11th of the 11th, What I am grateful for……..


The 11th of November (1111) has special spiritual meaning to many people across the globe. On this day I have chosen to write about what I am grateful for to connect me with my life and the world and give me a clearer understanding of how we can proceed from here.

I really enjoy writing these lists, it is a very healing experience in itself and it takes you over as you write, your ego is left behind as you write whatever comes to you at the time. I hope this will help you write your own list and connect more fully with this special day. Lots of love xyx

I feel deeply grateful and loving at this moment for the privileged life I have been blessed with. I am so unbelievably lucky to be in good health, have money to buy food to nourish my body, have clean, pure water to drink whenever I am thirsty, be so close to beautiful areas of nature where I can retreat to contemplate life and purify my body with exercise and pure oxygen.

I am lucky to have such amazing family and friends surrounding my life, giving me loving support whenever I am in need, who understand my need to retreat into myself sometimes.

I am lucky to live in a country where I am free of suffering, able to believe what I want without fear of retribution, I am able to manifest anything for my life if I want to achieve it, and I do not have any constraints holding me back.

I am grateful that I have the financial capabilities to surround myself with beauty, colour and art that nourish my mind and uplift me.

I am grateful for warmth and shelter, on such a rainy and cold day I am especially grateful for this!

I am grateful for the healing powers of dance, music, art and self-expression, I am grateful for community and for the internet for extending our sense of community meaning that we can connect with people all over the world and share our messages with each other.

I am grateful to have had such beautiful and caring role models in my life such as my nanny, mum and dad who are examples of unconditional love and courage.

I am grateful to be in a country and be able to go to university, so that I can learn about the world and how people have thought about it to help me in my own creative thinking.

I am grateful to all the kind people in the world who help with charities to better mankind and reduce suffering, whether they volunteer in shops, help in promotion and organising events or who are employed to better people’s lives. These selfless and loving individuals make the world a better place. They don’t just have a dream they make it reality by putting what they believe into practise and working hard to improve people’s lives and reduce poverty.

I am eternally grateful to mother earth for blessing us with such a beautiful planet, giving us the nourishment we need to survive in food, water, and oxygen and to thrive in beauty and energy. We are always connected to you and dependent on you whether we are aware or not. To be unconditionally loving of us despite the suffering you observe we will always be grateful to you. I will pledge to help people observe the beauty in nature, to help them reconnect and so want to make positive changes in how we live our lives to create more sustainable living solutions. Fear of global warming, pollution etc will only distance people more from the problems by ignoring it (as the reality is too upsetting to connect with at first) but by connecting with the beauty, the individual will have the natural urge to change things for the better rather than change out of fear of what the consequences will be.

This encouragement of positive change is not just for nature and mother earth but for all problems of humanity, poverty, disease, war are all states that exist out of fear not love. To change these every individual needs to start at home with their own lives, they need to work on their mind and connect with something greater than themselves. This is done through meditation, breathing and loving kindness, eating nourishing energy giving foods that purify the body, life giving water, yoga and exercise to connect with the body more consciously to name just a few methods.

Once they are in a state of purification where they feel happy in themselves they can spread this positivity outwards into the community and use it as a catalyst for positive change. If you are in a state of peace and love, hard work is not hard for it is a service of love for all of humanity to benefit, so the experience of love creates inner strength that will keep them going, to help others get to this state of being.

When I think of this I have the image of circles all overlapping together, this is the image of our energy connecting with other people and as each person connects with someone else it creates a ripple in a pond, a chain that constantly connects further and further until we are like a spider web all connecting outwards in many different ways. We are strong yet fragile and radiatingly beautiful like the spider’s web.

We can learn a lot about ourselves from nature if we only take the time to observe it and connect with what it means for us and our lives.

Funnily as I went to sign into word press to ut this blog online I found this blog with exactly the kind of image I was thinking of when I mentioned that I see radiating circles all interlinked. The picture of the cosmic ray bubbles is a beautiful vivid image of deep radiating purple light. This is another visual way of using a natural phenomenon as inspiration to map onto a thinking process and use as inspiration. When I look at pictures of space such as from the hubble telescope I always feel a profound sense of wonder and amazement that something so beautiful and vivid exists in the universe.

Here is the link if you would like to take a look…..


Thankyou for reading :)

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  1. djgoddessa says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful post, and I am grateful for you and finding you today! :)

    1. Aiyana Rosel says:

      Thankyou for your lovely comment :) I’m glad that you found it inspiring, I found this website that I found very positive so thought I’d share it. http://www.newrealitytransmission.com
      Much love xyx

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