Creativity progress


Here is the list I wrote of creativity ideas earlier in the year and how much of it I have achieved, reads like a strange interview with my previous self but a good way of tracking my progress and thinking of areas I’d still like to work on more…….

  • Write more, I enjoyed doing this so much when I was studying English and yet haven’t done it much since then. Keeping a regular blog will help me keep on track, think of interesting topics to discuss, make plans etc and so I make the promise that I will make a blog post once a week from Monday 25th January


  • Ok so perhaps I haven’t been as regular as I was planning to with the blog, but I have really enjoyed the posts I have written and have also been writing in a couple of spiritual diaries I keep as well, so getting there slowly and surely. I am planning (as suggested by my housemate) to write one blog a week, on Sunday if I don’t manage to do it during the week. I hope this goal will help me make a good long-term habit. The past few weeks I have written more!


  • Go out into nature more, obviously once it gets warmer I will be able to walk on the downs at Uni, so just becoming more in tune with nature, having regular outings to places of natural beauty throughout the year.


  •  I have spent a lot more time in nature this year taking regular walks in Stanmer Park by myself, just sitting in the silence and being revitalised by the beautiful scenery, colours and feel of the air on my face.  It’s funny the things you notice when you give yourself the time just to be. I always think when I’m in a place of natural beauty that this is what poets like William Wordsworth must have felt when they were inspired to write their poetry. I have brought my car over with me to my new house, so I have more freedom to go somewhere random when I feel like it. Funnily this technology has helped me get more in tune with nature and I now live almost opposite a nature reserve which is really beautiful too so this has been a very welcome change in my lifestyle. 


  • Keep a small diary with me at all times and get into the habit of writing in it when I have interesting thoughts, this particularly can happen when I’m going to sleep, so try to write down my dreams etc as its interesting to look back over them and encourages these thoughts to carry on with practise.


I have been carrying a little notebook around with me and have sometimes while walking in nature been inspired to write down lyrics. Still haven’t managed to write down dreams, I like sleep too much that I just want to immerse myself in the dreams while I can! Hehe


  • When reading a book keep a notebook to write down any thoughts I have about what I’m reading


I do this occasionally if I feel really inspired by a particular quote, but should do it more.


  • Sing more, open up and enjoy the sound and the feeling


I have started doing this more, still not as much as I’d like but trying to make the opportunities to do so. Went to a voice circle and did chanting, mantras and improvisation which I found really helpful in warming up my voice and connecting to my authentic sound. Would like to explore this further and do some more singing with my guitar and keyboard over the Christmas holidays.

  • Make notes when I’m reading of the material and my thoughts of the material to really engage with my course, not just actively take in information.


I take it this is referring to uni work, I try to do this, but often other things take my attention away from uni work hehe, I’ve enjoyed reading about synaesthesia and music psychology for my dissertation so it’s been nice reading just for enjoyment of the subject rather than feeling like I have to.


  • Read more blogs and interesting websites on the internet and in books, there is so much fascinating information out there just waiting to be found


I have been doing this more, I read articles on spirit library and humanity healing often and if I’m learning about something I’ll Google it and see what I can find. This way I’ve found some really interesting things out about Reiki like the variability of the symbols as taught by different teachers and the supposed origins of them.


  • Listen to music more consciously, shut my eyes and really be there with it


I do this quite regularly, especially with meditation music because I use it for my Reiki and yoga so set that time aside for myself to be more conscious of my body and senses.


  • Do my Reiki 2 this year if it can be arranged to do so


Did this on 23rd November!


  • Do more courses like the Reiki that give me the confidence and more skills


Have really been making the effort to do new things. Have been doing yoga at uni, went to voice circle, went to trance dance, went to Nia movement class, and went to talks on shamanism and creativity. I have really reconnected with dance and movement as a result of this so have fresh enthusiasm and plans for lots more workshops to sign up for next year!


  • Learn how to sew more, it’s something I really enjoy so I’d like to buy clothes and customise them to my style


Haven’t got round to this, would really like to sign up for a textiles class as some point but so busy busy busy anyway, trying to make some Christmas presents by hand so will sew some of them.


  • Try to do something, go somewhere, experience something new once a week, look at what’s going on, plan outings


I have definitely been doing new things on a regular basis but obviously have to fit this around money and uni work.


  • Be more creative with cooking; try new recipes with healthy ideas that are wholesome to widen more cookery skills.


I’ve done this a bit, and been successful when I have. Make a gorgeous carrot cake, ginger ale with mulled wine spice yum, just a bit more inventive with food combinations, but would like to do some more cooking around Christmas to go with my homemade presents.


  • In my relationship be more creative with where we go, what we do and take time to really connect and enjoy being together


Have tried sometimes, but both being busy its more likely we just want to hide away from the cold instead!


  • Learn more about spirituality, be varied, open to new things, learn more about the holistic therapies this year like reflexology, colour therapy etc


Have tried to be more open and not be put off things because I think it’ll be difficult, embarrassing etc, pushing boundaries is the whole reason I’m doing it!


  • Be more creative and varied with my clothing, try wearing things and different styles I wouldn’t usually try, experiment and have fun with it


Have bought a few more skirts to look more glamorous at times, have grown my hair (very) long and trying to get used to wearing it curly and natural.


  • Go to more art galleries and museums, cultural places that inspire me


Need to do this more!!


  • Plan my time better and get up earlier to really get the most out of my day, don’t force myself and feel guilty but try to use an extra hour to do something I enjoy like read a book




  • Get back into dancing for the enjoyment of movement


This has been my favourite of this term!! Yoga, trance dance, belly dancing, improvising movement combining different styles, really loving it!

  • Keep a journal of my spiritual experiences and ideas to books I read to track my progress


I have been using this blog and a diary with the same name for quotes, writings etc so have been using it more and more often which is really nice to read back.


  • Laugh more, be creative with having fun, game ideas


I think I’ve learned to relax more and not take myself so seriously, I feel lighter and freer.


So looking back over my progress I definitely think this year has really kicked me into gear and made me more conscious of what I want out of life and how fantastic it can be!


I would like to make a scrap-book for this year documenting my journey into creativity and remember some of the amazing things I’ve done because of it!

I will be posting about my homemade Christmas extravaganza soooooooooon. Much love xyx


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