“let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

I just looked out my window at midnight to see snow softly falling, covering cars and roads in sparkling white icing sugar, as if someone from above has just been icing a cake. I immediately leapt for joy, ran downstairs and announced to my housemates “It’s snowing” and did a little celebratory jump around!

There’s just something about snow that immediately makes me so joyful and child like. It’s the beauty of everything that usually looks normal and every day, transformed into a wonder land for just a day or two. It’s something out of the ordinary, a break in routine and the sharp coldness that makes you wrap up in half the clothes you own but still determined to go out and have fun in it!

I love the way that everyone in the snow become more open-hearted and are more willing to smile at strangers, play together in the snow and come together. So often we are close off as a society, in our own little bubbles that sometimes you need something a bit different to give you a shake, mess up your routine and wake you up to how life could be if we interacted with each other like this every day, living fully within the joy of each moment.

I have been feeling really energetic, joyful, grateful and content lately which has only been increased with the Reiki II attunement. I have noticed more and more the simple things in life. Smiling at the sun shining on my face on a cold day, the vibrant autumn colours, becoming more aware of my body through yoga and Reiki and how each part of me feels and really enjoying that process, feeling good to be alive!  Often we are so caught up in our minds thinking thinking thinking that we forget that these bodies we drag around are important too, we forget that we have our own little temple (in my case) or maybe cathedral in the taller! So we need to remember to nurture that body we call our own, maintain it, love it and nurture it as if we would a car to prevent it breaking down in the future or like a house, maybe redecorating it to revitalise and appreciate it more and don’t forget to put out a welcome mat :P

It feels like the possibilities of my life are opening up and I’m starting to really gain confidence that I can really become the person I want to be. This is more a deep belief and faith that I can do anything, if I put my mind to it and am willing to work hard. I am becoming more aware of my talents and how to nurture them such as getting back into dancing again which I now don’t even know why I stopped in the first place and not being afraid to look at areas I would like to work on more with an image of how I want to be in the future.

We often carry around so much fear and worry and feel like we’re stuck in quick sand that it’s amazing to feel like after all the hard work I’ve put in to get here I’m finally starting to really enjoy the fruits of my labour, and if this is only the beginning, then I can’t wait to see where it leads! Once you feel like you are on the right path, following your passion then life becomes far more exciting and fast paced, you no longer feel like you’re walking in mud you feel a spring in your step and want to skip towards your destination in life having fun along the way rather than putting your head down and walking through a blizzard (this is the predominant view in society that life is hard, it’s a dog eat dog world, you have to be cut throat to get anywhere in life etc and it just makes me laugh because it’s just a state of mind, reality is only like this because we believe it is and so make it so, as soon as you change your view your life  very quickly changes from a struggle to a great adventure, just by changing the way you think about it, the way you approach it.

I would love to help others to get to this place of happiness and contentment. Maybe a little nudge in the right direction, some words of wisdom, but I think it’s something that you need to go through yourself. Everyone must make their own path in life to really learn how they themselves can change for the better. So many rely on other people to give them wisdom by the writings of ascended masters such as Jesus or Buddha or by praying, reading books but the ascended masters always said that you yourself have just as much power and insight as they had, once we can quiet our minds enough to hear our inner voice we’ll laugh to realise that the great wisdom and love in the world has been there all along!!

So just know that wherever your path starts, however much it winds, backtracks and stops, all paths are connected and eventually going in the same direction. :)

Much love to all xyx


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