Contemplation and learning to nurture yourself

I am finding at the moment that I am looking inwards more and wanting to just be. I spent a lot of time wanting to read, learn, be inspired but I think after doing a lot of this you sometimes need a bit of time to just step away, nurture yourself and let the information integrate.

After doing a Reiki course there is always a 21 clearing period where your mind, body and spirit integrates the new Reiki awareness into your life. During this time it is recommended that you try to look after yourself a bit more by giving yourself daily Reiki treatments, trying to drink lots of water to flush out toxins, eating high energy foods like fruit and vegetables that help in feeling the energy of your body more and trying not to drink alcohol (or at least I think this is important).

I really like the idea of this, 21 days to really think about you, to look after yourself with kindness and think about what past issues you need to clear that have been holding you back. We hold so much tension over the years from certain events and experiences that we just push down and think about now. This is good to think about the present and the future positively rather than worrying about the past but at the same time it really takes courage to want to go back and say I’m finally ready to fully look at this issue and let it go.

Sometimes you need something like a workshop to give you the motivation to do this. So much of the time we just go on autopilot that it’s nice to really slow down, take a step back from the world and just go into a mini hibernation really J This doesn’t mean you literally should stay inside for weeks and do nothing, you can be just as active as before, it’s more a state of mind than anything.

I went to a documentary film screening tonight, it was a freezing night and on the way home I was redirected from a closed road in the opposite direction which gave me the chance to see the most beautiful view of the moon, so bright and clear with the stars silhouetted against the hills in the distance. It was a really powerfully beautiful moment in its simplicity. Sometimes we need to just calm our minds and notice the beauty in life all around us to remind us how happy we are to be alive. I love driving my car around, having a little sing to myself without fear of anyone judging me, playing my music way too loud and just enjoying the feel of the speed and the fun of driving.

As they say it’s not the destination it’s the journey ;)


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