Lifes unpredictability and some thoughts on extraordinary people


So I may have not been writing blogs weekly as I have planned, but with all the deadlines this term everything else has had to take second place. There were quite a few courses I had planned to go to this term as well, but had to miss because of the amount of work. There was a wild foraging day that teaches how to use plants in the woods and countryside for all sorts of health uses, as well as a Theta healing workshop.

I have realised though that life never goes as you plan it to exactly. It always twists and turns and sometimes has a mind of its own and just wants to be lazy, eat pizza and watch desperate housewives instead of attaining enlightenment on a friday night. The trick to life is to find spirituality in the everyday, rather than only expect someone to teach you, or only feel it when your completely in a state of loving bliss after hours of meditation, but revert back to your old habits once the stress kicks in.

Sitting up until 4 in the morning getting frustrated with an essay seems like the most horrible experience if you let it, but get a flask of nice tea, sit with a blanket round you, listen to beautiful music in your headphones and maybe even watch the sun come up if you’re as disorganised as me and have to work the whole night :) Bringing a bit of beauty into everyday life makes you appreciate the moments you have. You can either get frustrated and feel awful when your stressed, or you can appreciate that you’re not in the best situation, maybe you would rather be off doing other things, but if you can make the best of the moment you’re in, your whole outlook on life changes very quickly.

I have been thinking a lot lately about what makes some people so extraordinary. The kind of person who as soon as you’re in their presence they captivate and uplift everyone around them. They radiate confidence and positivity and its infectious. When your around someone like that you just have to smile! Maria Contreras who runs Nia Maria, an innovative technique of movement and dance very kindly ran a workshop for us a few weeks ago called quality currency. The workshop really helped in answering this question. In the workshop we danced around taking on different movements that represented different states, like playfulness, freedom, relaxation.It was so much fun just being completely free….to make a fool of yourself, because everyone else is doing it too! In the meditation and talk Maria talked about our qualities as being a currency that we offer others. In her workshops she offers joy to her clients. In friendships we offer support, fun, playfulness. In relationships we offer love, support, guidance, understanding. In life we have so many roles in relation to the people we are interacting with. We are mothers, sisters, wives, bosses, workers, volunteers, strangers, and with each interaction we unconsciously revert to these roles.

So how can we start to use these roles and qualities more consciously. I think imagination is a good way but can be too abstract sometimes and so using movements to represent the qualities really grounds them into the physical body, rather than just being intellectual ideas they become a real part of everyday life. If you think about it this is what dancers and actors do, they are chameleons, they use their body to represent any of these qualities in line with their character and so can utilise these techniques already. The ones who can naturally uplift people without even knowing they are doing it are truly lucky…..but its nice to know that there’s hope for the rest of us too :P Happy exploring! xyx

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