fall apart but I actually found that when I danced I felt whole again and forgot about all my troubles. It’s amazing the power of dance and how much it heals, we put so much emphasis on our minds but sometimes forget how powerful our bodies are and the simplicity and joy of movement.

I also went to an amazing event called biodanza that was pretty intense and challenging for me but really opened my eyes as well. It’s based on connecting with others, holding hands and synchronising movements, making eye contact, movement as a group, movement alone and lots of hugging :P It was really liberating taking down the barriers and  really connecting with people. I’m sometimes quite shy so I knew it would be difficult to let go and trust other people but I’m really glad I did it and will definitely give it a go again! I noticed when I left the workshop how much people look down and don’t make eye contact with other people. When you do keep your head held high and aren’t afraid of making eye contact and smiling at strangers you notice so much more of your journey, rather than just keeping your head fixed on the pavement until you get to your destination. Let’s face it pavement isn’t all that exciting so why do we become so obsessed with looking at it! hehe

And so after a couple of weeks to chill out, heal, work, eat too much, watch a lot of movies and meet up with old friends I am ready to celebrate new years eve in style by trance dancing the night away and bringing in the new year in conscious joy. I’ve spent so many new years eve parties drinking far too much so I wanted to symbolically show that this year is going to be different. I’m ready to step it up a gear and live my life to the full :)

I hope you will start the new year with the same enthusiasm and love for life as me :) xyx


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