Reiki attunement

Hello everyone :) I stumbled across this earlier and thought it was about time I shared it. Since I was attuned to Reiki I have been trying to find ways to explain my experience. This is my experience of the actual attunement process and what it meant to me. I hope to write more Reiki blogs of my experiences more recently of practising on others and feeling more confident with it. If you want to know more about Reiki send me a message and I’ll try to explain…as best I can :) Love to you all………………..


Wow I almost completely forgot about this blog, I’ve been so ridiculously busy so it’s nice tonight to relax a bit and reflect on the past few months and how much I have achieved during that time!

Luckily my health seems to have improved dramatically especially over the past month, so it’s just so amazing to be able to go out and do normal things. Despite the problems it was nice over the summer to really reflect on my life, where I want to go with it and how I want to improve as a person. I guess now is where I’m starting to put it all into action :)

The most positive particular event recently was being attuned to Reiki I a few weeks ago. Over the summer I decided because of my illness that I wanted to learn more about alternative approaches to healing, so that I could use my problems as a chance to learn more about the human body and the subtle things we are still to learn about energy and the way the brain/mind affect our health.

I took many books out of the library to start researching different areas and a particular book “Way of Reiki” by Kajsa Krishni Boräng really inspired me. She wrote the book in such a personal way, describing her journey and experiences with Reiki in an accessible easy to read way that you can really identify with. So many of these books are dry step by step guides that really don’t capture the essence and positivity of the methods they discuss, so it’s really refreshing to read a book that really takes you into her life and personal experiences.

After reading the book I felt really drawn to know more about it, and so searched practitioners in the area and Rebecca Hutley was the first person I came across. Immediately her website and outlook on life appealed to me, so I booked the course soon after.

I was a bit dubious about the attunement as I did think why do you need someone to attune you, surely you can learn yourself, but I felt that I really needed something to kick start my life back into action, and meeting other people living a spiritual path was the way to help me.

The course was held at Aura-Soma, a beautiful treatment centre in Brighton, which particularly uses colour therapeutically, which I would like to learn more about too! It was like a sanctuary in the middle of a busy city, light blue (I have a current obsession with blue..I’ve moved on from green now hehe) it is such a relaxing place to be in. The abstract blue artwork on the walls is gorgeous and the natural wooden seats and use of white throughout gives it a really heavenly feel. I went back last weekend for a cup of tea and veggie looked so lovely I couldn’t resist!)

It was the perfect setting for the Reiki attunement which really was an amazing experience I didn’t expect! It started with the four of us holding hands cross-legged and starting to meditate.

I was amazed holding Rebecca’s hand how hot and electrically charged it felt..(There is a story in which Mrs Takata, who was responsible for bringing Reiki to the West, when first receiving Reiki grabbed the practitioners hand believing  they had some sort of device hidden up their sleeve responsible for the heat..This comical story really came to life for me as I held Rebecca’s hand and felt the same amazement!)

After relaxing we then slowly passed around the circle a slow gentle squeezing of the hand. After this we each walked to a seat and continued to meditate with our hands in the prayer position and then slowly Rebecca carried out the ritual involving specific touches, sounds and symbols. I’m not usually a fan of ritual but during the attunement I experienced a real feeling that I was being connected with something ancient and sacred which gave me a native American/eastern natural vibe that is so beautiful and relaxing.

During the ritual I experienced in my deep meditative state an array of beautiful pastel colours in my mind, especially bright yellow, orange and violet that I never tend to see in normal meditations. The colours were coming into my vision in bubbles as if I was in some sort of vortex slowly moving into it. I then started to see symbols and asked to see them a bit more clearly. This is the point that Rebecca opened my hands and drew the healing symbols on my palms.

After the attunement we all felt very light and buoyant but surprisingly grounded at the same time. We went downstairs to the cafe and talked for ages about all spiritual issues, courses and interests. It was so nice to speak openly to like-minded people without feeling self-conscious; experiences like group meditation so quickly bond you to that group with feelings of real love and respect for who they really are as a person, rather than focusing on their ego and appearance.

I came to the course shy, tired and in pain and left feeling energised and healthier physically than I had done in so long. I cannot thank Rebecca enough for the gift she gave me, as the impact it has had on my life has helped me already make dramatic positive changes in my life.

I feel more energised and clear-headed, as well as on a personality level being more confident and worrying less what people think of me. It has given me the beginning spark that has made me want to learn more about spirituality and energy.

Reiki is such a beautiful nurturing experience, whether giving a self-treatment or from a practitioner. Rebecca mentioned that so little in our culture do we actually use human touch with each other, even in intimate relationships it is a far different dynamic, from the loving nurturing feel you get from Reiki. I realised from this that I was very weird about people physically touching me (as are most people in our culture!) and so I think booking a professional massage would be a really nice way of getting used to it, because it was hard for me carrying out the treatment on other people, being unsure what pressure etc would be comforting from not feeling it on myself first…….and so comes the practise I guess J

Thank you for reading, lots of love xyx

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