Reiki II…Yes spell checker I mean reiki instead of rice


So I did my Reiki II course today, with Rebecca Hutley again who came back to England to do a few workshops. Had a really lovely experience and would like to write about it and remember it while it’s still fresh in my mind.

The workshop was held at 130 Lewes road, a small private yoga studio that looks pretty unassuming from the outside but is really beautiful! You go down the stairs to enter the building and then there is a large open plan room with lovely wooden floors, comfy pillows, Buddha statues, a wood burning fireplace, spiral staircase, window and patio area, mirrored wall and the comfiest leather treatment table ever!!!!!!! There were just three of us, me, another lady and Rebecca teaching us, so it was an intimate group feel with a really nice atmosphere. It was lovely seeing Rebecca again, she has a really motherly nurturing feel about her and is really down to earth and genuine so just being around her is a very relaxing experience in itself!

We did a group meditation to focus and then soon after some explanation went into the attunement. Rebecca gave us some Reiki first on our heads and feet which I found really powerful and relaxing, she has a firm and confident feel to her hand movements but really soft and comforting as well.

After this we sat on a chair for the actual attunement which I found really powerful when she was drawing the symbols and as before saw swirling colours in my mind’s eye, a lot of green and purple this time, whereas last time it was more yellows and oranges so it felt deeper. We then lay down and meditated for a while and then after opening my eyes and realising how off with the fairies I was hehe decided to sit up and meditate for a bit cross-legged to fully experience the Reiki attunement and ground myself. I found it really symbolic that when I first opened my eyes after the attunement there was a beautiful wooden Buddha statue in front of me. That was a really nice supporting image to take me back and remember the connection between Reiki II distance healing and the Buddhist loving kindness meditation practise (Mettabhavna or however it’s spelled?!?)

We chilled out and had a cup of tea and generally chatted for a while about the horse training that Rebecca had just come back to England from doing, where she used Reiki and other techniques to train horses and about animals in general and how they seem to sense more powerfully energy. We talked about the law of attraction for a bit like the secret and how you need to come to the decision of what you want in your life with openness and authenticity. I think you have a very fixed plan of what you want to attract you often realise when you start heading down that path that its actually not what you want so I think having a general idea and then being positive to experiences that come your way is a better way of using the tool of attraction to make your life really amazing and adventurous whereas sometimes you spend so long wanting something that when you get it in reality it’s not always as you expect.

Anyways I’ rambling a bit so back to the Reiki!

We were then taught the 3 main Usui lineage symbols, the power symbol, clearing symbol and distance healing symbol. Often there was a lot of secrecy over these symbols but now they are posted in books and all over the internet so I’d already seen them before and thought beforehand “well what power can a symbol have?” Funnily though after being attuned the symbols seemed to draw through me from a deeper place so I had a greater resonance and personal relationship with them, whereas before they were just pretty pictures. Drawing them felt flowing and natural and drawing them with my hand took on a flowing soft continuous movement like a chi kung energy movement practise. She also taught us 4 more Tibetan symbols that were not part of the traditional Usui Reiki but had integrated into the practise through the lineage. Most of them were from the Shambahla Reiki lineage which really resonated with me because of liking aspects of Buddhism and really liking “The secret of Shambahla” which is about making a purely spiritual enlightened community which really inspires me that it is possible for the future years to come.

We then practised some distance healing which was really nice as I had done it previously at a Reiki share but the symbols gave me a greater understanding of how to build up the energy as a group and send it to the person or situation anywhere in the world. This idea of sending energy to people and situations is something I really love doing as loving kindness meditation has given me some beautiful experiences of feeling connected with the whole universe, so I think having this knowledge will only strengthen that. I am planning to arrange regular group healing sessions where we send energy to a situation in the world as world peace and humanitarian issues are really something that I would like to send positive energy towards. I find there are many protests against what people don’t want, sadness at the situations but its far rarer that people will send love and support to people in these difficult places. The Celestine vision website do prayer visualisations that people all over the world connect together to do so that’s really amazing! Anyways getting off track again, will write another blog just about this J

We then finished the day off with some Reiki practise on each other integrating the symbols into our Reiki practise to deepen the connection and strengthen the Reiki for the other person.

I had been feeling recently that I was having trouble knowing how to specifically connect to the Reiki, I would meditate and use affirmations to connect but still found it wasn’t always as strong so learning the symbols has really helped to connect at the start of a Reiki session as I now have a specific symbol that doesn’t need words to connect. I remember from last time as well Rebecca used a beautiful image of a pool of warm yellow liquid like honey that is pouring through your crown chakra, through your body and into the earth so being reminded of that since the first Reiki really gives me a lovely image to focus on.

She also talked a bit about the chakras and how the bottom 3 chakras: base, sacral and solar plexus are often separate from the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras and its like there’s a switch inside your heart that connects them all together so all the energy can run smoothly from base to crown. I have very much experienced this as when your heart feels very open and very loving the energy flows much more freely through your whole body.

We both gave Rebecca a Reiki session using the symbols and as usual I was very drawn to the legs and feet (feet are a big thing for my practise….in a non foot fetish sort of way hehe) She found it really relaxing as she was a bit jet lagged from coming back from California so relaxed while the other girl gave me a Reiki session which was amazing! The times she used the symbols before even giving me hands on Reiki I could feel it straight away. She drew the symbol near my head and I felt very warm energy and then near my stomach I thought she was massaging my stomach as it felt like her hands were moving round but it was just the symbol so that was really cool!!

After being well and truly blissed out I then gave her a Reiki session which I really enjoyed as it gave me a chance to practise the skills I’d learned from Reiki I in more detail, so there’s a move where you gently move the head to the side and put your hands underneath that I was too nervous to do before but was a really strong hand position and she really found it powerful too.

I found I could be more hands on as well as more confident with the whole session from start to finish like how to gently move into the start and ground the person well at the end while keeping track of time so it’s definitely made me more confident to go out and practise more on people.

And that’s where my Reiki II session ended……or I guess begins as there’s soooooo much to play with and practise with now so exciting stuff.

So if anyone wants a Reiki session or wants me to send them distance healing please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to do so!

If you are thinking of training in Reiki or want more information I’m more than happy to tell you about it so give me an email.

Much love to all, nighty night xyx

Ps sorry if any of this is confusing, I ten to just wrote what comes to mind and the publish rather than going back and editing as its nice to look back at the whole thing later on. :)

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  1. Uzma says:

    Your vision board is really inspiring and the glow lights are a great idea too. I would love to have a Reiki treatment to unblock any negative energy and align my mind and body so I can feel motivated to do things. Do you know any great healers / practices around central london.
    Thanks a lot

    1. Aiyana Rosel says:

      Thankyou, reiki really changed my life so it’s definately worth a try and see if it works for you. I’ve been going to some reiki shares recently and realised how different the energy can feel chanelled through different people, so its worth trying a few different practitioners to see what works for you. I would say when looking for a reiki master you will be attracted to the one thats best for you if you intend it. There are hundreds of people practising , so you have to use your intuition and first impressions of that person or their website ie at a holistsic health show I never go near the massage therapists etc that look really bored and miserable lol, I go towards the inviting smiley ones, simples :P

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