The beginning of February :)

I have found the past few weeks that I am really losing touch with time and my normal routine. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this, but it’s like there are just not enough hours in a day, and yet the hours I do have I have an overwhelming urge to want to sleep all the time.  Bearing in mind I like my sleep anyway…it’s even more so! Hehe :) I hope that this is just a time to regroup and then come back to the real world after recharging my batteries ready to take on the world :)

I went to a reiki sharing evening the other day which was a very positive experience. I have used reiki for self-healing, but have never given reiki to someone else or had someone give me reiki, so it was a really interesting getting to feel the different quality of the energy coming from different people and especially the different male and female quality. There were three of us so it was quite nice being able to talk completely openly about spirituality, reiki, channeling, 2012, all sorts of things without being embarrassed or worried that people think your crazy Hehe

We had a guided meditation and then gave some distant healing energy to Haiti, I found this experience to be very profound and deep compared to normal meditative experiences. I left there walking on air in a reiki haze lol I definitely look forward to more of these group experiences in the future, meeting new and interesting people :)

I saw avatar today after sooooo many people raving about how good it is and urging me to go see it. It was pretty good really, I mean the storyline was a bit generic, but the graphics are phenomenal and so beautiful, which more than made up for any downfalls. The image of the flowers and everything lighting up at night is breathtaking, I see now why a friend’s boyfriend commented that it’s “Yana land” hehe…well I do like my fairy lights and glow sticks :P

It does make me laugh that so many people comment that they want to go live there, not realising that our world is just as beautiful! I liked the spiritual elements throughout of connecting deeply with nature and other entities and how we are all linked together, my concluding thought really is that avatar is a  new age science fiction Pocahontas :P

Well thats enough jabbering for tonight, time for yet more sleep, much love to all xxyxx

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