Plans, Plans, Plans!


So I have not completely deserted you yet! I am back at uni and back with my head spinning so fast with ideas, plans, inspiration!! I have been to some amazing events lately such as a native american elders talk where over 100 people all crammed tightly into a room for over 2 hours just to be in the presence and wisdom of 8  mayan elders 80-115 years old!!!

I have felt very inspired by The White Feather Foundation as well and this has led me to look more into spiritual activism and how I can use my life and our spiritual groups influence to fundraise and give back to the wider world where it is needed.

I am brimming with ideas for blogs I want to write on the elders talk in detail, spiritual activism and plans for events and fundraising ideas, my Reiki II experience when I do the course on the 23rd November (yay!), my progress with the creativity pledge I made as we near the end of what has been a spectacular year! A blog on my experience of yoga,  I have really enjoyed learning more and integrating the poses into my own flowing movement meditation and spontaneous dance to be more conscious of my body, I am planning to make gifts this year for christmas as its so much more heartfelt to give it your personal touch and to take the time and I’m sure by saving money by doing this I can give the money I save to charity so I feel it is well spent :) I would like to write a blog containing all the beautiful quotes that uplift me and an exploration of the Teo Te Ching and how I interpret the wisdom.

I am very busy at uni now in third year (scary!) but I’m really enjoying the subjects I’m studying: Altruism and helping behaviour, cognitive neuroscience, philosophy of psychology and for my dissertation project I am doing a study on music synaesthesia. Synaesthesia’s another subject I’ll have to write a blog on! hehe

So yes just a short blog to say hello and I may not write as often as I’d like but I’m only getting more enthusiastic about the path I’m on and the progress I’m making. I’m glad that you have decided to join me on my journey for a little while :)

Much love xyx


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