Yes I’m still here!!


Well it’s been a while, sorry for neglecting you guys, I’ve had coursework, lots of exams and started doing a cleaning job over the summer so busy busy busy!!!

I’ve still been doing lots though, having fun and enjoying freedom without having to think about revision! I went camping on saturday night at Swanbourne lake in Arundel and it was such a phenomenally beautiful place I felt I had to write about it. We decided instead of going to a campsite that we would try to find somewhere to camp without paying so that we could listen to music, have a few drinks and chat freely….this plan however was harder than we first thought! hehe We drove around for literally about 3 hours! Found a place in a wooded area outside of Arundel but realised the actual place is too far to carry all our stuff to after walking for aaaaages! (beautiful forest though!) Next we drove into Amberley and beyond trying to find a suitable place but just ended up driving aimlessly before pulling over and turning back. Finally we just decided to go to Swanbourne lake, have a bbq there and then go home but thanks to a determined friend we decided to camp very high up a steep hill so that we were pretty much out of sight.

I’ve not always been a very spontaneous person and would have probably gone home hours earlier but I’m glad I didn’t as the place was so amazingly beautiful. It was lovely driving through all the little country villages and rolling hills and farmland. It’s funny living in England, if you live in a city or town you don’t realise how beautiful it really is here, you really have to make the effort to explore and let go to the experience.

After an evening of staring up at the stars, listening to music, chatting, watching my boyfriend doing poi we went into the village in the morning, had a walk around Arundel town, had a cooked breakfast in a little village, bought a cute little potted sunflower plant, saw a beautiful purple orchid but couldn’t afford it (*disappointed face*), watched our friends jumping in the river, fed the ducks, watched people having a splashing fight in a boat and finally went home EXHAUSTED!!! hehe there’s only so much excitement you can take in a day!

Here are some pictures that explain it better than I can!

Camping at Swanbourne lake

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