Synchronicity and everyday inspiration

I just got home from an amazing event and felt compelled to write down the experiences before I get relaxed and comfy and it starts to fade from my memory.

I went on a synchronicity walk with a group of people through Brighton led by Todd Benjamin who runs a lot of courses and workshops in London and now down here too…yay!

I came along a little nervous and intrigued as to how the walk was going to work, would we spilt up and follow our own synchronicities or all go around as a group and how would we decide where we wanted to go?

Well it was arranged in a fun game like way. We rolled a dice and specified what number corresponded to which direction, or all spun around and then stopped pointing in one direction, or if all else fails we took out a pack of cards to look at the numbers that appeared. So off we go heading in that direction and then start spinning around at the end of the road…to the amusement of onlookers!

All the while I felt inspired to take pictures of scenes around Brighton that inspired me and I found beautiful.

We very soon arrived down the lanes where we saw a large group of people. We went to see what all the fuss was about……only to find a group of morris dancers performing in the street!!!! I had been thinking early in the day that it was sad I had only found out about St George’s day through facebook and that we had lost our English traditions somewhat, so it was really inspiring to see this traditional morris dancing in the middle of Brighton! It goes to show there is so much out there ready to discover if we only open our eyes to whats around us :)

We ended up heading towards the beach area where for a while we became stuck for which direction to go. The dice decided we should go back in the direction we had come in but some of us didn’t feel that was right. We all spun around and the results were mixed, so finally Todd took out his deck of cards and asked us to pick one, choosing which number corresponds to which direction. What card should come up?…….the Joker!!!!!! (whoever said the universe didn’t have a sense of humour). One of the ladies came up with a very interesting quote to this, that the joker means ” never go back on yourself, carry on your journey forwards”. And so on this interesting advice we carry on towards the pier. Todd gets a phone call from one of the women coming along a little later and says “Go towards America” we were like “erm why not Cornwall or Devon or towards the Pier…that makes more sense” so we carried on walking until we stopped at the traffic lights to meet her, someone finally pointing out that we are standing right in front of an American diner!

It’s funny all these little humourous coincidences but the most amazing one was yet to come! After this we stopped for a minute to set the intention that by 9.30 we wanted to be at a great place to end the evening on. We discuss any thoughts or images that come to mind and Todd says he thought of a black cat and another woman has an image of an animal. We walk around a building and in great astonishment one of the women spots high up on the side of a building a black cat shaped model stuck to the wall above us. I have absolutely no idea how it got so high up there but we all found this very funny and then the most crazy part. One of the women had been thinking about the number 39 all night and we went up a street on this intuition but didn’t find anything so she was blown away when we looked at the number of the building the black cat was on to find the number 39!!!! Todd seemed absolutely amazed by this and there was a lot of laughing, pointing and shouting, to which the street cleaner opposite looked at us like we’d lost our minds :P

From here we walked to the fountain and from the way the fish design was facing we went down a side street where we found a pub at 9.30, the end of our journey.

I felt a little disappointed at this point. I was expecting a beautiful garden or image but…a pub…and not only a pub but a very obviously stereotypically gay pub with ladies sat outside with very short spiky hair, but Todd did not seem at all fazed he just waited for the people to start asking why a crazy group of people had just turned up out of nowhere, and it didn’t take long!

We met a woman who despite being VERY drunk, swaying as she talked offered us some of the most inspirational words and advice I’ve heard in a long time. When she came up to us Todd told her and the group about our little quest and that it was 9.30 and we had been led here and so she must have some great words of wisdom for us, to her and our amusement at it seeming such an unlikely situation.

When she starting talking though her words were spot on! She said that this kind of thing of looking for coincidences and exploring life isn’t anything new, we have been doing it for centuries and if the great explorers hadn’t had the courage to go out with just their intuition to see the world Christopher Columbus wouldn’t have found America.And that we didn’t need a bloody workshop to do this we can do it everyday of our lives!

She told us a story of a few days before she felt inspired to walk off track and go down a small alleyway where she saw a person smoking a cigarette in the very narrow path, only to find it was a very good friend she hadn’t seen in years and so they went out for a drink and a chat. She had a meeting with someone else planned but postponed it by half an hour or so because she felt it was important to grab these amazing moments when you get them. She said that you have to live your life in the present and fully enjoy every moment of it.

So who knew I would find a spiritual guru in a 50 something, short spiky bleach haired, very drunken lesbian down a side street in Brighton I would never have thought to go down. Just goes to show that inspiration comes in all shapes and forms and without prejudice and embarrassment there is a lot to learn from the everyday people you meet on the street. The barworkers, beggars, drunks may give you more spiritual insight than meeting the Dalai Lama…(well…maybe! hehe) I applauded her for her boldness to speak her truth to us so entertainingly, despite the strange circumstances that had brought us there.

And so that was my very random, eye-opening evening for you! I would recommend to anyone, go out and just be completely aware of your surroundings. The signs around you, the people you see, the smells, just follow wherever you feel inspired to go and you just might be amazed at what you learn on your own little adventure!

At the start of the evening we were given posters to stick to us saying “Are you ready to follow your intuition, Ask me” so if people wanted to join the group they could, and so to complete my journey I left it taped to a tree at the bottom of my road to hopefully inspire anyone who sees it to be a bit more conscious in their day from these words, or hopefully ask the tree for a bit of wisdom :P

From this little act I feel inspired now to create posters of inspirational affirmations and stick them all around Brighton. I love the idea of someone going about their daily business and then coming across words that change the course of their day to a more positive, conscious state of mind. I’m going to write after the quote. Stuff like “inspired by this message, pass a little act of kindness on today as I have taken the time to do for you” to really get them thinking. If anyone thinks this is a really nice idea please do it where you live too. We have this life, why not use it really magically to uplift others and make the places we live in alive with friendliness and love towards everyone, from our friends to strangers on the street we would never usually brush paths with. Let us not be absorbed in our own little bubble of reality any longer but interact with each other, share our truths and spread a little joy. We are all only human after all!

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